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[Music] [Applause] hey what’s up guys welcome back to our YouTube channel thank you for watching our last video with my little brother today we’re gonna be making fish tacos and we’re gonna go ahead and show you guys step by step on how we make it I hope you guys are excited because we are so let’s get started guys alright guys so our first ingredient is tilapia fish to make the fish tacos and we are gonna be slicing them into two to three pieces and they’re going to be seasoned with garlic salt [Music] [Music] alright guys so we’re gonna start with the beer better which is flour salt choice of beer and Avis there’s your beer better mix and make sure you guys mix it until there’s no lumps in the batter which is if it could be nice and smooth make sure you guys have a pancake consistency make sure you don’t put all the beer at once and then I honestly don’t know why she’s mixing if I had because there is a mixture right there okay so that’s the consistency you guys have to get just like that alright guys so now we’re gonna start making the Mexican cabbage salad and we’re only gonna be using half of the cabbage and we’re also gonna be using tomato onion lime serrano peppers cilantro all chopped up for the topping and and an option can be mangled [Music] okay how beautiful that works all the colors [Music] okay so now we’re gonna be playing in the oil you’re gonna need a lot of oil for this and you got to make sure the oil is pretty hot so I could deep-fry the fish okay so we’re gonna be using this pan with holes to take out all the excess oil putting it right on top of the plate all right guys now that the oil is hot we’re gonna start deep frying the fish all right guys you leave them in there until they’re nice and brown for about two minutes two to three minutes okay so now they’re ready look at honey look a little golden brown okay so now we’re gonna be making that chipotle sauce which you will need avvocato in my mail and the chipotle peppers you [Music] okay so we’re gonna start making the chipotle sauce which is a whole kado two spoons of grandma two spoons of male chipotle peppers salt and you add some water also okay so it’s time to assemble our fish taco so first we put down the Chipotle and goes out tilapia after the cabbage salad and then we’re gonna add some avocado on top boom look at how delicious that looks so that’s the finished product and now we’re gonna do a taste test all right guys all ready cheers Cheers chocolate chips chocolate chips mmm the bomb you also can’t forget our coax channel rhuebottom bottle over Ken and make sure you comment down below what do you prefer bottled or can the can for sure sure okay so that’s it for today’s video the tacos were delicious if you guys want to go ahead and make these tacos make sure you tag this in your pictures with our Instagram Twitter okay and like always make sure you guys are subscribed and make sure you guys give this video a big thumbs up make sure you guys turn on your post notifications that way you guys get notified whenever we upload a new video hit that Bell hit that Bell don’t be shy don’t be shy alright see you guys thank you guys for watching [Music]


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