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DEAD FISH – Aquarium Reset. KIDS Planted Aquarium. Daughter’s Tank New Betta Fish

DEAD FISH – Aquarium Reset. KIDS Planted Aquarium. Daughter’s Tank New Betta Fish

right there he’s that white steed right
white piece what happened with this tank and how we killed some fish while of
course daddy was out of town ins yeah never fails go out of town and you leave
your fish in the hands of someone else someone like I don’t know your
six-year-old daughter things can’t happen when you go out of town with your
aquarium quick note I’m going out of town I will be in Colorado talking to
the rocky mountain cichlid Association this weekend
but anyway so while I’m out of town my daughter is left in charge of her
wonderful f-35 by our friends at flu ball it never fails when you go out of
town something could happen to your fish when you leave them in the hands of
something else this reminds me of the time when I went out to Yellowstone for
two weeks and sadly my original og boesemani rainbow passed on to the next
life while I was gone for two weeks this is a little bit different this is my
daughter Maya’s tank my daughter Maya is the lover of the group she’s passionate
and very emotional like her father unfortunately she has not been heartened
by my fish killing ways unlike her dad who’s used to killing fish so when a
fish dies my six year old daughter’s tank it greatly affects Maya as parents
some of you all might know how this goes you may not fully ever get the entire
story of what happened but in today’s video we’re gonna try to unpack what
just happened and killed these fish to educate you all on how it happened and
how it can be avoided again Amaral’s are gonna add some new fish back into Maya’s
aquarium we don’t have all the answers but we do know daddy comes home one day
and Maya is freaking out in fact my wife told me she actually locked the door to
her room because the dead fish was visible in the aquarium she had
a dead very oddest platy bright yellow and orange fish upside down and clearly
we are dramatizing my poor little six year old daughter
so my daughter’s dramatized and I come in and I immediately check the plug I
did a video on this just the other week talking about how I – the disaster could
have been avoided while disaster was not avoided this plug right here was
unplugged I don’t know if it’s because she’s got the computer screen or what’s
up but ultimately this power strip right here with everything was unplugged but
what happened how they died all right I want to make a point about something
here look you can have the absolute best equipment in the world on your aquarium
but if the best equipment in the world isn’t plugged in it’s not doing you any
good so I want to point out some of the possible points of failure as well as
something new from our friends at flue ball check it out first things first we
go down here we’ve got this filter right here this filter was unplugged okay
these easily can be turned on and off you can see how that works right there
this filter was off additionally up here the heater was off but I want to make a
point about something that did not kill the fish but I think is pretty cool and
that is these new lights right here a quick note on the lights on this tank
this is actually the plan tune an old light from our friends at flew vault I
don’t talk about products unless I’ve used them for at least two months I’ve
been using these lights since Christmas here and I do want to give them some
cred on some product improvements over the previous model so first these nano
lights are structurally more sound you can see the bracket here that actually
pulls out both here and here this mount actually is the most marked improvement
though because this has a little thumb screw you can attach it to the back of
your tank easier the previous model how shall I say this wasn’t exactly Dustin
proof this right here slipped down into a fitting that was adhered with adhesive
to the side of the tank which had been prone to failure additionally I was
never really a fan of this overly sensitive button here which you can use
to push both on and off and kind of like dim the light here food-wise improve
that by removing that all together and making a free app for more customizable
controls as well as where you can dial up the spectral settings do you want and
also comes with a couple of presets and it’s Bluetooth but more importantly than
that though they actually made the lights better themselves the bulbs are
better and while I haven’t done any sort of par testing I
have used this light for almost three months and I’ve seen how it has improved
the plant growth and that’s what we’re after folks we’re after better plant
growth speaking of plants I do want to point
out the plants that I am growing underneath this light right here that is
java moss obviously easy to grow but also busa Flandre now look i’m using
hardy plants in this tank for a reason because i don’t want to have to mess
with it i also want to have the plants in there as a secondary filtering
mechanism here’s the rub okay check this out when the filter goes down in the
aquarium this is a small aquarium it had two fish in it i had what i consider to
be a moderate to above average plant load in there so the filter goes down we
no longer have that mechanical filtration but we have some biological
filtration by the plants so filters off i believe that the two fish combined
with the decent plant load that i have in this aquarium will make it easy for
the fish to handle this ride while they’re not having mechanical filtration
the biological filtration is less but it’s still present with the heavy amount
of plants that i have in here okay so the filter being off check we’re
probably thinking that that is not what killed the finish let’s talk about the
heater we’ll go back to the amazon real quick with the heater stick with me
trust me okay so when I was in Peru and I was down in the back of the boat in
the Amazon we always made sure we kept the fish in the shade because any sort
of temperature swings was no good for them folks I’ve said it before and I
will say it again of all the pieces of equipment that can
fail and kill your entire tank it is the heater is my numero uno number one thing
