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Cured Salmon Recipe

Cured Salmon Recipe

hello and welcome today we’re gonna fix no we’re gonna cook this fish today we are showing you how to prepare the salmon this marinated salmon just mix sugar and sea salt and a bit of thyme and in a ball then put a bit of lemon juice on the fish put the salt on top yeah it’s pretty simple it’s really simple actually but this will turn the meat into something delicious that you normally buy from the supermarket but you can make it yourself like this once you cover the whole meat with the sugar and salt mix cover it in plastic foil place the salmon in a tray whatever you have and then put something on top of it so it keeps the meat pressed and then place it in the fridge for one or two days the meat will cure and will taste delicious once it’s ready it looks something like this you remove the plastic foil and it’s ready to cut and enjoy just cut it with your sharpest biggest knife that you have this is not a perfect knife but it works for us the most important part here is the taste these really tastes delicious and it’s just like the Salmon you buy in the supermarket that is really finely finely sliced and it’s very expensive but this one is cheap and you can easily do it yourself it doesn’t take a long time and it’s something nice to try this salmon you can eat it as it is or you can roll it like this it depends on how you prefer it and if you want to arrange it nicer you can even put some lemon and put it between the fish now we come to the best part you put some cheese Philadelphia cheese or any other cheese you prefer or butter and enjoy it if you liked this video let us know we could make more like this and also there is a channel that we have for recipes check the link in this corner in the top left corner here now and subscribe to our second channel RedNumberONE and go to if you want to see more recipes we have the YouTube channel here you can click on it now and it will take you to the second channel subscribe there also

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