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Crazy Fishing Routine

Crazy Fishing Routine

fish and indoors are fishing indoors
skipping my chores cause of fishing indoors Oh if a little nibble I wonder
what I’ll catch you can’t be serious is this really what it looks like why
yes I’m fishing indoors didn’t you hear my song why are you doing this Addie
well I really like fishing right this is the first I’m hearing that well one of
the things I don’t like about fishing is all the bugs so I thought why not fish
indoors oh I don’t know maybe because you can’t catch fish indoors have you
ever really tried though Jillian I don’t have to try to know that you can’t fish
indoors you might as well try to hunt turkey indoors
don’t be silly Jillian turkey hunting season isn’t until later this year I
don’t even know why I care so much about this you’re the one who’s wasting your
time am i though Jillian ooh I got a bite oh sure you did I think I hooked
him let’s reel it in look Jillian I caught a largemouth bass
how the heck did you do that see I knew fishing indoors would pay off wait a
minute what are you using as bait anyway Oh a bag of money you’re using a bag of
money to catch fish aren’t you supposed to use worms and hooks and stuff
worms are gross hooks scare me and let’s face it who doesn’t want money Addie I’m
pretty sure you’re just playing a joke on me fine more fish for me ain’t it a
beauty anyone can catch one fish indoors let’s see you catch another fine what
are you gonna do with the fish anyway oh I wink wink I’m gonna give them a
nice home wink wink oh so you’re gonna eat the fish Shh they
can hear you fish don’t have ears and anyway I’m pretty sure they don’t
understand English I’m not willing to take that chance ooh I got another bite
I don’t know how you’re doing that addy a good fisherman or fisher girl in this
case never tells other people who are Secrets
ooh and it looks like we have another fish whoo this one’s either a perch or a rock
bass I’m not sure that distinction even matters when it comes to indoor fishing
so to fish plenty more before I hit my limit I’ll
admit Addie I was skeptical at first but now I want to give it a try
well did you bring your indoor fishing rod coz this is the only one I have
oh um I left it at school yeah you had indoor fishing at school oh yeah we had
an indoor fishing derby jealous very I guess I could lend you my rod since you
are a fellow indoor fisher girl right oh yeah totally
which end do I hold again the handle I was just testing you whoo that’s a good spot I think there’s
fish hiding in that closet how do these indoor fish survive without water they
survive on the beliefs of naive children hmm I figured it was something like that
I did feel something nibble try to hook it and how would I do that
give it a pull and start reeling it in got it it feels like a big one doesn’t seem to
be fighting much maybe it’s a lazy old catfish whoa look at that beautiful
brown fish Jillian that’s a boot howdy everyone knows boots are made from fish
I’m pretty sure they’re made from ostrich you have another bite Jillian
huh oh yeah what the hello how would you do that giant I don’t know what should I
do whenever I get a fish I don’t when I
throw it back you go back to where you came from okey-dokey uh uh put the money
down oh I think it’s my turn Jillian I know it’s a little late for this
question but do we need a license for this hey if you won’t tell I won’t tell
hmm well it looks like you got one boy this one feels really heavy whoa I got four and one
what’s that creepy looking one I think it’s a tuna maybe even a three dot oh
the best thing about catching so many fish is that now you can use one of them
to catch even bigger fish I don’t know the money seems to be working pretty
good on its own and that attitude is precisely why you’ve never won an indoor
fishing derby so how big do these indoor fish get pretty big they’ve had a
cushion your life and their outdoor counterparts I’m a little nervous about
the idea of all these fish that have just been roaming our house the entire
time and I wouldn’t worry about it they mostly stick to themselves whew I
got a nibble whoa look at that rod tip this one must be really big whoa this is
the biggest one yet come on Addie you can do it stop being so encouraging you’re
confusing me oh I’m sorry uh it’ll probably get away is that
better much better there it is that’s strange well that’s the biggest fish I’ve ever
caught uh Addie I don’t think that’s a fish not a fish I’m a mom and do hear
that Jillian we caught a mom made uh I think he said mom man right let me sit
up this isn’t very comfortable I’m sorry I caught you mr. mom man Oh think nothing of it can I keep this tasty fish in this money though yeah
please just go back to where you came from not so fast Jane I think mom mades
are supposed to grant wishes yeah normally you would be right but
um I’m not a mom made I’m a mirror man so what do we get for catching a mom man
well for a mom man I’ll grant you three advices three advices I’d rather have
wishes or I could just give you nothing at all and leave now we’ll take the
advice I could use some financial advice oh well that’s easy just buy low and
sell high that’s all you really need to do well everyone knows that that’s not
really advice that’s just common sense you have two advices left and then I go
you can ask him Jillian I already know everything any advice for getting along
with your siblings well you got it pretty easy I mean after all I was just
one of 20,000 more eggs you only have just the one sister so I don’t see what
the big problem is that’s not really advice is it fine um be patient okay
there you go this is the worst advice more man ever
whoo-hoo I do have a question huh I guess you don’t know everything do you
how do I catch an even bigger indoor fish there is tell of a legend of a
great fish in these waters waters were fishing indoors don’t interrupt him
you’re so great many have hooked into them but none have landed them yet okay
that’s a nice legend but it’s still not advice
oh great more man how do I land such a fish oh well since you called me great
more man I use just a little bit of cheese and cast with your left hand instead of
your right hand it’ll work really I mean come on you’re talking to a more man I
know what I’m talking about here Thank You more man this is great advice I
know I know so anyway I’m just going to take this
money in this fish and uh I’ll be on my way okay whatever what a weird more man I think the fact that there was a more man here at all is what was weird
so he said to catch the biggest fish we’re gonna need some cheese hmm oh I
have some provolone what do you just carry provolone around in your pocket
I’m not a barbarian I keep it in a cooler that provolone looks a little
hard to cast you got anything more aerodynamic how about one of these mini
cheese wheels your ability to produce random cheese is kind of scary there we
go I put it on the line for you all right here goes nothing
Addie remember he said to cast with your left hand huh oh yeah now I guess we just sit back and wait
for that giant fish who I felt something nibble I really hope it isn’t that
more man again only one way to find out I think we got the big fish Jillian this
one’s really fighting um Addie don’t distract me joined I’m
trying to land this fish um Addie you might want to take a look at
what you’re fighting ah a giant shark stop reeling it in Addie I didn’t but he
keeps coming boy that shark means business yeah when
that more man said a big fish I was kind of hoping for a wahoo
if the more man were here he could advise us on how to get rid of the shark if you
want to scare away a giant fish you should use the thing that scares the
fish most whoa was he just waiting there the whole time I guess he’s a part of
our life now so if we want to get rid of the big fish we have to use what fish
fear most I wonder what that could be Long John Silver I don’t think so Arthur
Treacher I think they went out of business a while ago Red Lobster
would you stop naming fish restaurants that’s not what he meant well if I was a
fish I’d be afraid of them I think he met their natural predators but that’s
usually just bigger fish well you think it over I have to go for you to our cat
Paco his favorite dish tuna Julian that’s it you want me to throw a can of
tuna at the shark no cats eat fish that’s what’ll scare the big fish away
well I think Paco’s out sleeping on the Sun porch hmm I wonder if this cat
puppet will do the trick that’s not gonna scare a shark Addie yeah I guess it
is too cute what else do we got I don’t know Addie I’m out of ideas
Jillian that cat mask it’s perfect huh oh yeah I guess it would be I got one too
let’s go make some sharks do there he is get him well I don’t think he’s coming back
good because I want to get back to fishing again really yeah and this time
I’m going cat fishing Oh No so that’s how we caught a shark this
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