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Debunking the Biggest BETTA FISH Myths

Debunking the Biggest BETTA FISH Myths

Welcome back to Creative Pet Keeping. Lets talk about the biggest misconception
about betta fish care. So if you look at the fishkeeping hobby and
industry as a whole. Things look pretty nice. Lots of beautiful tanks, inspiration, youtube
videos with tutorials. So many photos on Google to look at. Things look really nice. But then, you look at the bettakeeping industry
and hobby and I swear it feels like everyday were going backwards and things are gettign
worse and worse for these poor fish. So why does this happen? It seems that the problem begins with fish-stores. These fish start their lives on large breeding
farms where they are bred and raised in nice little ponds. So they have a very good start. But after that they have to be separated so
they don’t fight and prepared for shipping in tiny containers. Its a standard practice and how most fish
get shipped nowadays. The problem begins when fish-stores say its
ok to continue to keep these fish in such crappy conditions. They say that wild Bettas live in tiny mud
puddles and therefore do not require clean water or space. They say that since Bettas can “breathe” air
they don’t need a filter, heater, or any space. Actually, they don’t like moving water at
all. It freaks them out. ACTUALLY… The Betta comes from parts of Vietnam, Malaysia,
Thailand and Cambodia in the river basins of the Mekong and Chao Phrya rivers. They are found in rice paddies and drainage
ditches, river basins and small streams. Although the water is not very deep and it
is very heavily planted. The Betta actually has a pretty large and
substantial territory. It is estimated that a male has a territory
of about 3 feet in length. It is also true that in the dry months the
water levels will recede. Some Betta fish will get separated into puddles
where they have no access to food and the water will very quickly get toxic. If it does not rain for too long the Betta
will make an attempt to jump out of the puddle to other bodies of water. to try and escape the toxic water. This is why Betta fish are so good at jumping
out of their bowls or aquariums. This also means that when a fish store is
telling you to put a Betta in a bowl. It’s literally telling you to replicate the
most HARSH conditions that this fish can barely survive in. Thats like saying that elephants in Africa
don’t get any water or food for a few weeks or days in a year because of a drought that
we would just stop feeding and giving water to captive elephants as well. They will be fine right? I mean it happens to them in the wild. This applies to any animal. You can keep a dog in a cage or crate for
the rest of its life and never take it out and its still going to be alive..and its still
going to be happy to see interact with you.. So I’m sure it’s happy right? NOPE! Just because an animal can SURVIVE does not
mean that it is THRIVING. You should strive to give your pet fish the
best possible habitat that YOU could afford. SO.. thanks for watching! Be sure to SHARE this video and check out
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100 comments on “Debunking the Biggest BETTA FISH Myths

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  2. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH.I had 3 betas all died because i kept them in bowls.The shop keeper told me that it will survive. THEN I BOUGHT 1 MORE.But before it was too late i saw this vid.My mother still thought the shopkeeper was right but when i showed this to her she realized her mistake and bought my betta a 3 gal

  3. At the moment, I can only afford a 2.5 gallon office tank for my betta, and I know my betta is not the happiest he can be in a small space, but I'm saving up a small amount for a 10 gallon. Hope he can thrive in there if he lives longer than I anticipate. He's pretty old, and recently suffered from fin rot. He's slowly recovering though. Brave little guy.

  4. I dont mean to sound like Bettas belong is small containers but arent they kept in small separate containers because they are dicks to eachother? I mean if they claim 3 foot areas to themselves does that mean a male will act dominant in a 3 foot tank if there isnt a more dominant fish in there?
    I dont actually own fish so i dont understand social dynamics of aggressive fish so well but it seems like… A bit of a waste to dedicate a huge space on a small fish alone because he wont play nice with others.
    I get this is what happens when you decide to buy a beta but is there any happy medium between giving them a 3 foot tank and giving them a jar to live in? Like a Betta Barracks with 1 gallon tanks on a constant drip or something so he can move around in water with well regulated perimeters but not hurt anyone else or themselves ?