that can mess up your tank the worst why if you have a faulty cheap generic
heater your heater sticks on it cooks your tank drive me a comment if you’ve
had a heater stick on you before it’s the worst your temperatures rise all
your fish get bang or your heater fails and the temperature drops and that is
exactly what I am hypothesizing happened with my daughter’s tank while I was out
of town let’s talk about this heater look these are great heaters all right
this is an M 50 I got em one I got em 150 s 300 this is just the 50 right here
it’s actually fully submersible by our friends and food while I’m running
proper over a dozen of these out in the
greenhouse combined with also their eseries heater yeah look they make a
good heater but the bottom line is this the heater can be the best heater in the
world but that sucker is unplugged it’s no bueno I think that this heater got
unplugged and that is what caused the temperature to swing in this tank it’s
near a window the room got cold the tank got cold the fish got cold the fish died
now we’re adding a new fish parents fish tank people let this be a lesson to you
let’s say you got an aquarium and you’ve got two fish in it one of the fish dies
first thing you do is figure out what killed that fish second thing you do is
you do a nice water change I don’t know 30 40 50 percent do what’s fancy for you
now in this scenario everybody died all the fish were dead daughters screaming
yelling everything was bad news so what do you do I did a massive water change
in this tank right you can see the clip here I’m doing about a 90 percent water
change I don’t recommend doing that big of water changes unless you have
everybody dead there was nothing to worry about in this tank do a nice big
water change you don’t really have to worry about the water parameter slitting
because there ain’t nobody alive in this tank so we did a massive water change
then what happened I go to Myers with my daughter Myers as you well know is the
birthplace of Dustin and his aquarium hobby yeah their fish tanks look
terrible but that’s what does he got started mom used to begin groceries
dusty used to be looking at the fish I go there with Meyer I go to Meyer with
my yah what does my I want to do my wants to buy a beneficial ik the tank
was just pronounced dead a couple of days ago and now Maya wants to buy a
better fish so we bought a betta fish but here’s a protip for you and I think
that quite frankly any life that I give this bet it will be better than this
fish you can see the clip here this fish is swimming in its own feces is in bad
shape okay so what did I do I did about I don’t know a third forty
percent water change on the actual container itself because I don’t trust
this tank yet I’ve done a 90 percent water change I’m gonna let this sucker
run for a couple days now in the meantime I’m also doing water changes on
the betta my daughter and your kids probably always want to put the fish
immediately into the aquarium that’s no bueno the fish tank hasn’t had time to
reset so I’m doing water changes on this tiny little cup but the betta is in but
here’s a pro tip for you that I think is super valuable and that is this one of
the bullets plants please note the timetable on here
this tank was quote pronounced dead on last Friday Saturday I did a full 90
percent water change drain and Phil scooped out some of the bad stuff 90%
water change then I’m letting it sit for one to three days even though it’s
already got some plans that I’m letting it sit for three days just to make sure
everything is cool before I add this new betta fish don’t
rush it take your time but now it’s time to add the betta fish I do want to show
you the pro tip that I’ve done here and I love this plan one of the bulletproof
plans I want to talk about the hornwort that I added in here you can see the
clip here I add hornwort to any fish that are any fish shrimp or whatever
that I’m trying to remove extra ammonia from this poor better right here was
swimming around his own feces I think he likes the hornwort in there although it
freaked my I said why are you fishies daddy died he’s totally fine he has been
floating in here for I don’t know probably about an hour we’re about to
let him go but I want to show you how I dump fish into the aquarium cuz you
don’t want any of that nasty water in there we’re rolling so I’m gonna top the
tank off water it’s been sitting out for a good long time now folks for your
moment of Zen Andrew behind the camera for a change
the crown tailed betta there was a better name ready to died this guy
hopefully is ready this has been sitting in there temps are about the same so I
feel good about this poor guys going in this crown tail better comes out here
and I look you never ever ever ever ever want to put the water from the container
your fish came from into your aquarium if you can avoid it so I’m gonna do it
like this people have busted my chops about not having a net before dusty got
net now look at how I packed this here though this is important I’m using a
bunch of duck weed this dumpling is growing I actually do not use that much
duck weed because I knew this fish was staying I have the duck weed I have the
horn warden here this is the same temp as I can tell of the other of the other
tank so I’m gonna take this I’m gonna throw this down in here and then I’m
gonna slowly pour all this nasty poop out I’m gonna try not to get duck weed
in the tank I’m gonna pour all this water out as best as I
into here and there goes the fish so now I got the fish now I don’t really want
to touch the fish but I don’t want to get all this fish poop in the head
follow me up here like this and I’m just gonna flick the fish into
the tank right here and this is your moment as then get ready folks
and he’s into the aquarium oh oh right into the hole respect and take a chill
brother and there’s how we’re looking folks do me a favor driving you coming
on now your kids have accidentally killed fish hey over on Instagram was
actually giving away free plants for people that had the greatest comments of
how their fish guy killed so drop me a comment down there hit the notification
button and a subscribe button and we’ll talk to you my tank

