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Crappie Tacos [ Ice Fishing Catch n Cook ]

Crappie Tacos [ Ice Fishing Catch n Cook ]

man I always have loved bluegill put me in the concussion protocol take me out coach walk let me knee-walk towards the snow Fisher people I know it looked awesome
but it hurt pretty bad my head hurts and so does my ankle
tailbone and what’s this part … elbow good morning Fisher friends, Fisher
people it’s me Mark otherwise known here on YouTube as EatnLunch today’s a
special day a very special guest with me here today
one of my oldest friends my friend Eric today he is out on the ice learning how
to ice fish we’ve been out here for a while and have not caught anything yet
we are changing spots and eric is about to drill a hole I think it’s about a
degree out good form yeah that looks real good yeah good Eric’s gonna drill
another hole he’s paying his dues now back in my day when I was learning how
to ice fish I had an auger and a bucket I didn’t have no fancy electronics,
heaters, all these things if it was warm where I was gonna make him sit outside
on a bucket while I saw it sat inside in relative comfort but it’s too cold
for that I’m not gonna make him do it he’s slowing down, almost got it baby
there you go all right stick with us we’re gonna catch some fish. Fisher
folks I got a nice crappie on right now but I got a problem
that’s a nice crappie look at this y’all he’s turned upside down I got to get him
on the ice I’m one-handed here cuz of this camera. Boy that’s a nice crappie folks look at this
guy that’s what we call a keeper crappie huh? thanks buddy so we just moved down
here onto the flat and so you move down on to the flat where the
crappies are known to roam dropped a minnow down boom slab I’m ice fishing
I’m ice fishing with a novice this is a slab later today you’re gonna see my
friend Eric cook us up some crappie tacos stick with us here we go a little
channel cat I bet you there’s a bunch of those down there but that’s not what
we’re after today Whoo! First Ice Fish! First Ice Fish Ever!! very nice congratulations first ice fish. get me
another one of little crappie things you want the crappie nibbles? yeah you did it.
Fisher folks we’re finally on a few fish and this is what they look like hey
you can see yeah very small my wife’s gonna love it when my beard
smells like this bluegill but this is strictly for scientific and comparative
purposes so you could see the size of this bluegill. look at the camera Eric. American people
as Crappie Sniper would say. Fisher friends as I would say… fisher people
American Fisher friends of America Fisher people of America future friends
of fishing people future fishermen America Fisher friends killing it you’re killing it right spent
a long day on the ice we put in the hours putting the time, you’ve see me
clean fish before I’ll put a link up in this region here you can click click on
if you want to see how I clean crappie but we are going to cook up some
delicious fish tacos and the cooking portion is gonna be handled by this guy
right here and that that is actually something that he is decent at and not
terrible at cooking that is yeah I don’t know how good he is at explaining
cooking no no so look forward to that stick with us because there will be more
of this video all right Fisher friends people welcome to the EatnLunch kitchen so my friend Eric you met
earlier today has broken the bombshell or dropped the bombshell he refuses to
share his recipe for his famous fish tacos with you all and for that I
apologize let’s all look at him accusingly what we
will do is have him describe for us what the what the dish is
makes me tell us what he’s not gonna tell us or tell us but he’s not gonna
show us what are you cooking? fried crappie taco with lime slaw and chipotle mayo and a lime marinate the fish but not the slaw or
yes there’s not gonna give us any of the dressing recipes basically any of the
dressings that go into all this so it’s gonna be a fried crappie taco now if
someone at home wanted to sort of dumb this down didn’t need your special
dressings what would they want to do instead you can do a just a regular
coleslaw mix like say this yeah anything bag of coleslaw mix coleslaw dressing
coleslaw dressing and add a little bit of lime juice to it and I think that’s
basically what Dana and I use basically the difference between Dana
and I’s recipe which we will do a catch and cook video of that it’s very similar to what
he’s describing there is we use this basic coleslaw with a slaw dressing and
corn tortillas got to use corn tortillas right yeah we’re definitely in agreement
there double up on those for each taco we actually either grill or sort of
saute some Mexican seasonings like chipotle cumin almost like a taco
seasoning or a fajita seasoning on our fish either grilling or sauteing
whereas the difference here is Eric is going to bread and fried bread fried bread and fried bread and fry the crappie fillets
whereas we either grill or saute either way gonna be delicious you’re just not
gonna get the secret ingredients to the dressings sorry
google it man google your own dressings this man runs a restaurant all right he
can’t be giving you up has given up his secret recipes to you now I know I
already know him by heart I can tell just by looking at him what power
loo this I’ve known this man for like 23 years I know exactly how much of
everything is gonna go into each of these dressings you’re not gonna get to
know what we do have some crappie we’ve got some crappie that’s nice crappie
fillets here nice good amount hopefully this will be
enough for six people I think so the marinade for the fish is just a lime
juice garlic and salt that’s it and fresh lime juice nothing fake stuff if
you want to go crazy you can zest it, that makes it taste a lot better if we’re using coleslaw mix why do we
need an extra red cabbage color color when you’re marinating your fish you
definitely want to marrinate for at least four hours that’s exactly what
we’re gonna do tonight dinners in half an hour with that much citrus juice in
that fish you can almost say that you’re what’s the term? Ceviche. and at your restaurant what different types of fish will you make
this recipe with I use catfish that used I’ve used pollock and cod. I like catfish best. Followers on my channel also like catfish secret dressing really good-smelling
lime juice there’s also pepper in it Fisher
friends Fisher people I got a special introduction to make. Mrs. Lunch I’m sure
he’s gonna love that name every woman wants to be known as Mrs. Lunch
look her introduction she’s got a bottle of tequila and margarita mix well
we are having fish tacos and I say hello to the Fisher people dear people well
what else do I call the Fisher people subscribers to my channel now you can
see that she does not watch my fishing videos for water ice ingredients about
to be blended more which dressing nice Now he’s chopping stuff. Dinner guests there gonna eat
with us we just filled our bellies full long day
on the ice long even being in the kitchen family friends camera and
tilting eating lunch signing off