  5. I have a fish and it has a tank. The tank is almost three gallons, but there is a wall that separates it from the other fish. It loves its plant and its dolphin. I used to keep in a bowl, but he's probably happier in the tank

  6. Sadly many breeders here in indonesia keep their betta fish in a small cup ( less than quarter gallon) for more than 6 month and ppl who takes care of them also put em in the small cup for about less than 1 gallon

  7. Bettas should have a minimum of 3 foot length in aquarium since in the wild thats how big they keep their territory. anything under that is not good

  8. I'm only allowed 10 gallons in my apartment. For awhile I had 3 male betta I'm 3 separate 1 gallon bowls, I did water changes twice a week and cleaned the gravel every other day, they seemed ok but not the happiest of fish. Recently I got a 10 gallon tank with a filter, heater, light source, and two black dividers. Each fish now has 3.33 gallons of space and they seem really happy. I wish I could give them more space but once I can afford to buy my own place I plan on getting a bigger tank.

  9. yes agree, I have quite a few bettas in my aquaponic setup which the aquarium is also heavily planted. I have 3 males and 2 females with a variety of other fish in a common size tank. they all get along quite well as there's lots of coverage, and they all seem to know the dominance structure.

  10. I was recently given a Betta as a Christmas gift. I wanted to know if it's ok to fill its tank to with bottled water.

  11. I have my betta in a 2-gallon tank with live plants and aquarium decor so he can hide (he rarely does, just spends time begging for food)… I have an aquaponics tank so I literally have to do no water changes, I've completed the nitrogen cycle, and nitrates are around 40 ppm. Overall, I find bettas to be very enjoyable and cute fish, and I'm really hoping I can upgrade him to a 5-gallon.

  12. When I bought my first betta, the petstore worker told me not to put it in a bowl and she gave me recommendations for a tank. She was nice.

  13. But you got to remember they won’t put them in bigger display tanks because it’ll take up space and money, plus they usually get them in the dozens. My local store usually has about 12 at any one time

  14. Bettas and goldfish are the most common misunderstand fish. Many don't know that the common gold fish can get up to 6 inches long! and they produce so much ammonia and they are cold water fish. So many peopel have goldfish in bowls and I've seen and heard of people putting tropical fish like plecos and guppies with their fancy goldfish. They even ask the pet store people and the people say that it would be perfect.

  15. So i have a male betta fish and a zebra danio, and some people have said that a male will kill it. Ive had them both for a week and the betta just ignores him and is peacefull. Should i worry? Also the tank is around 10 gal.

  16. I LOVED this vid ❤ Beta fish deserve better treatment than we're being brainwashed with I'm personally excited to see this movement of treating fish better. If we don't raise our voices to help them, then who will help them ? As owners and breeders we must speak on their behalf to all who have beta fish in their homes. Thank you for this informative and educative video. ☺💌

  17. I am getting my first betta this week. I have kept fish and then shrimp since I was 14, but never had a betta of my own. Looked after other peoples for them. I built my new betta a paludarium, with high sides, so he wont be able to jump out. Land and water are both highly planted. It has a heater and is run by a canister filter and has a gentle water fall as a return. I was reading that betta's like neutral ph, but my substrate has buffered mine to 6 or even lower (Ph test only goes to 6). Is that still okay for him? What should the TDS be for him? Found what the Kh and Gh should be, but found nothing on the TDS.

  18. i have 3 beta fish 2 females in a 60 gallon and a male in a 20 i love them my grandpa is crazy about them hats why i have 3

  19. The minimum I have ever kept a betta in was a 6 litre tank — and that was only because they were either sick (easier to treat a smaller space than a larger one) and needed medicine – or – they did not thrive in a larger space.
    I rehabilitate and re-home betta fish as a hobby so I see cases of where people have kept them in tiny bowls for ages… These poor fish are so unhappy and lethargic it's ridiculous!
    If you cannot afford an 18 litre tank (which is okay, sometimes they can be a bit expensive depending on where you go) or you just don't have the space at the time, you can always keep a betta in a smaller tank temporarily. However, it's always a good idea to make sure you keep it clean and are prepared to obtain a new home (a larger one) for them sooner over later.
    It annoys me greatly how lapse pet stores are when it comes to telling people how to take care of bettas (and goldfish; poor poor goldfish ;;) but we can only hope people will do their own research!