95 comments on “DEAD FISH – Aquarium Reset. KIDS Planted Aquarium. Daughter’s Tank New Betta Fish

  1. Best way a fish of mine has died was when i was young. 7 or 8 years old i promised my mom id take care of a fish tank. Well my mom ended up taking care of it and she eventually got tired of it… so she decided to crank the heater up and i slowly watched all my fish die for about a week, breaking my young heart…

  2. When my boys were young, I was doing a Tupperware demonstration at someone's house. While I was gone, my oldest (about 7) decided my angels wanted to "go swimming" in the bathroom sink. They barely survived, but they did make it. The next week, he fed them a little too vigorously, and that was the end of the angels.

  3. neighbor kid did some weed eating for me. I guess he clipped a power cord for one of my uv clarifiers so the latter that day when I added water to the pond the water connected with the exposed wire and electrocuted all of my koi. mind you this was in the middle of summer so I had 40 "8-12 inch" koi stinking up my yard and pond until I found them the next morning. learned that lesson. hence I am the only one to trim around the pond

  4. Minnows were literally catapulting themselves out of the boyfriends "minnow farm" for ice fishing. Go to check the parameters… 4ppm ammonia. Boyfriend felt bad and we had a nice long chat about cycling the minnow farm.

  5. My grand kids killed a couple of betas overfeeding them. They are 6 now and I get them feeding my fish and showing them how much, explaining that their bellies are so much smaller they need very little.

  6. My daughter threw a terd in my tank, DUSTIN A FREAKIN TERD!!!!!! She’s almost 3 now she did this when she was two! I didn’t see it for a day and I know it was a day due to a water change, needless to say I found it when I turned light on in am And seen a floater in the tank. The back story to this is a long one, but true story I ended up losing 6/8 fish over the next. Couple days (I did do another water change after I found it)

  7. Oh my gosh do I have a story. When I was 3 years old my parents got me a betta fish. Now because YouTube and the internet didn’t really exist then my betta was living in a unfiltered unheated bowl. Now my dad thought that my betta looked depressed and lonely so he decided to get a larger tank and another betta. Now my dad didn’t realize that bettas can’t be housed together so the new betta we got killed the first one. As you can imagine my 3 year old self was pretty upset by this. So to make it up to me my dad got a 10 gallon tank with community fish for me. And that kinda started my love of keeping fish.

