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DEALING WITH ICH (Common Parasite in Fish Tanks)

DEALING WITH ICH (Common Parasite in Fish Tanks)

Taylor, why is your fish tank turned off? Because it’s too loud to film with it on Taylor! Why does your tank look like an actual disaster? Because I tore it down Taylor, where are your Fish? Where is Cheese?! He’s in the other room safe and sound do not Worry about him he is perfectly fine. That answered all your questions, Probably gonna click away, from the video now. But if you want to watch *raspberry* There is a fly in the room. If you want to watch, uh, what happened *awkward hand motions* Stay tuned! Fish get sick it’s a thing that happens and Cowfish especially. If you literally google the word Cowfish Pictures that come up of them in the wild and aquariums. full grown, little bitty. There’s Pictures of them that Have These little white specks on Their fins Sometimes on Their Body There’s Little White Dots You See on Fish Sometimes That’s called ich ich is a Parasite it Gets on the fish’s skin and it Lives Off of These fish and Eventually if You don’t cure it Will Kill the fish most of the Time you will See ich on the Fish When Their Immune System Is Lowered Because When efficient Stress Their Immune System is lowered Their Slime Coat Is Compromised and then The it just Latches on now You see cow Fish get ich so often Sometimes That A lot of People will recommend Just not treating them at all that most of the Time they will Just fight it off on Their Own Now You see when I first got cheese I did not do that When I first got cheese I treated him right away I put Him in Quarantine for six Weeks and I treated him With cupramine cupramine is Basically like Chemo for Fish Best way i can Explain it to someone who, doesn’t know much about fish Cupramine Is Made out of Copper Which is Actually Dangerous for Fish it Can Hurt Them and lower Their Immune System and in Higher doses Completely Killed him but at Just the right dose It’ll kill all of the Parasites but not the fish so yes When Cheese first Came Into my home he was this big He, was a little bitty if You don’t know who cheese is your must be New to the Channel Hello cheese is my fish he Looks like Cube of Cheese and so, We call him Cheese Basically the Religion of this Channel We all Worship cheese so welcome Cheese yeah he got it he had ich when bought him Treated him Cured Him and then moved him Into The Bio Cube he Stayed in That Bio Cube for a long Long Time and in This Year I got A 250 Nope that’s not how big the tank is A 150 Gallon tank that I moved Cheese Into When A cow Fish Is an Adult They Need about A 250-Gallon Tank We have A long way to go until cheeses that Size but I felt it was good at His age to go Ahead and get Him, Into a bigger tank, so he Can have much room to Grow We put him in This This Giant Tank I bought for One Fish Really I mean of Course I have A? Beautiful Selection of Fish Now in There and Corals and Really Pretty Tank But I really only Bought it because of Cheese when I moved Cheese, Into this tank he got a little Spooked Cuz he’s Been in The Thirty Gallon for so long he got a little Spooked which Led to him getting a little Stressed and then he had One dot A ich on his fin one dot Initially I was Just gonna Take him out and Treat him right away I was Freaking out I was like, oh my God my lord and Savior my God Is sick I Didn’t want to do Anything Immediately because the worst Thing you can do with Fish if There’s One Thing I’ve Ever learned from fish the Worst Thing you can do is Act Impulsively and Try to act so quickly that you don’t evaluate the whole Situation Treating Them Too Quick Acting Too quick and doing Things While Spastically Getting up doing Way more Harm than good so if you see your fish, is sick Take A step Back before Scooping him out and Thrown medicine all over him Okay so I left Cheese alone and I reached out to some People online Said he Had One Little dot and They Were like you know Just Let him get Rid of it on his Own if None of the other Fish are Bothered and he Is Still Eating and Not Itching and Scratching He’s fine and Just Let him Work it out A lot of the Time Treating cow Fish Is more dangerous than Just letting them ride it out They’re Extremely Sensitive Fish who don’t even Have Scales on Their Body Brush Water Dips Are Too dangerous Because They, don’t have Scales and Cooper Mane Can Really End Up Killing Them so everyone Just Said Don’t do Anything so I left it alone for Months and That Little dot Was still There for Months and I kept Thinking I’m Crazy that must not, be ick why? Am I seeing That one dot and why is it Haunting me Few Months Past and then he has a whole Lot of Dots on? His Fins Suddenly so then I’m like Aw Crap Here it Comes so i go back online I asked People what Should I Do Everyone’s like leave it alone Let Him Work it out like, okay Don’t want to bother cheese so i’m Gonna leave it alone Then I come Back from my last Trip and I see that not only Him but Also my other Fish now Havoc so cheese has now Contaminated The Whole Tank and at This Point There is no just letting him Work it out He has infested this whole tank, he has it all over he has it on his eyeball I’m like, okay? Something Has to be Done here all the Fish Were Still eating and None of them were Scratching Normally They scratch because it Can you know like kind of itch like Chickenpox None of the more Acting like it was even There but I could see it I Could See it Really Bad and I couldn’t let it go on any longer so i prayed to the cheese Gods I Was like Please don’t Let my lord and Savior die On me he’s Too Young I did what I