  20. Not all bettas will fight and males can be kept together if you know what your doing, if you don't they will kill each other. Bettas are decently intelligent fish and can be trained to do small things. Don't use overly bright lights and make sure your fish is in a heated and filtered tank. Community tanks are not for beginners and be careful what sick betta you adopt. There is a bacteria that affects bettas that also affects humans and if you come across a fish infected by the microbe do not under any circumstances touch it. Alert proper personnel and do not attempt to handle yourself.

  21. I have the unfortunate task of selling fighters because I'm a pet store manager, and I work under a higher department so I don't get a full say in what I have to sell. I've managed to weed out a lot of animals from my store but not fish. I do sell them in tanks 2-3 litres each, but I hate that I don't have any other option, and I always try to talk customers into something bigger. I show them photos of my fighter tanks at home (15-22l heated, filtrated tanks), and explain there is a difference between surviving and thriving. Yes they will just sit there in a cup or bowl and do nothing, because what else is there to do? There's more maintenance involved in something tiny too in order to keep the water constantly cleaner. Some people listen, some don't. It is always awkward when I explain so much to customers and they are blown away by the fact I 'know so much'. All pet store workers should know these things, but the problem is 1. if you have no choice in selling it then it's hard to say don't buy it, and 2. there is so much opinion in how animals should be cared for from people in the industry and so much misconception. Then people wonder why their fish dies. Or they think they did well because they kept a goldfish for 2 whole years.

  22. I have 3 Male Bettas in 1 Tank I love it. I hate how petshop owners or sales agents give wrong info about bettas the info they give the customers are robbing bettas the good care they deserve

  23. i bought a 10 gallon tank, not the biggest i know. but i didn't have space for a really big one. i bought a betta and i do keep the small container, just in case my tank gets out of control. and i need to remove him to clean it, but he's happy. he is in a 10 gallon tank with 6 neon tetras and 3 snails.

    i bought a toy for the tank, one of them jelly balls that glows and spins around, but the glow stuff on the tips started to scrape off. and made my tank very cloudy, so i had to remove him to clean it, i agree. i see them in these little containers and it sorta breaks my heart. so i was like well lets give you a giant home. went from a half liter container to a 10 gallon tank. that's a nice condo for a fish.

  24. I have been keeping my bettas in a 2 separate bowls but now i gave them tank and now the are more active and overall happy

  25. I shared this on all of my social media. I hope this will make some ppl change their minds about how they keep betta fish.

  26. Honestly if you really thought that you can keep a betta in a frikkin bottle you shouldnt be allowed to keep fish. Would be the same if you put a stupid cat in a cage of 2 square meters

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  28. When I got my betta fish a few days ago, I got him a 0.3 gallon tank. He was not active at all! So then I got him a 3.7 gallon tank and he is SOOOO much happier! And more active. This video helped me take care of my betta fish. Thank you!

  29. Can bettas live without their pelvic fin?!I found my betta fish’s pelvic fin in my fish net!!Should I get medicine for him?Can he regrow it back?!

  30. Thank goodness my LFS keeps their bettas in the stock tanks with compatible fish. One betta per tank. When you, that fish put a bag just like any other. They also don't stock any of those shitty bowls or containers made for bettas. It's wonderful they don't participate in animal abuse.

    When I brought my betta home to his planted 5 gallon tank, he was so lively, healthy, and active from the start. I fucking love my fish.

