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Crazy Blue Shark Fishing Block Island Rhode Island

Crazy Blue Shark Fishing Block Island Rhode Island

25 comments on “Crazy Blue Shark Fishing Block Island Rhode Island

  1. is there any possible way that you could get me a discount on the wright and mcgill sabalos? im 16 and i dont have much money. thanks captain

  2. Lol I am sorry, but I cannot picture this guy reelin' in a big ol' Great White. It just is not gonna happen'…

  3. How do you use that dehooker with sharks? Keeping the shark in the water at all whats the best way to use a dehooker? Also can you do it alone or do you need a second person to help while dehooking? what about big sharks as well?

  4. Haha! Damn Blair don't get a hernia on us and be on the IR next season……."alright I think we got a hook set"……I love this man! my type of crazy

  5. Hey what were you using for leader (besides wire/cable)? You obviously had a great one haha never broke on those rolls or head shakes. Awesome video. Looked like a lot of fun

  6. the explanation at 3:30 is painful. and then blair says "so it's kinda like a canyon" and then capt dave says some bs that has nothing to do w the question.

  7. Looked like a nice day up there!! Vacationed up there for many years and believe you me the water rarely looks like that. Always went out of Point Judith, you don't get many nice days out of there. Sorry but it's true. Great fishing up there though.

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