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Crazy Magnet Fishing Finds

Crazy Magnet Fishing Finds

yes its a cosh another trolley ha ha more shopping trolleys found myself a little magnet nice little knife knife number 2 both kitchen knives crazy its all taped up its got prayers inside religious prayer box first bike of the day never seen a box that small before hit it on the corner and it will pop open shes open 1/2 penny mickronta hwlc nelson that looks like gold its made from wood what would you keep in that wings with a snake around it? wow its got diamonds in it thats awesome come across to peoples junk left here already ring the scrap men look at this bad boy wheel clamp another one somebody is missing alot of wheel clamps 2 more prayers 10 or 11 we have found today turn that into a lamp stand alex is finding even more jewellery o yes its a cosh look at that

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  1. Brooooo pulling the wheel clam out made me spit my drink out hahaha I noticed your little laugh to bro ……. grate video my g keep on fishing that million pound is there somewhere 🙂

  2. Drasticg go magnet fishing in the boating lake in fleetwood, Lancashire bet you will find loads of weird/odd stuff in there also maybe car parts as this year they have been 2 cars in that lake

  3. Drastic have u ever thought about coming up to Newcastle to magnet fish the river tyne am sure there will be some good finds in there

  4. Nice video. Hey I just thought of a cool idea with one of the shopping trolley's you are getting. You can convert them into Go Karts if you have a lawn mower engine or a dirt bike engine. That would be cool if you made a video on doing that and have your kids ride around in it.

  5. “I’ve got 6 pence, jolly, jolly 6 pence. I’ve got 6 pence to last me all my life …..”
    Really enjoyable video Gareth

  6. Dude, that thumbnail for this video is killer!!!!
    Also, that wheel clamp at 1:54 looked like me pulling out the old drasticg logo from my video!

  7. Hello Gareth 😲Wow! Great itemss👍Haven't watched something in black and white for ages !😅😅😅 I notice you get mail but I cant find a P.O.BOX For you.. I'd like to send you things 😀 can you tell me your P.O Address on here my facebook fine is still down right now…Thanks Hope all is well with you x!😀 PEACE ✌& Love 💖 🎸♥ ( facebook phone is down not fine LOL !😅😅😅

  8. Nice little finds there, particularly the pre Decimal coins, (sixpence & old halfpenny) they date back to before 1971.

  9. Do you have a license for getting rid of all the metal you pull out, if not, you should..will help pay towards your fuel bills

  10. im not good with guns because im 13 but the mystery item could be a shotgun shell the ones that spray and shoot 10 pellets out idk tbh thats what i think it may be, or just any shell for any gun

  11. Hello. I am always watching. Great videos. Always look forwrd to what you might find. Carry on. Thank you for the amusement.

  12. Great video! Come one people let's gets those likes rolling so we can look forward to more videos,please?! Thanks

  13. Wow !😲 I watched this again!😲I was shocked to discover it's not it's Not !😲 in black and white !!!DANNNNG 😲 I left a comment saying it'd been a while since I'd watched something in black n white 😀Well your vids are always Great no matter the color 👍👍👍Peace✌&Love💖 x 🎸♥

  14. Hey I seen you on the detrashed subreddit. They are a great community. I post on there all the time. Keep on hunting

  15. What does Danning mean? LOL! It means you now have VALID PROOF 😅😅😅 Of my dyslexia! It was subpost to be DANG DANNNNG ! A word used to be saying Damn without cursing to express shock or dismay or OMG ! YES I don't just have Weird vision I have the ability to write and speak dyslexia. so that means I'm bi lingual 😅😅😅😅 Peace ✌ and Love 💖 xx😀🎸♥

  16. What does Danning mean? LOL! It means you now have VALID PROOF 😅😅😅 Of my dyslexia! It was subpost to be DANG DANNNNG ! A word used to be saying Damn without cursing to express shock or dismay or OMG ! YES I don't just have Weird vision I have the ability to write and speak dyslexia. so that means I'm bi lingual 😅😅😅😅 Peace ✌ and Love 💖 xx😀🎸

  17. wait it is Dang not Danning Lol whew😅😅😅DANG short for DANG it a polite way to say Damn it Lol😲😅😅😅😅

  18. Mate i do scrap and i wouldnt be coming out my way for 200kg of metal. When a tonne is 100 pound lol .. good finds btw !!

  19. Hello mate I’ve been watching your vids when I see em on my feed! I’ve convinced my friend to go magnet fishing with me for a laugh! can you give us any tips on places to try for old things we are south and noobs obviously but he will be up for it if we find something that’s not rubbish! What do you look for bridges? Locks? We have lots of shytty rivers but nothing that’s not a tip.. we are in Berkshire but can travel near etc thanks before hand and happy new year buddy!

  20. Hiya pal, where did you purchase your double sided magnet?, Looked on eBay/ Amazon and cannot find it. Thanks in advance

  21. Great video mate !! By the way the amulet was found isn’t really a prayer it’s quiet the opposite… usually to do with black magic

  22. Hi. The object at 4:34 is an emergency sewing kit known as an ETUI which a lady carried in her handbag. They held cotton and needles and usually a thimble. Cottons were wound around the wooden post. Cases were often of wood or bone or ivory or brass but I expect that there were gold ones and silver ones and Bakelite ones also.

  23. I'm sure you guys showed respect and put the prayer objects back in a place less likely to be dragged up again.👍

    The new added bill of amendment to The Offensive Weapons Act only makes it illegal for persons under 18 to buy or possess items made as offensive weapons whether in public or in a private place such as home. Plus items not made as offensive weapons – but could be used as one such as a knife – will also be included for those under 18. BUT People over the age of 18 such as collectors can possess articles made as offensive weapons as long as they don't carry them in a public place without lawful authority or reasonable excuse. SO DONT WORRY YOU MAGNET FISHING GUYS.

  25. If it's spelled "Micronta" it is the brand name for many Radio Shack products of the past. Everything from travel alarms to speakers and you name it. I still use a 30+ year old Micronta digital alarm clock every day. We actually have 2 of them but one has lost it's wires and plug for the battery back up.

  26. Good video!! Regarding items found that you think are too do with prayer etc can you please hand it too any mosque (Imam) as it could potentially be a black magic/curse put on someone!! Fully appreciate you may not believe in that however in many religions there is a strong belief etc by handing it in it could any curses can be broken with recitation of Quran etc if you could do this it would be very much appreciated & people can be helped. Please have a little bit off faith and hand it in, normally its sealed good, knotted rope, bits off paper with perhaps Arabic writing etc 🙏

  27. Lucky to find a fully functioning cosh there bud well done just be careful not be caught with that as it’s offensive weapon

  28. Helen Australia 🇦🇺
    Finding old coins is great..
    And especially jewelry..
    Another good video 🐨🐾🐾🐾. 🐨🐾🐾🐾🐾

  29. Should never clean anything like that with bare hands mate leptospirosis could be in the water 💦 gloves 🧤

  30. Hi, I love the videos and have now bought a double sided magnet to do some of my own fishing. I was wondering what do you do with all the clamps you find?

  31. Is there a reason people throw so many wheel clamps in canals? If a lost one is discovered can it be traced to the car it was meant to be attached to. Enjoying your videos

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