  8. My fish died due to fully gutting my tank to put new substrate in and forgot to keep some good bacteria so I had new tank syndrome oops and one time my two girls left their tank on for two weeks straight and some how they turned off the filters and at that time I knew nothing of aquascaping so I knew what they did and had to explain to them it wasn't their fault it happens its part of life even though I knew it was their fault and then I took them to get two new fish but I study and study and watched you and DIY on you tube and have gotten into keeping fish big time and so has my whole family I have started doing aquascaping and all on my 55 gallon tank with angels and Cory Doras and tetras and one puffer and the plants are 16 super red ludwigia repens and 2 anubias and 1 red jungle vale thax for all u have tought me love your show bro

  9. When i was out of the room my daughter who was 4 at the time fed them with a glass of milk and a bucket.of popcorn

  10. You almost made me cry again, now Karen gets flushed again in this vid, tough week bro, I hope Kareem was not watching.
    Check on him please, Tank on

  11. My daughter wiped out a whole tank of South American Cichlids, she found a full container of fish flakes and poured it in and I didn't notice until it was to late

  12. My husband killed 7 peacock chiclids by using marine startup…. Whole tank dead in an hour. I was devastated. 100% redo of the tank was done to make sure the marine start up was out💀 😱😤😭😭😭😭😭

  13. That rock looks like a wolf or a fox! The betta swam into the eye!
    My daughter “fed” the fish when she was little. An entire tall container of goldfish flakes. Luckily I saw it quickly and did a big skimming of the water with a net and a big
    Water change. So it was an almost
    Now that they are older they barely look at my fish. 🤷‍♀️

  14. my 1 year old chucked her bottle at my tank while I was cleaning it and the shattered lost everything:( I have just started over got four angles back and only two plants Amazon sword and a small nana so upsetting

  15. I like that scape. I don't have kids, but I can tell you the most memorable time I lost a fish was when I'd caught a wild crayfish from the creek. I added him to my tank and he went from 1/4" and jet black to 4" and almost white. I had white gravel and he changed a little each time he shed. I had a community tank with one betta. I came home one day and that crayfish was grabbing the betta and riding it around the tank. He had, unfortunately, already damaged him beyond repair. I had to toss him back in the creek. It was funny and not funny at the same time if you know what I mean. I hated that happened to my betta, but I kept picturing him wearing a little cowboy hat, riding the betta around the tank.

  16. I set my nephew up with a 3 G beta tank. He decided t was mean not to share his Popsicles with the betta. One Popsicle later, one dead fish and crying nephew.

  17. Heater failure victim here. Also several unscheduled water changes recently with a kid who likes to feed the fish just a little too much. Nice video D

  18. Why didn't you want to touch the betta? In case you hurt him? Last couple of times I added fish to a tank I transferred them in hand.

  19. Hey Dustin, take care with the Canister filter after being turned off for a long time. Recenly I forgot to plug one of mine and after only a few days, when I opened it, the situation was horrible, possibly because the bacteria died with no oxigen or water flow. What I did was remove all the media and clean it toroughly before turning the canister back on.

  20. My granddaughter tried to give her clownfish a bubble bath. You can guess how that went. Dead fish and bubbles everywhere.

  21. My neighbor’s kid dumped an entire box of fish food into my 26 gallon. We didn’t discover this for about an hour. Panic water change begins. We lost most of the fish.

  22. Ok so… Last year we had a wind storm that took power out for a week. my fish survived only because of my plants. I had no backup. Plants are so very important

  23. My son dumped coca cola in the tank and out armorall wipe juice in there. So I asked him why. Cause I had hear it. He said I always see you cleaning the tanks and your truck and the wipes smell good and it will clean there tank up for them. So I asked him why he dump coca cola next, he said that he thought the fish were thristy and was tired of drinking water LOL. Needless to say ceaser died a clean and non thristy fish

  24. My three year old kisses her blue Betta good night before going to bed. I’m terrified of when he passes.

  25. My dad, aka the fish killer killed all the fish in our backyard pond 3 times! Each time it was because he would put the hose in the pond to top it off and then forget all about it and then 4 hours later we would have a pond full of dead fish!

  26. Great video. I laughed a lot. I needed that. I'm sorry your daughter's fish died. I just lost my rescue betta I'd had for 6 months, it sucks. On the other hand, a new fin swims to the beacon and has a nice setup.

