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Daytime Kitchen:  Korean Chicken Tacos with Liberty University Dining Hall

Daytime Kitchen: Korean Chicken Tacos with Liberty University Dining Hall

[Music] I’m in the daytime kitchen with Sarah Falls from Liberty University dining hall welcome back thank you so much I’m so glad to be back did you have a great summer I did I did it was it’s easy you know at the dining hall I bet yeah so uh so tell me a little bit about the partnership because it’s between Sodexo and Liberty liberty university hired said exit to do their dining services so we run a main dining hall and then we also have which has it has 2024 platforms in addition that there’s 23 other restaurants on campus that the students can go to holy cow so yeah we got some new stuff if you have them into a football game you guys should definitely come we got some new stuff there’s a Dunkin Donuts there’s at Auntie Anne’s Pretzels and we have a new wing and fry place so we hand-cut the fries okay and we’re making wings with all kinds of cool sauces so you could come to that but today we’re gonna feature one of the station’s in the dining hall which does like a hot bar so it’s called champions choice and yeah this one is actually Jimmy’s sources like pretzel bar hotdog bar Caesar salad bar whatever you can think of that we can make into where they can customize it themselves that’s what we’re doing so one of the new ones that we added last year was a Korean chicken taco bar so and this also gets featured at another station called Global fusion which is a lot of Asian or international inspired kind of stuff that the students like it’s one of their favorites it’s it students know anybody can come if you want to come to the dining hall or any of the restaurants on campus here and we’re happy for you to do that oh my gosh okay so somebody can just show up and say I’m here for the delicious food yes and that’s it yes that’s all they have to do oh my god I hate to bring money and bring money yeah so um tell us a little bit about the difference so we’re gonna I took some chicken thighs and cut them up and kind of did a light breading on them and then we are gonna make a fried kind of fried rice to go with it I made some kimchi which is like like fermented pickled vegetables right and the longer you let it sit the better it is so that’s why I made it ahead of time otherwise I would have totally had you do it okay so and then we’re gonna do some other toppings I toasted some nori flakes as I’m toasted sesame seeds I brought some smoked cheddar coz cream fruit doesn’t typically have cheese okay we kind of Americanized it a little bit you know and we like a little smoked cheddar light cheese and then we’re gonna make a sriracha kind of sauce mayonnaise with it and put some gochujang which is like an Asian chili paste on there so you guys are gonna be brave today yes we are you’re gonna help [Music] we are back in the daytime kitchen with sera from Liberty University Dining Services oh yes and you are making a Korean sauce right I made a Korean barbecue sauce and Korean barbecue sauce is kind of like ketchup soy rice vinegar honey to knock the sweetness and then however spicy you want to make it you can do red pepper flakes or sriracha or gochujang which is like an Asian chili sauce so but on top of that we’re gonna do a lot of stuff so we have the barbecue sauce we’re gonna actually toss on our chicken and then we’re gonna make like a sriracha mayonnaise cuz you know you don’t wanna put the sour cream or something that’s kind of Mexican on that so we’re gonna make just take some mayonnaise and then this is sriracha which kind of is it’s a spicy oh yeah we have that many habits like this is more like a garlic and has a sweetness we’re go to Jiang the Asian chili is really spicy and almost has a miso flavor which is like a soybean paste okay so if you guys want to mix a little bit that however this in here this in there and then some of that that’s really spicy suited but having on how spicy you want to make that and then not only do you want to toss this on here sure yeah okay yeah where do you do that okay and slide you down here and then this is warm so be careful just kind of pour it over there toss it on up I you know what I really love is you always seem to make really good sausage yeah I know you were I’ve talked about that last time be like I could sell my heart like who doesn’t who just wants to eat a regular fried don’t you want a whole bunch of cool stuff on that yeah yeah so this you could easily make just like as a whole chicken thigh like if you just wanted it to batter your chicken with like some egg wash and then deep-fry it and put some breading on it you could just do that but we’re gonna actually build this the other thing you could do instead of using actual taco shells is you could make sushi rice instead of like fried rice like I just made yeah and you could actually put it on the nori flakes like I showed you guys before and like cut it in a circle so put like a bowl on it cut a circle put your sushi rice on there and use that as your taco shell you could do that you know we we like to do it on the actual you can use a big plate if you want so you can have some rice that’s that’s my spot another liberty you know I was so we’re always trying to give all kinds of new cool stuff for the students so to broader horizons plus there’s a lot of international students so right I start I would start meeting with your sauce okay and if you like cheese that’s actually a smoked cheddar okay and then these are all kind of the toppings and then I took some of the nori flakes which was the seaweed sheet and I toasted it so that you guys can have a little more crunch to your taco if you want it so this is the kimchi the vegetables and that’s kind of got a little bit of a daikon radish green onions cilantro and it’s got cucumbers in it and then any of the other toppings that you guys want to try very loved the asian-inspired station that we do so this is always really popular it doesn’t matter if we put you know if we even if we do Brazilian food and we don’t do Asian they’ll they they love anything different you have the classics you know the kids you always want chicken tenders fries burgers right and we actually put a new station in one of the retail units this year and we actually call it hey Cal which I’m gonna feature with you guys at one point okay and that’s line of a burger at a milkshake place oh yeah we wanted to kind of take them back to their roots and that’s based on this really crazy game that our marketing director apparently played yeah we’re not really sure where he’s from and we don’t really want to know because it’s silly but it’s a great name the kids love it so that’s another another thing so they have anything from the basic burger to some of the craziest stuff and we are sharing the recipe for the Korean chicken tacos just head to our website date/time Blue Ridge comm thank you so much thank you

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