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CURLY TAIL VS PADDLE TAIL (Perch Fishing Challenge)

CURLY TAIL VS PADDLE TAIL (Perch Fishing Challenge)

good morning ladies and welcome back to another episode it’s really good to have you guys watching today today me and my buddy Adam Ora from cat food care are done in the southeastern part of Sweden in the archipelago looking for some giant striped lunker’s we have been filming an epic production containing their probably most insane perch fishing I have ever seen on YouTube so far Adam has mostly been fishing the piglets at 8.5 centimeters in the last the last couple of days here and he has been catching some giant perch but me as a cameraman where I have been what I have been wondering about probably the whole time is that would this giant as perch be willing to eat curly tails also they’re the piglets shot eight point five has a penalty and Adam hasn’t barely been fishing with your tails for the hold for the whole time so what we’re gonna do today if I will be rocking our newest member a member of the economic growth this family this is this is nettle meaning it’s a small bait that we designed there for all the perch fishermen around the world probably some Sanner wouldn’t eat it too but mainly for perch and other predatory fish and this is the first time I’m trying it out today and it looks so incredibly good in the water today so I think that now it’s time for us to find the perch and then we will start to target them me with curly tails and Adam with paddle tails the one who wins this competition today due to the fact that there are no big numbers of fish here today is the one who will catch the biggest perch of them all let’s get let’s get this challenge going so we’re gonna start off by locating the fish and we do that with our soul eggs and this is the neat part of it is that the Sollux as the mega imaging put two fingers on the side imaging and I get a full screen and this way I can easily locate fish big fish schools rocks hard bottom structure soft bottom structure wheat lines etc and while I’m doing this I am also mapping my way around this place so you see we have been going around there for a couple of days logging everything on my serie line card the seer line card makes it available for the outer sharp live to log everything not just for one day but everything so I can just keep on recording don’t make any backups just make recording some recordings on recordings so I got everything just logged up and hopefully we’ll see some fish on the side imaging we know that they’re holed up on that position we can fish that for a while if it doesn’t give any results we just move on to the next spot the fish are migrating so they pass really shallow to deep shallow to deep and they pass from the from the deeper water in shallower see here you have a lot of rocks rolling downwards to our left and the rest of it you see here is hard bottom and then you have soft bottom structure they have soft bottom around these hard points you can just drive up search the area you see the fish you can fish more focused and put more dedication on the correct spot instead of you just fishing an area you think they all right but they aren’t you’re wasting time okay these guys yeah let’s take some perched up smack him down nice oh yeah we got the first fish on for today oh [Music] man look how she inhaled that bait man I’m gonna do it I’m gonna flip it yeah I just have to tell you that you know probably a lot of you guys who has followed us for for some time knows that my biggest perch isn’t that big at all actually but the number of ginormous blow to sourest perch that are slaying it down the bottoms over here it’s absolutely incredible I mean this guy is probably like 1,100 or something 1111 50 something I’m gonna roughly guess it to even freaking big fish over here it’s crazy I mean we had we have 20 of these guys in the last couple of days who we didn’t even feel because they’re so small but to me this is this is so big this is so big today it’s shit cold it’s like minus degrees but the perch are biting and don’t really complain but it’s so cold the fingers now we’re gonna let this first fish of the day probably around a kilo Adam told me it was on nettle meanness and it’s 102 102 the curly tails but we’re hopefully gonna get a lot bigger than this one so ciao ciao such a beauty now it’s time for you to get some fish Adam we know that this is an area they passed through with the current I’m starting off with the new size of the piglet Chad it’s eight point five centimeters it’s been working like crazy good it’s a bit more slim down that they than the Big Brother the piglets had ten centimetres on this I am using a light again I’m fishing the new BFG laser x5 20 gram 7.4 and it’s super nice to do the light fishing with it all right let’s get to it yeah so Adam is starting off with the piglets at 8.5 8.5 and I’m still going with the nettle meanie on triplets to get 5 gram I’m only using 5 gram because it’s 1.7 meters over here so hopefully this is going to be perfect just letting it sink to the bottom and slowly slowly slowly dragging it across the bottom I think it’s gotta be a pike or I’m not sure actually this style of fishing is pretty new to me you know but if it’s a perch I think we might gonna have to use the net on this one oh yeah baby oh dang it boy 950 grams won’t take me far in this competition but it was pretty fun to get a good bite after just switching to nestle meaning with a triple s jig head oh nice fish now we’re gonna let it go back to spawn they’re all in here for spawning so bye-bye then it’s just to keep on casting okay so I’m gonna try out a little rig called Carolina and what I’m using is a seven gram tungsten weight and I’m going to rig it with piglet shad eight and a half centimetres smelt UV this one I put on a extra light j-hook from owner which makes it super light so when the weight hits the bottom the dealer is gonna slowly drop I’m gonna give it like five or six seconds of a dropped I’m just gonna lay there on top of the seaweed that part is gonna pick it up it’s gonna be nice so for this type of fishing I am using a seven six lizard X with CRO zero eight braid this is strike white vertical nice and thin because you need a lot of sensitivity and a lot of power etc with fishing like this so you can really set the hooks but have that super super feeling with you move the the lure across the bottom and I’m seeing merely doing a lot of stuff in the front what you doing there buddy losing all your fish okay all right give