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DDT in Fish Oil Supplements

DDT in Fish Oil Supplements

“DDT in Fish Oil Supplements” What about marine oil
supplements, like fish oil? Packed with PCBs and insecticides. But which is worse— fish, seal, or shark oil capsules? Well, for PCBs, here’s
how much is in fish oil. But seals eat fish. And sharks eat seals. And then if we eat sharks,
or shark products, that puts us precipitously
at the top of the food chain. What about pesticides, like DDT? Though banned decades ago,
after Silent Spring came out, it’s still found in the food chain,
and will be for another few centuries. But no worries. If you trusted the chemical
companies at the time, you’d know that DDT was good for us. And our babies. Similarly, if you trust
the tuna companies, tuna’s safe for both mom and baby— and teddy bear! According to the Tuna Council,
it’s not just safe, but a healthy choice, providing a boost for your baby’s brain. Same corporate playbook. The only difference is now they’ve
learned to use nicer names for their companies,
like Starkist or Bumblebee. Harder to get nursing mothers
to trust you when your company’s called Killing Salt Chemicals.

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  1. People actually eat seal oil?!?!? You're joking, right ?! When did that become something popular?! That seems insane to me. I knew about fish oil , but seals? What's next, kitten oil?!?

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