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Days Underwater ft. Shark vs Lobster and Marlin! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 143

Days Underwater ft. Shark vs Lobster and Marlin! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 143

– We’re gonna go trolling
on the outer reef. Hopefully catch something. (upbeat guitar music) – [Riley] This is
getting a bit eerie, hey. I’m getting that post apocalyptic vibe. ♪ If you miss the train I’m on ♪ ♪ You will know that I am gone ♪ ♪ You can hear the
whistle blow 100 miles ♪ – [Elay] We set of for Barbuda last week, an island North of here in the Caribbean. Dropping anchor in Coga Bay made me feel like we’d really made it to the Caribbean. Turquoise water, the whitest
sand, and killer sunsets. I played captain for the day while Riley went spearfishing with George. He didn’t catch anything
and conveniently enough a new recipe of mine ended up a disaster. – Get these at the (mumbles).
(laughing) – Today we plan to go and check out the town of Barbuda and see what was going
on after the devastation of Hurricane Irma last year. We’re just moving anchorages to over here. To where all the people are. Riley and I have been working. Smashed a few coffees. Ready to get some stuff done today. I’ve actually been recording some music you’ll be pleased to know. Was trying to figure out
how to use all this stuff. It ain’t easy. It’s not my specialty. And Riley has been still going
through all that footage. (dishes crashing) – Whoa!
– Whoa! – So we’ve just come to the beach here and we met a lovely man called Emran. And he’s gonna take us for a drive. Say hello. – Hello. – We’re just gonna check out
what these guys are doing. They’ve just got a bunch
of supplies from Antigua and they’re unloading. So I just wanna have a look. You’re the first person
we’ve seen in Barbuda. – Yeah?
– Yeah. (laughing) – [Elay] This little ship
work as both a ferry and delivers supplies to the island
once a week from Antigua. – [Riley] Have you been
here your whole life? – Yeah, I’ve been here most of my life. Longest I’ve ever been out
of the island is one year. – [Riley] Where’d you go? – I was in Antigua. (laughing) That far. (laughing) – [Elay] We circumnavigated
the island with Emran. Progress on rebuilding after
the hurricane was happening, but very slowly. Still a quarter of the
island was without power. Look at you! Aren’t you a funny looking goat! (goat baas) (laughing) – [Riley] This is a 40 foot container. I used to work with these offshore. I’ve seen cranes smash ’em into all different sorts of things. They do not move. That was blown from over there where those palm trees are. – [Elay] This is silver apparently. – Silver Salmon
– Ah! Okay! – [Man] (mumbles), silver. – So this is the main street. That’s the bar. Over here they have
like a breakfast station where you just saw the
fish and the box of cereal. And yeah, this apparently was and still is the busiest street here in Barbuda. But obviously things
have really slowed down. And he was also saying how
cruise ships have stopped coming, and so many people stopped coming. So, yeah, they’re in a bit of strife. We scoped out possible
options for charity work and we planned to come
back once we got a response from either the Red Cross
or Samaritan’s Purse; the two charities on the ground here. So we just pulled up
anchor and we are heading to the Eastern side of the
island because the wind is swinging around to the West
for the next day or two. Which is super odd for this area. But yeah, we’re hoping to come back around to this side of the island
where all the locals are because on the way home
Emran stopped off at Samaritan’s Purse Headquarters and we were able to talk
to one of the dudes there. And he said, yeah, they’re
taking on volunteers and it’d be good if we could
come back on Monday or Tuesday to talk to his boss
who wasn’t there today. At the moment, they’re rebuilding and starting with the roofs. So, yeah, Riles and I might
be able to jump up there and help put together someone’s roof. Which would be cool. It’s the calmest day today. Like absolute glass. And there are turtles everywhere. But I’m unable to get them on the camera ’cause every time the boat gets close, they do this duck dive and they’re gone. But there’s turtles. There’s turtles everywhere. – Just from the chart you can tell that it’s pretty treacherous. I wouldn’t be surprised
if it’s not charted. Especially after the hurricane. Like who knows what’s changed there. We’ll be coming in very slow. The sun’s quite high. It’s really calm which is pretty handy. If I need to I’ll jump in the
water and we’ll just tuck up and find a nice, very,
very protected spot. (upbeat guitar music) So I’ve been up here since
we rounded the point. I’ve just had her on autopilot and just dodging brown spots basically. And there’s a little gap in
the reef over here somewhere. And we’ll end up anchored probably next to our new mates over here. ♪ Like we were coming through ♪ ♪ There is this voice of you drilling me ♪ ♪ Your mouth doesn’t lie ♪ – [Elay] It’s Monkey Man! (laughing) Alright, I’m going to
put the anchor right on. (laughing) – [Riley] Well is he French? – [Elay] Yeah, he’s French. – [Riley] Do we trust him? – Yeah. Yeah. (laughing) Oh my God! (laughing) Look how he’s got one leg
crossed over the other! Like he’s super chill. So not only have I seen my French mate, Olivier, flying around the boat. But our neighbours are this
young Australian couple who we met in Antigua. And they just happen to
be anchored next to us. So Riley just phoned over and asked if they wanted to come diving
for some lobster with us. So that’s what’s happening. So who have we got here guys? – Katie.
