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Darrell Peck – Big Belgium Canal Carp Fishing | Korda 2019

Darrell Peck – Big Belgium Canal Carp Fishing | Korda 2019

Well, in Belgium bpost is a post office
and with that ticket there for €48, there’s more 50’s on that
than in the whole of the UK and that is all you need to know. Going to meet my mate, Derek.
He’s just had a massive grass carp. Although that’s not what we’re after,
we’re going to go and check it out, get the local info and then
go and find a spot for ourselves, hopefully find some fish and maybe,
if we’re really lucky, show you one of these 50’s. So last summer I went to fish
on the Kempisch Canal with Derek. We had a bit of a road trip
and we fished a few canals and he took me to a particular stretch
that he’d fished. He said, ‘When it’s really hot
you can usually find the fish because it’s quite a short section and I think you’ve got a good chance
of fish there.’ But Derek,
who’d brought me over there, he didn’t have anything
anywhere near him. He was almost like camping
on the other side of the river so I could fish
and I wasn’t comfortable with that. One fish topped twice bang opposite. There was like a metal girder
coming down and this fish topped twice. So I said to Derek, ‘Come down,
walk down the bank, come, stop.’ ‘Put one right at your feet,
like a foot from the bank there.’ The night went. I caught two fish,
he caught one fish, he caught the big one. And he’d already caught it
four times previous. And I remember thinking that I’d seen
him having a little feed in the edge, I thought he’s catchable. He’s not one of these mythical monsters
that never get caught, he likes his food. So I went back the following year and in the same spot
I put some bait down and there he is,
pecking around, pecking around. He drifted off, I put my rig in and then he started feeding
further up the bank. So I moved my rod and then
he came back and fed where I was. I was like,
oh, he’s having me over here, he’s basically messing with my head. Eventually he was on a line and there was a particular spot
that he’d shown a bit of love to, he seemed to like feeding there. So once I’d missed leapfrogging him
a couple of times I was like,
I’ll go back to that spot he likes and he’s just going to have it. So I’ve lowered in my tiger nut,
put two tiger nuts round it, sat back, I’ve got the rod in my hand
and I’m just standing next to this tree, he’s come in, I watched him go…
straight onto it. I was like, oh, you’re done. Picks up, seen my lead
hang off the bottom and I thought, now you’re going
to go and he just went… and the lead just flew off the spot
like that and he just went… He’d had enough
and I was like, that’s twice. Twice you’ve absolutely
given me a custard. With that in mind,
when we were looking at places to film, I think I can catch him
in the summertime because the water’s warm,
the fish are high. There’s a cycle path
and nobody fishes the cycle path. They always fish on the opposite side
where you can park your car behind. So the sun comes up
on the side you can park, the beams come down
onto the cycle path and they’re just there. That’s where they like to swim
with the sun on their backs. So what we did,
we went over to Belgium and en route,
I’m in contact with Derek, he’s been fishing on another canal
on the other side of the lock gates which is called the V Canal. And the V Canal is a much bigger,
more expansive… It’s notorious.
As we have waters in the UK like the Car Park Lake back in the day
and Conningbrook, the V Canal is absolutely synonymous
with hardcore Belgian carp fishing. It’s a serious, serious bit of water
that I wouldn’t fancy tackling for the camera on a whim. But Derek,
having been fishing there, been putting bait in a few different
swims and he’d been catching. He’s like, I’m going from here
over to another canal, you might as well drop in here,
there’s always fish here. I’ve been baiting it. So we dropped in there and I’ve caught,
I think the first one was a 34-pounder just as it got light on the first night. Then I’ve had, the following afternoon,
I’ve had a 40lbs common. Well, here he is.
40lbs of V Canal common. He came in the afternoon,
just after the rain started and Derek said, ‘Hang it on,
it’s really good in the daytime,’ and this is the result. Again, taken on the Spinner rig
with the pop-up maize on top. On top of a tiger nut and
obviously with a hybrid stiff. With all the boat traffic coming up
and down, it just resets nicely and keeps it all separate
from the lead. After the boats come through,
just topping up the bait, just a few more pouches of tigers
just in case they’ve been washed away, and keeps the fish searching. Realistically, Derek Harrison has put that
on a dinner plate for me and I’m not egotistical enough to think
that it was my amazing rigs or my amazing cast
or anything like that. He said, ‘Put it there, throw some tiger
nuts round it and you’ll have one,’ and I did. I had two. I knew
we couldn’t make a show like that. There’s got to be more to it than that and obviously I know about
that common in the other section of the beautiful Kempisch
