Claire Corlett

Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More

Cray fish is Seungjae’s friend! [The Return of Superman / 2017.05.14]

Seungjae and his family are in Jeju Island to see canola flowers. Let’s go. (Seungjae is thrilled.) Let’s go catch crawfish. What are these? There are a lot of crawfish, right? (Taking a peek) (Seungjae and crawfish are friends forever.) (This is for Seungjae, the lobster lover.) Jiyong seeks to please Seungjae. You can make pizza with lobster here. (That’s a great looking lobster pizza.) – Dad, try catching one. / – Should I? Excuse me, sir. May I give this a try? Yes, of course. I’ll help you if you need it. Catch the mom lobster. Which one is the mom? The big one? This one’s the mom. (Only he can spot the mom lobster.) – Which one? / – That one. – That one’s the mom. / – That one? (He captures Seungjae’s mom lobster.) Here it is. (Exclaiming) Hi, Mom. (I’m your mom?) (He’s loving this.) – The dad, too. / – What? Please catch the dad lobster, too. The dad lobster is right there. – Right there. That one’s the dad. / – That one? (He tries to catch the lobster of Seungjae’s choice.) What’s going on? – What is what? / – What’s that? (This won’t do. I must make an attempt.) (Surprised) (Will Seungjae catch what his dad failed to catch?) Oh, no. Try one more time. (You can do it, Seungjae.) – I caught it. / – Nice. (He successfully captures the lobster.) (He’s impressed) (after seeing his own catch.) (My goodness.) (He enjoys teasing his son.) – No. No. / – Take a look. What is the lobster doing? It’s dancing, right? Put it over here. Put it over here and say hello. Hello, dad lobster. Let’s get grandma lobster this time. – What? / – Let’s get grandma lobster this time. We won’t get any more lobsters. Choose between these two. Dad lobster. I want this one. Shall we let the owner take care of it? – Shall I cook with this one? / – Yes, please. Seungjae gets a sense of foreboding. Thank you. (The lobster came.) (Dad lobster returned as pizza.) (Seungjae is shocked.) – It’s hot. / – Where is the lobster? – Be careful not to touch it. / – Is that the lobster? – Is that the lobster? / – Yes, it is. (I can’t believe this.) Dad lobster. Dad lobster. (Among many lobsters,) (I met you after much struggle. I even said hello.) Hello, dad lobster. (Why did you return this way?) We can cut it and eat it, right? (Jiyong destroys the innocence of childhood.) Hold it like this. The lobster, the lobster. The lobster! – Okay. Hold on. / – Leave the lobster here. (However, the lobster gets disassembled.) (This has to be a dream.) Unaware of how Seungjae feels, Jiyong enjoys the food. Goodness, Jiyong. Does it taste that good? Try some lobster. Open up. (I don’t want it.) Eat the pizza, Seungjae. No. (I’ll just eat the spaghetti.) (It’s good.) (He eats the food and finds peace again.) – It’s tasty, right? / – Yes. (It’s good.) (It’s delicious.) (It’s drizzling in Jeju Island.) Where are we going? – Where are we going, Dad? / – Where do you think? We are going to our last destination. – Did you have fun so far? / – Yes. Did you have fun? Where are we going? I told you we are going to ride something fun. (He heads to the mountain.) (The GPS navigation ends here.) They are on an empty road. What fun thing will they ride in this rain? (Jiyong calls someone.) Seungjae, we’ve arrived. (Where are we going?) (Why won’t anyone answer?) At that moment, a car approaches. (Who’s this?) A strange man has a secret rendezvous with Jiyong. (Afterwards, Jiyong follows the strange car.) They go deeper into the woods. (They arrive at a remote mountain.) What will they do in this remote mountain? It’s nice to meet you. Welcome. It’s nice to meet you. – Are we riding this vehicle? / – Yes. (They’ll ride this vehicle?) I wanted to try mountain off-roading with Seungjae. Let’s start the off-road tour. Let’s go and see the horses. – Let’s go and see the horses. / – Let’s go. (Tilting) (It’s a rocky start.) This is fun. (The bumpy ride) (excites Jiyong.) (His mouth opens wide in surprise.) (They can’t make their bodies remain still.) (Bobbing) (This looks strangely familiar.) (It’s an old commercial with the Millstone Dance.) (They are 99.9 percent in sync.) (He enjoys both the Millstone Dance and off-roading.) We will go up the valley. The valley? Yes. You can see it ahead. This is the most difficult part of the course. I am going to hold your hand. Hold my hand. (He holds his dad’s hand.) (Off-roading brought them closer.) This is cool. – What? / – This is cool. Seungjae, you’re very brave. You aren’t afraid. It’s bumpy and fun. You are brave. How much fun is it? This much. – That much? / – It’s this much fun. – It’s bumpy. / – I know, right? It can go down easily. (Rattling,) (the vehicle goes across the valley.) (They see horses.) Seungjae, do you see the horses? They are wild horses. Look at the horses. (A lot of horses are eating.) Aren’t they calves? – They are foals. / – Foals. They aren’t calves. Is that a foal, too? The white one is a foal. Are these horses? – What? / – Are these horses? Yes. One horse is approaching us. What is the horse eating? I want to try it. – Give it to the horse. / – Seungjae, give it a try. Throw it to the horse. (Throwing) (I will enjoy it, Seungjae.) (Proud) – The horse is enjoying it. / – Yes. (He gives another carrot.) They are eating well. I want to throw another one. There you go. The horses are eating well. Throw it. (He steps backwards.) (When the horses come close,) (he flinches.) (He puts distance between them.) It’s safe to stand close to them. I was scared. My goodness. One horse is coming this way. (Seungjae, let’s go.) Horses. Horses. – No. Let’s go now. / – Horses. Let’s go now. (Crying) I want to see the horses. Are you sad to say goodbye to the horses? – I want to see the horses so much. / – I see. Don’t cry. Big boys don’t cry. (He stops crying to be a big boy.) Horses don’t cry. No. Stop crying. – We are back. / – Thank you. Let’s go say goodbye. (They say goodbye to people in the guest house.) – Hello. / – Hi. – Hello. / – Hello, Seungjae. Did you have a good night’s sleep? What’s on my back? What’s on Seungjae’s back? I have Stegosaurus on my back. Stegosaurus has plates on its back and it’s fat. Thank you so much for treating us nicely. How about we take a picture together? (Running) Come down. (When Jiyong catches him,) (he runs away again.) I will build Hansel and Gretel’s house. Seungjae, come here. I will build Hansel and Gretel’s house. Seungjae. I will take a video of you. What are you doing? Hansel and Gretel’s house. – You will build a house. / – Yes. I will build a house for you. (Please hurry up and build it.) That’s right. Come over here. Seungjae, look at me. In one, two, three. (Clicking) Which picture should I print? – It’s pretty. / – Yes, it’s a good picture. – Please take one each. / – Thank you. – I will keep it. / – Thank you. It’s a bad picture of Seungjae. He is showing the back of his head. Perhaps I should write his name on the picture. (I will take it better next time.) – Bye. / – Bye. I will come back after I become a big boy. What did you enjoy the most in Jeju Island? The horses. – The horses? / – Yes. Octopus. – We went to catch octopus. / – Yes. Dad is the best, right? Mom is the best. Mom is the best. I love her the most. Dad isn’t the best. Mom is the best. Seungjae is the best. Dad is the best. (You’re the best, Dad.)

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