it a little bit of slack and you can you can put them in there [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh just after lunch the goulash power the tuna sandwich power Miller was on the phone and talking about how cold it was how how sad he was that it was cold how much he was freezing etc etc and you know I don’t listen to that so I just kept on casting and got a big one on the piglet this one would never come off there we go smelt UV yeah this is nice it’s it’s really long you can see the length of it my goodness gracious yeah there if we is gonna say that’s the 48 15 60 really nice fish the thing is a fish around 48 centimeters this time of the year let’s see she’s a bit tired you can see that the dorsal fin would pop up when they are they’re pretty pretty slow doubt if they’re angry that the dorsal fin just pokes right up so normally a fish around 48 centimeters this time of the year would be around 1.8 1.9 we caught a fish a couple of days ago is 49.8 it was 1980 was super fish this fish has not yet really sucked in all the water it needed to get the belly going so we’re gonna let this fish go back always release the big fish all right now we owe 1580 versus like 989 ad or something so Mila you gotta work on your jigging game now yeah I know I’m gonna get to it right away yeah and I’m gonna improve my lead [Music] you [Music] oh Jesus Christ it’s a big one think I’m gonna net this one look at this beautiful fish oh man it’s barely hooked dude after I was a bit lost there after Adams big 5-15 ad on the piglet shed 8.5 but I had my nettle meanie on the triple-s jig head and I had it on the bottom and it’s sat on the bottom and look it’s barely even hooked this fish look it’s crazy these fish they’re just about to go into spawning so it’s really important that you don’t you don’t rush them that you’re careful with them if you want to have this crazy good fishy in the future we need to fish with responsibility and take care of the fish 121 122 and so that means 1200 grams 1.2 kilos this is actually my second biggest biggest perch of my life so I’m super happy about this fish oh my goodness gracious so I have three hundred and eighty grams after Adams 1580 but one point two kilo still a really really really good fish so now we’re just gonna put her back to the water my bike maybe this is actually my first open water fishing for the air I’m usually fishing fishing a lot of a lot of pike and this is actually my like first serious time fishing for perch and I can honestly say that I do think there’s a lot of pike fishermen around the world who who don’t know how fun is this style of fishing is it’s so much it’s so much finished fishing about finding the fish and I have a big feeling that 2019 will be the year of the perch oh man it has been a tough day today so far but we’re we’re trying out new methods and we see some fish and sooner every now and then so I think it’s just a matter of time before we before I get something bigger than my top fish Adam still has the 1580 on top and that starts to get a really big fish even over here so that can be hard to beat but my biggest is 1,200 so I think that’s wait I think that’s really possible to beat there we go Adam finally it’s been a long world without fish now oh the way your drag is going in – sounds like a decent fish there’s a decent fish yes yeah oh you’re the fucking man oh yeah yes come but yes a you bother daddy I’m for a cover on a movie and about protect property for socket Lake something we got a nice fish right here this feels like it’s twelve hundred and fifty something it’s not that super heavy but it’s a really beautiful fish look at all gold and it came on the Carolina rig look at this straight through straight gutter it’s so clean like that so the fish goes back into the net the hook goes back into the ler Adam goes up into striking mode and we’re gonna fill this Millett to execute sir yes sir there we go yes oh that was so crazy they’re just standing there just taking the bait on the bottom that’s so nice with a fish after this long without it oh it’s good pay lapel one oh so happy about it so freakin nice-looking fish look at this beautiful one do ya you see the nest L mean is just like this with a triple s jig head a banger yeah so just putting it into the net and hoping for another one not breaking their 1580 but still a very very very beautiful fish oh we hear some drag over here man I just asked him if he was willing to go to another place and the answer to that was oh yeah I’m ready with the net we had two rather small ones in here if you compare it oh my goodness man come on come on come on yeah 1.3 kilograms on the Carolina ring the Carolina I guess saved my ass today so we’re gonna go hammer somewhere in this edge just as the Sun sets it’s a super sunset and super fish we’re gonna let these babies go back now for spawning and just like you we will catch you later and we will catch this later also so awesome day today man a tough day but the tough days is what makes you and us a better fisherman so I really learned a lot today by hanging with the perch Promaster autumn so great day thanks guys for watching remember to subscribe and leave a like if you learned anything or if you like catching a big big big perch now we’re gonna go home to sleep and we have one final day tomorrow so we’ll of course bring the camera but see you guys tomorrow

16 comments on “CURLY TAIL VS PADDLE TAIL (Perch Fishing Challenge)

  1. Bra filmet og kult å se dere får så mange pene Abbor. Jeg fisker mest fra land å har ikke sjangs til å få så mange/pene fisk. Utrolig stille nå også med tanke på at Abbore og Gjedda leker.

  2. Varför ens göra nån form av undersökning på det här sättet. Helt omöjligt att dra någon slutsats av ändå.

  3. Adam, I see the rods and lures and line mentioned often in your vids. What size spinning reels are you using. I see alot of rather large 2500 and 3000 size used in Perch Pro and Perch fight. I use 4lb braid and 6lb leader here in the US for fishing for my Yellow Perch. 1000 size reels and 1-3 and 2-4 KG rated rods…Your fish are alot bigger true. But I often land small pike like fish called pickerel and Walleye which are cousins to the Zander on this size gear. Would it work ok for the average Swedish Perch?

  4. This place is amazing, it reminds me a lot here in Brazil.
    Great for the fishing technique, Congratulations.

  5. Guys, i think its better to release the Perches faster, especialy when its that cold. Just explain everything after releasing.

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