and for two days I’d been prepping it with some boilies and some tiger nuts
along the cycle path. And I took my bike,
had a little cycle over there… He’s never seen talent like it! It was quite green at the time,
there was a lot algae in the water. and where I’m looking over my bait,
all of a sudden the green algae, there’s a tail pattern
come up through it which has moved the algae
across the surface like that and a fish has just waddled through
and I’m like, they’re eating that bait, I need to go over there. So packed up, went to the shops,
it was boiling hot, bought a few beers
and just wheeled the gear. There they are.
They’re there waiting to be caught. So I get on my knees all quiet,
crawl up to the edge and swing out the rig just past it
and it swings down. Six tiger nuts round it,
catch one, catch one, and the other rod just off the side. Ten minutes after putting the rods out,
I haven’t seen a fish for ten minutes. Where have they gone? Then half an hour later,
one showed 80 yards down the river, down the canal, sorry, and then
one shows 150 yards down the canal. So I’ve got time, if I want, to pack up, wheel down
and cast to where these fish are but I was like, no, stick to your guns. You’ve put the bait here,
they were here last year, they were here the year before,
stick to your guns. So night’s passed,
it was about 6.30 in the morning. I nipped into the bush to have a pee and when I came back one of my LEDs on
my bite alarm was on and I was like, well, that shouldn’t
beep for no reason whatsoever. Looked into the edge
and just as I did that, one boshed out
right in front of the rod, further out from where the rig was but bosh, I was like,
they’re back, they’re back! Any second now I’m expecting a take. The right-hand rod in particular
wasn’t initially the favourite but suddenly a really big fish,
probably the big one, big clouds of mud are coming up
and I’m thinking any second we’re going to get a flyer here on
camera and I’m going to get one. Time ticks, ticks, carries on feeding
and I know where I put my rig, it was just there. And he’s feeding and feeding
and I’m thinking why, why not? Eventually he’s come up of the bottom
and drifted off. So I thought I’m going to pick up
the rig and just check what’s gone on. Lifted the rig up and it wasn’t where
I’m looking, where the fish is feeding, it’s up against the bank,
a rod-length down the side. So either a fish has already picked
that rig up and got away with it or a crayfish had dragged it off. I don’t know what had happened. All I know is I had been watching
a really big fish eat on the spot, dying to jump on the end of my hook
and I wasn’t even fishing for it. I was just spectating, watching. So I’ve replaced the rig
and in pure panic because now I’ve only got half an hour
before we’ve got to leave because we’ve got a crossing booked, I’ve picked up the second rod and put
it near just in case the fish comes back because they usually do, if they’ve been working a spot,
they usually come back to it. So I do that. Within two minutes
of lifting that second rod out and putting it onto that spot, that big fish that was there
is now eating on that spot. So now I’m thinking for God’s sake! Luckily he didn’t spend too long.
He up-ended and he came away. So I’ve picked up the rod that I’ve just
moved, I’ve lowered it back down, slackened the line,
I’ve put it on the rest and when I peered up
after setting the alarm, I can see he’s coming
and I can see it’s a good fish. It’s coming so I’ve just ducked away
and come back to the cameraman, I was like, I can’t believe
I’ve not caught it. I can’t believe
I’ve not caught that fish. He was dying to jump on the hook. Daaaaa…! What have we got? And as it’s coming in, I can see this colouration pattern
on the side of this common that I recognise
from seeing it in the water. So as I’ve seen it, it’s coming in, I’m thinking, well, Derek caught it
this time last year and it was 49lbs. 49.14, it was, I’m thinking there’s every chance
this is going to be 50. Is that an underwater netting?
I think it is. I really wanted to get him in the… Yes! Yeah, I think that is the big one. I think that is the big one. As I get it in the net,
I thought that’s definitely 50. This is the nuts.
The second buzz piece. We caught the biggest one
from Bayeswater and now we’ve gone to the intimate,
historical Kempisch Canal and we’ve caught the big one
from this section and it’s going to be 50lbs
and then the scales slam round to 58. No, he ain’t. It ain’t! No! And it’s a monster.
This fish is as old as the hills. It’s been through… The Kempisch Canal was a mega place
back in the early 90’s. I think the original world record
in the early 90’s came from there. Not this particular section
but there’s been… If you think of the hundreds
of thousands of guys, not hundreds of thousands
but thousands of guys that have fished those canals
over those 20 years or so, and then little old me just, tiger nut
on the head and bosh, got him. It’s really, really cool. He’s so heavy. Look at that! Yes. – Is that all right?
– Yeah. Cut.

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