– And Byron. – [Elay] And Katie brings
good luck apparently? So I wanna hold you to that one. (laughing) She’s the lobster finder. – Yes! (slow techno music) – [Riley] We found a nurse shark trapped in a large, unmarked craypot. That I honestly thought had been lost. So I tried to free the
shark and grab the crayfish. An hour later, we’re about to head home empty handed. We bumped into the local fishermen nearby who clearly knew that we’re there. His name was Danforth, just like the anchor. After a few minutes of
struggling to understand our Australian accents, he agreed to come by the
boat and sell us some of his catch for a
ridiculously cheap price. – One, two, three. Four. Five. Six. – [Riley] There would be dinner onboard La Vagabonde for us
and for our neighbours. – [Elay] There is honestly an overload of lobster here tonight. – There is. – [Elay] You full as a ‘goog’ – I am.
– Yeah? – ‘Cause there’s pasta as well. – [Elay] Yeah. Pasta and so much lobster. Like it’s ridiculous. (speaks in foreign language) Si! – Lobster for breakfast. – [Elay] Oui! There is your lunch. – Thank you. – [Elay] And left over
past from last night. This is the way life is
supposed to be lived. With crayfish. (laughing) – This is really good. So we’re gonna go and
explore that abandoned… Probably abandoned hotel over there? – [Elay] Yeah. Well it looks abandoned. But, yeah, I guess we’ll find out. – Mmm. – There could be people living in there. Free building, et cetera. But, we are pretty far from the town so it wouldn’t surprise me
if it was still abandoned. Riley lost my favourite water bottle. No! (laughing) Hang on, let me try and swing ya. (laughing) (upbeat guitar music) – [Riley] This is
getting a bit eerie, hey. – Yeah, it’s super eerie. – [Riley] I’m getting that– – I’m a little like scared. – [Riley] Post apocalyptic vibe. – Yeah, It totally is. I am so unbelievably on edge right now. And I don’t know why. It just doesn’t feel… It just doesn’t feel right. Like, I don’t know. It’s hard to explain. – Ah, would you relax?
– This is weird. Let’s get out. (upbeat guitar music) – Oh! Backgammon! – [Elay] Oh! Epic! It’s broken. – [Riley] It’s a bit broken. – [Elay] I don’t know
if you should take it. – [Riley] Well, I’d rather
fix it up and use it, than have it rot here. – [Elay] Yeah. I guess. There’s heaps of games here. (slow guitar music) Butterflies everywhere Riles. What are you doing? – Don’t you worry about me Elayna. Go and explore that house over there. – [Elay] No! No, it always. (laughing) – [Riley] That afternoon, we caught up with our French mate, Matu. We’re off in search of
lobsters for a second time. The water was super murky on
the windward side of the island and there was pretty crazy surge. But we had heard that this
would be the best place to try to find them. (slow techno music) – Yeah! (laughing) – [Elay] Whoo! It’s a good size. (laughing) Yeah! Three lobster. One snapper. Not bad. To think I was gonna stay home and edit. (laughing) That was so good. – This is the life. This is what we’re talking about. – So we’ve got some battered fish. I’m frying up a piece for myself. And we’ve got one half a crayfish each. That is a Blood Moon everyone. Just rising up now. – [Riley] What are we doing Elayna? – Riley’s convinced me to
scrape the hull
this morning. So that’s what we’re doing. – [Riley] We should be able
to push up off the floor and that would actually apply leverage. – Which is a first. So it’s going to be interesting. (upbeat music) What have you found? – [Riley] This is what got
in my ear in the Galapagos. Having that in your ear is
actually extraordinarily painful. – Riles is just going to pick up our friends from the other two boats. And they’re gonna come
onboard for the day. We’re gonna go trolling on the outer reef. Hopefully catch something. And the boys can jump in the water. That’s the plan. So who have we got here? The Media Luna crew right here. Bona is the back. Ready for a nice day of
sailing around Barbuda. Hopefully catching a few
fishes along the way. – [Elay] Fingers crossed. (laughing) ♪ She’s never gonna
quit, never gonna quit ♪ ♪ Die with me as is ♪ ♪ Do real ya ♪ ♪ Someday, she starts ♪ – No I’m too scared to be hopeful. We’re just going for a cruise. If we catch a fish that’d be nice. – [Elay] That’s a good way to look at it. ♪ She died the other day ♪ – [Elay] Pressure’s on mate! Pressure’s on!
– Pull those lines in! – [Elay] Pull the lines in! (yelling) – [Riley] It’s a Marlin! – [Elay] It’s a Marlin! Come on baby! (yelling) ♪ I wanna feel it too ♪ ♪ I wanna feel it ♪ ♪ I don’t wanna move too slow ♪ – Forward!
– Forward, forward! ♪ This is touch and go ♪ ♪ I wanna feel it too ♪ ♪ I wanna feel it too ♪ – [Elay] Woo! (laughing) – Now if you’re going mental. ♪ I can’t realise ♪ – Can you kick it into gear now? – [Elay] Yup! How’s that for speed? ♪ Get up, the only truth here for me ♪ – [Riley] Beautiful! – [Elay] Yeah? – Nice! (yelling) – I was not expecting a Marlin. – Why, and you landed it.
– I wanted a Wahoo. – [Elay] Good job everyone! – Are you a bit tired mate? – Mm-hmm. – [Elay] Big day in the sun? And you haven’t drunken any water. – I don’t know if I told you, but I caught a Marlin. (laughing) – We’ve formed a bit of a convoy. We’ve got Matu hanging back. Our Aussie friends getting real close. But they’re not gonna overtake us. And we’re heading around
the corner to the tower to anchor for a few days. And hopefully head into town
tomorrow and do some things. ♪ I guess I’ll go, 100 miles ♪ ♪ You can hear the whistle blow ♪ – [Elay] Tune in next week
as we get our hands dirty and really get to know the
Barbadians and their story. (upbeat music)

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