thought? Was Best I set Up A? 75 Gallon Quarantine Tank Which is Basically Think of it this Way It’s a hospital tank it’s where Fish can be Medicated and Treated and it won’t Contaminate Their actual, Home I scooped all the fish out Which was very Hard Here’s That Footage i tried my best to do it Without Tearing The Tank Apart but After a while I just gave Up and tore it Down Okay so it is day Three Now There Is an awful glare right There but, oh Well I just got Tired of Trying you know Play Cat and Mouse Trying to Catch all the Fish in That Tank Without Tearing it Apart I Really Really Wanted that to be What happened I really Wanted to Catch all the Fish Without Taking the Whole Tank Apart but that’s not the case that’s not what happened I had to tear it all Down To get the last Three There’s Actually Some one More in There There is a flame wrasse A female Flame wrasse in my 150 that I just can’t Possibly Get out I’ve Tried everything other Than Taking every last Piece of Rock out so I am Gonna go Ahead and Start Treatment Though The Flame wrasse Doesn’t Have Any akan it at all that’s not my Main Concern my main Concern right Now Is getting These Fish Better and then of Course the next Concern Is getting the tank the one Hour 50 Gallon tank Clear and Clean and Safe for them to go back in Let me Explain to you real quick why you Want to do That Any Medication for it that is Actually Worth Anything is Actually? Extremely Dangerous To live Rock and Corals and Even in Vertebrates so the Copper will be absorbed Into The Slide Rock all the Beneficial Bacteria and Organisms Living in That live Rock will die and the Copper will stay inside that live Rock Pretty much Forever and So for the rest of Time It’ll just Keep Leeching it out Into the water Which Once You’re not sick Anymore you Don’t want to Keep Taking the medicine you know so that’s not good Secondly it Completely Kills Squirrels and Inverts They’re Just dead The Second Copper Goes in There but dead so so fish have to go Into A separate Tank to get Treated for this because if They don’t it ruins your whole tank Also it Takes About four to six Weeks to get out of your tank? There’s A Life Cycle of ick it is boring and then it wants to Latch on to a fish Breed and then it falls off Goes Into the ground and Then it Needs a fish source again in Order to Breed again or else it Just dies That Takes About four to six Weeks so You need to Keep your fish out of your eat Confessed to tank for four to six Weeks while the Egg dies off so it has Actually Already Been About a Month Since I have moved them out of this tank I’m Gonna give it Another Few Weeks before they get put Back in Also we’re Moving This Tank Into Another Room but that’s a whole nother story that’s Just Gonna be hard I put Them in A Quarantine Tank I sat on it for a while trying to Decide Which treatment I wanted to do if I want to do something kind Of on the lower side or be aggressive With it was cooper Mean my coal tang Was on The Bridge of death it was Covered in icK and? Just it wouldn’t eat or Anything by the time I got Into Quarantine that was the One Fish that was Affected severely While all the other fish Just Didn’t Give A Crap for some Reason. I, was like I have to be aggressive With this go big, or go home Cheese I love you but I know you Can Make it Through This I have Faith in you Poured That Cooper Mane in The Tank and Now all my fish are cured Okay, the glare Is kind of Bad and I just Cleaned the Glass so now it’s like all Everywhere in The Tank so it has to Settle so it Looks a little Crazy in There right now Everyone is it free so Yeah no more it Including Cheese Cheese does not Have it Anymore They are all Better I Didn’t lose a single Fish I did Water Changes Every few Days I Doubled The Dose in 48 Hours and all my fish are cured Cheese, doesn’t Havoc none of my fish Havoc all my fish are alive All my fish are alive Keep me on the Edge do you all know that Song Okay, yes They’re all cured I am so happy that I didn’t lose a single Fish during This They’re all cured and i’m also getting Rid of my Angelfish Because I saw my angelfish Not my gold Flake my other one I got a blue angelfish it’s not a queen Angelfish Looks very Similar it’s Actually Just a blue Angelfish and Attacked Cheese it bit Cheese and Cheese went Rolling and I was like I’m duck blue Angel you’re out of here but all My other Fish are great Everything is going good so that’s how I cured my 150 Gallon Tank for Mik, also next Month is the Anniversary of Cheese and me Honestly I have to thank The e Old that ate my jaw Fish because if My Eel, wouldn’t be in my jaw Fish I wouldn’t ever Turn my Eel and if I woulda Never and Turn my Eel I wouldn’t have traded it for cheese So everything happens for a reason if your Eel ever eats your fish it’s A it’s A Everything Happens For a reason I miss my jaw Fish but Cheese Saved my life so you Know Everything Happens We’re Raisin Still missing this Nail Thank you Guys so much for Watching and Uh yeah, Merch Check it out I have cheese Merch if You want to support the Troops um Hope that Is not offensive to People He went to ik war and he Survived So thank you Guys and I love you guys so much Thank you for Watching and I will see you next Time except I don’t See, you so you will see me Goodbye You want to See how Loud this Is Watch This, oh My God I love this crab so much so do you all Guys Remember in The Video about cheese Where i said Cheese bit off A coral Well That Coral he bit Off my little Crab put it on his Back I love This little Crab right here he’s so cute You Can’t Really Tell because it Just Looks like a piece of coral but he’s There I promise

