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Crispy Fish recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

Crispy Fish recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

(blues music) ♫ Gonna smoke me a fatty brisket ♫ I got my barbecue shoes on ♫ Gonna smoke me a fatty brisket ♫ I got my barbecue shoes on ♫ Got my natural case ♫ I got the hogs on the run ♫ (saxophone solo) – [Voiceover] Welcome to We’re cooking up some fresh
caught trout at the pit and it’s real easy to do. All right, we’re celebrating
the opening of fishing season. All right, which means some
good eating at the pit. Now get this started. We’re making some crispy,
fried trout, right and there’s a lot of ways to do up trout, but you gotta check this out. I’m gonna start out with
that egg wash, right and here we’ve got some flour. It’s a mix of all purpose flour, some corn starch. We got some secret stash going in and for this recipe, you’re gonna need some
chopped garlic, all right and here we’re prepping the trout and what we’re doing is we’re slicing the outer skin. This is going to help
it make it real crispy. Now we got some garlic going on there and now we’re going bread
these trout all right and this is real easy to do. Whoa, man. Now that’s a single coating in to the fat it goes. You know all about that right, but to make it real crispy, we’re gonna do a double dip, which simply means we’re
going from the egg wash to the batter then back from the batter to the egg wash. Then hit the batter again. Oh man. You’re gonna get a lot of
crisp goodness on this, man. Now throw it in to the pan. I’m going to get it nice and crispy. Now there are a lot of
ways you can do up trout. Just a little bit of butter right in a black iron pan works really well, but heck, you gotta check this one out. The chickens love it and you’re gonna love it too. All right. We got em crisp on one side. It only takes a few minutes, depends how hot your oil is right? We just give em a flip. Man, can you smell that? It smells good! (laughs) Now hit a little bit of lemon. This is all pit master privilege. We’ve got some butter. (mumbles) After all, it is the first day of fishing and all things have cooked right? Now these fried fish are done. Pull them out of the grease. We’ve got plenty of more going on. (laughs) Are you hungry or what and if you’re not, you’ve got a serious problem and you’re on the wrong channel. Take a look at that. Oh, baby. Now, as always, we do apologize for eating
in front of you like this but (moans) we call this pit master privilege. (blues music) ♫ Gonna grab me some
thighs at the chicken coop ♫ I got my barbecue shoes on ♫ Gonna grab me some
thighs at the chicken coop ♫ I got my barbecue shoes on ♫ Gonna hold some legs and
get some barbecue action ♫ (blues music) ♫ My stomach just went to Memphis baby ♫ – [Voiceover] And, oh by the way, for those of you who noticed we had a couple of shad with us,
the good stringer trout, you gotta check this out. Maybe next time you stop by the pit, we’ll show you how to get er done. So the next time you’re looking for a way to celebrate the opening
of fishing season, do up yourself some crispy trout. Oh, man, thumbs up. (fire crackling) (bird crows)

100 comments on “Crispy Fish recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

  1. Growing up in New England, opening day of Fishing Season was an exciting time, the plate full of the beautiful fried trout bring back many great memories!

  2. Welcome back Jitterbug. Did I see some secret ingredient out of a small vile get added?? Mmmmm. Will need to launch an investigation. 😄🐟☺️

  3. I'd love to watch a "BBQ PITBOYS Fishburger recipe", "really easy to do"
    Here in Europe, there are not a lot of those and MAN! do I love them…

  4. Can someone explain to me what to do about the bones? Are they removed before cooking, or just picked out as you eat?

  5. I like to stuff the trout and wrap it in bacon, wrap that in aluminum foil and put it in the coals of what was a fire. Same with potatoes. Makes a fine meal.

  6. love your videos and have tried a few of your recipes but I'm not not what's the point of posting a video of a recipe and keeping some of the ingredients a secret

  7. Nice going boys' very tasty fried fish, mouth watering… not even Martha Steward can cook or grill like you guys at the Pit…awesome video… 🙂

  8. I just had supper 15 minutes ago and man I need me some trout right now. Nice touch with the double dip , nice extra crispy I'm gonna give that a shot

  9. does anyone else try to smell what he's cooking when he says "can you smell that… it smells goood" or is it just me

  10. Kívánok szép napot a Csapatnak! Kedves Márc. 15 !!! Köszönöm a kitartásod, a hűséged !!! A hal gusztusos !!! Köszönöm szépen !!!

  11. Kedvemre való ez a recept ! Az információ számodra lenne fontos M. 15. !!! Mások számára nem publikus !!! Itt tudom biztonsággal tudtodra adni !!!

  12. Can we look forward to another trout recipe to try before the season is over !? Maybe minor catching action too 🙂

  13. I have spend the last 2 hours watching your videos and I have decided that I should come live there so y'all can feed me. LMBO everything looks wonderful!!

  14. Köszönöm ismét ! Kellemes a zene és jó hallani a madarak csicsergését is !! Élmény volt számomra !!!

  15. What kind of beer did you put in the egg wash? I guess whatever beer is your beer of choice would do the trick..

  16. – At what time do you gut the trout, or do you just leave it in and just let the frying do it all…

  17. would love to see you guys come to nova scotia, fish and lobster capital of canada! we'll show ya around

  18. i love fish and all but frying the whole fish like that what about the bones do u hav to be carefull eating that…..i cook fish alot but its already fileted…lol……but that does look real good

  19. I went on the site for this recipe and could only find the video for it I'm making it tonight so I would like to know the recipe

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