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Creative Man Make Crossbow to Shoot Fish – Traditional Fishing in Cambodia

Creative Man Make Crossbow to Shoot Fish – Traditional Fishing in Cambodia

Hi everyone, in this video you will be shown about how this creative Cambodian make a durable crossbow from metal truss. As you see, this crossbow can even shoot an arrow without fletches very straight. Look… even those fish getting shot, even precisely by those fillies. Say no more… let’s make it~ Enjoy!! Mark the first truss about 50 cm length. Cut down the marked place with dremel. Flatten the side to make it nicer and even smoother… With your sharpie, mark another truss about 10 cm length. and cut it exactly on the mark Use wielder to mark the place where the two small truss will placed. This will be the bow arms Mark it about 3 cm from one’s end Place those bow arms just behind the mark With electric wielder, connect the one’s bow arm… Do the same thing on the other side… Finished crossbow body. It should look like this Measuring the straightness and the place for the grip Cutting a truss about nearly 10 cm length This one will be the front grip Connect it to the main body with wielder as shown. The distance must be at the imaginary axle of the bow~ :v And do the same thing at the rear end.
(Note: wield the rear grip about 5 cm from the back) it should look like this. Celestially 20% cooler, eh? Now, cut a 1.5 inch-diametre iron pipe with your dremel… This will be the muzzle for arrow Wield it on the top of the body (Remember to didn’t wield it too near the string notch to prevent decline on the bow power) Wield two short pin at the near of bow’s end. This will be the place for string. One at the each side~ Then put an iron bar and at the almost near end, mark about a few centimeter to make the place for trigger Drill the hole at the marked place. (Note: the hole for trigger must be two and connected to each other) stuff an iron pin to the previously drilled trigger hole. wield the trigger in place with some elastic rubber bands, make a knot as shown. by using some notched iron bar, use it to predict the place for the other miscellaneous thing like shown to make the crossbow more efficient to used. and wield it in place as shown Near the trigger, attach a small spring as shown to make the trigger getting more realistic and even powerful Preparing rubber bands (Note: those rubber bands amount are really important for the bow power. Your necessaries may be lower or higher as you desired) Now we’re almost at the last step. Just simply attach the rubber band link as shown and… Voila!! Your cool metal-materials crossbow are completely done! Hit! Now, for put this thing to the real test~ It even can drive the arrow to penetrate the water bottle Okey-dokey-lokey… There was our target, some catfishes~ (Hmm, what I can say in here just: Nice shot!!) Another catfish Aim well and… Shot! Strike!!! ^_^ Oops… It missed~ Another strike!! *sigh* Another strike!! Well… that’s all for now~ If you want more subtitle, contact me for more… Bye!!!

100 comments on “Creative Man Make Crossbow to Shoot Fish – Traditional Fishing in Cambodia

  1. раба у Вас тёпленькая какая то или больная, к нашим так не подойдёшь

  2. Hello …Chom reap suor, Thank you for making this video. I really enjoyed watching how you made this crossbow and i am very impressed. I am a girl who loves fishing and i am willing to throw away all my fishing rods if i only had one of your crossbows! Now i do not like fishing anymore with rods after seeing so many crossbows.
    If i would be in Cambodia i would love to visit you just to buy my own hand made crossbow made by you!
    Keep up the good work…How on earth can i purchase one from you?

  3. Great video and craftsmanship but I think I could just reach in there and pull the fish out in that pond

  4. Pretty cool except older kid flagged (flagged means accidentally or negligently pointed a loaded weapon at someone) the younger kid right in the face at 5:57. You can kill a person that way, weapons safety it important.

    At least that crossbow wont rip your fingers of if misfired while loading like mine will, but its also low power… stuff though.

  5. basically spear fishing, but with the power (and to an extent accuracy) generated mechanically. good shots though, water refraction means he probably wasn't shooting directly at the fish, instead just below it.

  6. Мда такую фигнюшку зделали, а вот сумку для рыбы взять не догадались

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