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  1. I almost cried when she said don’t worry cheese is safe and sound. RIP cheese you will always be a god in are hearts ♥️

  2. should use the 'net curtain method' lay a net curtain over the rock work and when the fish swim in front of it, pull the curtain up at the sides and they are trapped. then repeat. .

  3. Rest in peace Cheese, we all love you soooo much! You had such a beautiful life, but it was unfortunately cut short. Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. I’m new to this hobby. So excuse my ignorance. Is there a reason you didn’t move cheese to his own tank when you first saw the ick? I know you wanted to wait before treating, but why not keep him untreated in quarantine?

  5. I'm really sorry Taylor I love your channel and your morals, but your eyebrows are so uneven in this video.

  6. I had 3 fish they died my first one died first and my 2 died 2 and my 3 one I had for a year than it died😭😭😭

  7. You're vids are giving me the urge to polish my acrylic 125 and set it up as a saltwater predator tank.

  8. So my boyfriend has a 55 gal fresh water tank with no filter…yet at least…his tank had an outbreak of ick and it litterally got SO bad in less than 24 hours! I walked into the room the tank was in in the morning and the whole tank was cloudy and all 8 of his fish had ick ALL over them…was your tank cloudy like that? It scared me…we quarenteened all of them but sadly 4 of them did not survive

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