  27. I never use heaters. Ever. I’m in a warm climate and my house stays at 78 so no need for them. My fish live forever.

  28. I had a heater fail to shut off and cooked an African clawed frog. Biggest near disaster for my tanks, when my daughters were young 3 and 6 years old and they decided the inside of the glass needed cleaned so the took a bar of soap and started washing the inside glass, I was in the kitchen tank in living room, Wife goes to check on the kids and screamed, I saw it and figured the fish were dead, but I grabbed a bucket and drained water from another tank into it fish out the fish and then did a complete tank cleaning, more like a rinsing, put the fish back in and they survived.

  29. My little girl put a tub bubbles in with goldfish so they could play together rip Goldie.she was 5 at the time.

  30. Had about 8 corydora from leopard to emerald green and some albinos that just started to die on me, i had no idea what it was, i checked the water for nitrites and nitrates and it was safe, decided to purchase a UV light water pump to help kill whatever was in the water.

  31. you're such a good Dad. I can only imagine how' great it is to share a love of fish with your child. as a child I was totally on my own. my parents were hands off and brothers thought I was crazy…they never got and still don't get' the zen' thing of fish keeping. your daughter is so lucky to have you as her Dad.

  32. hahaha, man i miss Meijer…. I also miss EVERYBODY inexplicably adding an 's' on the end of it to make it Meijers… #midwestliving

  33. When I was really little (about 3) my folks had said our goldfish were sick. I thought I could make them feel better by dumping a tub of paracetamol (pain killers) in the tank. The didn’t get better.
    Then my folks got new fish and they were happy for a while. Until I overheard my mum say the tank was dirty. Well! I thought. We have a disinfectant in the UK like Lysol that does a great job of cleaning stuff.
    They didn’t get any more fish after that.

  34. Could be a sham wow episode: if a perfect heater or something is not plugged in its not working to well,so it's most important to plug it in.
    Thanks for the lesson. I think you did the big waterchange on that white carpet again? So cool.

  35. how about coming home after being on your honeymoon to find that your 4 legged pet has decided that they no longer wanted their fishie brother and sisters, so 4 legs unplugs the cord to not one but 2 tanks. 4 legs is grounded for life!!!!

  36. Had a 300 watt heater fail on and killed all my angel fish of breeding size. Since then that tank has been only cycling water this was 8 months ago. I have 6 tanks setup but that one tank I just cant stock yet. Tank on my friend good luck with the new greenhouse

  37. Same here just got back from D.C and wife managed to loose a discus. Really sucks. Didn’t have the system dialed in yet and had to leave for work. What can you do it happens.

  38. My first fish as a child " The death "…

    Had a gold fish back in the early 80`s… For some reason one night when I was going to sleep after my mother had put me in bed and kissed me goodnight…
    I got up and was looking at my fish, I was getting sleepy and thought it would be nice to sleep with my fish… I put my hand in the bowl and caught him placed him on my pillow and went to sleep…

    Lets just say the next morning I woke the whole house with screams of sadness… Lesson learned…

  39. My favorite death story:
    At my grandparent's house we had 2 10 gallon tanks. One tank had a couple small gold fish. The other was overloaded with minnow sized fish we had caught in a local creek. My small cousin decided that the creek fish were lonely and tossed in one of the gold fish. I come in to find a gold streak being chased by a black cloud of 20 fish. By the time I found the net that my cousin had decided to store with his toys it was too late the save the gold fish. All the creek fish left behind was his head.

  40. When I was a kid, I was cleaning my Betta's tank when it jumped out and my cat grabbed him. I end up chasing the cat through the house screaming, which of course caused the rest of my family to chase me, to see what was wrong. Poor thing didn't make it. We had to close our bedroom doors when cleaning our fish tank after that.

  41. I've had problems with cobalt heaters. Luckily my LFS knows me and let's me exchange them. My 300watt is set at 76 but heats to 81

  42. Hey keep in mind that your hardscape might not be the best for a betta fish, jagged edges on rocks can cause tears in the fins

  43. Notice everyone is throwing their kids under the bus??? LOL! Come on folks! I know we all have our own stories! 😉 I cooked about a thousand bucks worth of a reef tank with a faulty heater…..been doing planted tanks ever since!

  44. Here’s a good scenario, what would someone find if there daughter wanted to play with the alligator gar? You guessed it! A fat alligator gar!

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  60. Around a year ago i got a fish and called it squshie i went on a camp and when i retuned i found out my sister had thown him at s wall and cried and had a fish funeral

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