31 comments on “Crappie Tacos [ Ice Fishing Catch n Cook ]

  1. Had a great day on the ice with my pal Eric, and these crappie tacos were the best I've ever had. Amazing day. Except for the mild concussion. Already have a favorite fish taco recipe? Feel free to share in the comments! And don't forget to hit that thumbs-up button!

  2. That's was absolutely awesome….. wish I coulda been there for some of that, looked tasty….. good times, good catchn & good eatsπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Awesome slabs!!! Gotta learn that trick..getting the holes drilled for Daniel is to short to get any leverage. Lol

  4. Dude your crappie skills are sick😱 Walking on ❄ice…leaces something to be desired!! A grown man falls on the lake ice….and it doesn't break!! Wow it must be take your a** back in the house Cold!!you are Bad!!

  5. my girlfriend is Hispanic and as a weekly taco eater I'm going to make a very friendly suggestion to learn to make homemade tortillas they are WAY better then any store bought tortillas 10 times over, they are good in a pinch but I promise you you will never want to go back to store bought, that being said I need get on this recipe asap !! the lunch man does it again!!

  6. Seems I have seen you falling a few times in your videos. You can only do that a few times before something gives.
    That fish taco with secret special slaw dressing sauce. With "Red" cabbage. looked delicious. great to have a chef friend.

  7. Man, oh Man those look good I bet they taste as good too. My kids love fish tacos. Great editing job. Great Job keep the videos coming. That was a BAAMM crappie, as S.K. would say.πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

  8. Great video! Fish tacos are one of my favorites! In fact, I might make some tonight. Great work dude. Subbing for sure.

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  11. great intro. had a buddy do a facial in front of me a couple years ago, he was ok, but i told him he was lucky i did not have the camera on or he would be viral.. here to support the small channels, got ya to 375, please support back,, trying to beat the cutoff.

  12. great shout out men,,u got great voice over,,,,,,,,,,carry on,,,,,,,,,,,lets be friend ,,i hit the red and bell

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