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Crunchy Texas Tacos – (Cooking Americana Ep. 10)

Crunchy Texas Tacos – (Cooking Americana Ep. 10)

Today Mama’s gonna show you how to make
southwestern style tacos that are sure to bring your family back to the dinner
table. Welcome back to another edition of
Cooking Americana my name is Dianne Linderman and I’m gonna take you through
something! It’s an experience. Simple healthy and decadent recipes. I’ve had a
organic farm with a restaurant on it for about seven years of my life. It was
written up in the Sunset magazine as one of the better places to eat in Southern
Oregon also I have been traveling the country teaching my simple techniques
and you can get them all in my cookbooks all these recipes are available on my
website alright we’re
gonna make bean and cheese tacos now people are like eww bean and cheese tacos
black beans and cheese or you can use anything you want you can make salmon
tacos same exact way as you notice I have my burner on already so I’m gonna
go ahead and put my coconut oil which is what I use for just about everything and
because it’s so cold right now that’s like a block of ice but I’m gonna get
that heated up so that we can start making them right away but you also can
make chicken tacos this way you can make beef tacos everything same way shrimp
tacos all the same alright so we get that really hot when they get a few
little utensils out here I usually use two forks two spoons I’ll
show you in just a second why okay now I’m gonna use black bean refried black
beans I really love them I think they’re way better than regular refried beans
they have a lot more protein see how hot my oil is getting that is called the
smoking oil which you only can do with coconut oil here’s the reason why your
oil will cool down very quickly I’m gonna do three tacos at a time so I’ve
got my corn tortillas you’ve never had corn tortillas done this way you’re
gonna love it I take about a tablespoon of black beans I can make a bunch of
these very quickly all right you just put a little pile in
the middle take some cheese now these are a considered vegetarian which I like
that way it’s easier to digest too by the way but like I said any time you
want to step up a notch and make these into chicken or fish do it the exact
same way you can omit the beans sometimes I do that see how I just turn
them like that now I’m gonna put them against the corners here I’m gonna throw
three more in I’m gonna show you my restaurant style of doing things I can
actually put two more in here see so simple now the other thing you’re gonna
love about coconut oil by the way if you’ve never heard about health healthy
coconut oil is do your research it is amazingly healthy and you will not taste
coconut people are like Dianne can you taste coconut? No you can’t. I can’t I
think maybe you could get used to it but actually it’s the kind of coconut oil
you get some coconut oil does have that flavor so you got to do a little bit of
research and find one I actually get mine at Costco and it’s organic make
sure it’s organic okay turn them on their side like that
turn this on this side meanwhile you can go in there and just flip all these over
I have two forks they’re getting really nicely crispy and that’s what I love
about coconut oil it makes things very crispy it does not burn them okay this
one’s ready to come out I don’t even have paper towel down to drain the oil
they’re not oily that’s the neat thing you’ll notice when I put this on the
plate the oil gets absorbed right into the top into the tortilla shell which
you get the benefit of really look at that I can make a ton of them really
quickly and in a minute I’m going to dress them up okay there we go we’ll make these two more
and then I’ll show you how it make these absolutely decadent don’t worry about
the cheese it makes this so good people always worried about cheese and you know
what worried about fast food cheese is actually good for you
but when you go through those fast food restaurant drive-throughs that’s when
you’re killing yourself this is the kind of fast food you got to make I can look
out and quickly I made what seven tacos output I can make enough for a party of
25 or 30 in like five seven minutes there goes my fork oh well I don’t need
it anymore that’s the nice part all right these are ready to come out you
just want to get them nicely brown okay look at that
made all those in what five minutes or so or less okay
now put this over here move this so I can work there we go okay let’s clean as we work here so we
can have a nice clean work area we already have cheese so I’m gonna go
ahead and put those down there but you haven’t tried anything now on one of my
episodes we made this homemade salsa so delicious we’re gonna put tomatoes we’ve
got lettuce I’ve got my homemade salsa and a little bit of onion and I always
start with my lettuce put in some tomatoes and I wait to the very end to
put my salsa where you can let the whoever’s in there with that’s eating
this they can put it in their self that way it doesn’t get it all soft I like to use romaine that’s my
favorite lettuce it stays crunchy it looks really good and it’s a leafy green
okay a couple more here and I think we’re ready to serve and by the way make
sure you go to my youtube channel and be a subscriber you get to all my simple
and decadent recipes that I had in my restaurant on an organic farm I don’t
have any secrets anymore so come and join me once a week I’ll be putting out
all my new recipes okay I do love to share that’s why I decided not to have a
restaurant anymore I had three restaurants let them all go so I could
share with you all my secrets of success and the secrets of the universe which
actually are a simple healthy and decadent okay look at that
are you all ready to eat I am I’m always ready to eat I’ll take a little my
salsa in out yummy a little bit on each one there we go
look what we just did what five minutes simplest recipes on earth right here on
Cooking Americana my youtube channel subscribe make sure you go for my
recipes on my name is Dianne Linderman I want to thank
you very much come back and see me again!

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