  31. I know you guys might give me hate but i put my betta in a 3.5 gallon tank i know that is not enough but im bearly starting

  32. My science teacher wants me to bring a Betta fish for extra credit but she’s going to keep it in a BOWL!! Wow I should just get guppies for her 20 gallon tank

  33. I completely agree with you on all you said about keeping a Betta in the small confined space to live. To me it's cruelty to the max. I try and educate the pet store staff about not keeping the bettas they are selling in the tiny cups but sadly they look as me like I'm crazy. Its all about the almighty $$$ to them verses doing the right and healthy thing for the fish.

  34. I’m so stupid but I fixed the problem today. I used to have my Betta fish in a bowl that exactly looked like the one in 2:20 so today I got with a huge tank ! Comment if you did the same mistake before with any other fish or other pet like In cage ! 😭😔😁

  35. Video idea: Please 😊 Please make a video about . If you keep your guinea pig in a petco cage move it to a C & C cage or if not Leave it there but take it out often to let it see nature and chill.. pretty please. I want to get ideas from both 😊❤️ ps: liked

  36. I have a 10 gallon female betta fish sorority tank it has 5 bettas in it and it had about 6 plants a filter a heater and a thermometer it also has a coral in it that I grabbed from the ocean I soaked it then put it in the tank to look pretty and I have a bubble stone buried in the gravel to look pretty when it’s on is that alright to have the bubble stone or will that stress out my bettas? Anyways and I also have a 5.5 gallon tank with a male betta in it he lives alone he has a heater a thermometer and a filter in his tank but no gravel or decor yet but I’ll be buying that soon, I have 3 halfmoon female bettas 1 crowntail female, and 1 lyritail female betta and my male betta is a dumbo halfmoon male I’m mostly into these halfmoon bettas because I love the way there tails look it’s beautiful in my opinion

  37. Thanks for making this video. Just recently i started to get in the hobby of keeping a betta and im glad that i came across this video so i could get the right things for my little guy. Copper's in a 5g tank with a couple of hides, has a filter and heater, and he has been doing exceptionally well than how he was in that nasty little cup he was in.
    So sad that people just dont take care of these critters well. They're so intelligent and loveable!

  38. then can u explain why in thailand put their betta in a plastic bottle and still can grow strong and pretty and not dying they didnt even use some useless filter dumb gallon tank

  39. Very good video! Educational. I keep one of my bettas in a heated walstad 5.5 gallon tank with floating plants and a sweet potato, and my other two I keep in a divided, heated, filtered 10 gallon with water lettuce, aquarium lilies, and water wisteria. All are happy and healthy

  40. You can plant the bowl if you are keeping one fish per small to medium bowl… and wetlands are usually highly acidic or muddy, in this conditions the fish have an advantage against predators. Plus, rice plants contain high amounts of silica, that could give you an idea of the conditions of rice fields. Betta fish are more like Killi fish in South America that Guppies or tetras.

  41. I have three rescue bettas. Right now they each have a 2.5 gallon tank. I will be upgrading to 10 gallon tanks as soon as I can afford them. They seem to be really happy. I rescued them from tiny cups. They were all really sick and damaged. They gave me one of them for free because they didn't think she would make it through the night. It took a lot of doctoring but they are all healthy now.

  42. Hm… if male bettas have a territory of about three feet up and downstream, then in theory you can keep two male bettas in a tank of at least six feet in length. They'll still fight if they encounter each other but they'll generally have enough space to separate if they do, especially if the tank is densely planted like their native habitat. I wouldn't recommend it in practice, though.

    Anyway, one thing to note is that it's actually true that bettas don't like water flow, though that doesn't justify not putting a filter on the tank. A small (2.5 to 10 gallon) betta tank is best off with a sponge filter or an underrated or low-setting hang-on-back filter. Having lower filtration levels isn't a problem for a betta tank since most of the time you're just keeping the betta and maybe a few coolie loaches. In a somewhat larger peaceful community tank with a single betta as a centerpiece, flow isn't as much of a problem since the betta will tend to spend a majority of its time in low-current "dead spots" in the tank. You still don't want to be putting wavemakers or other current pumps in a tank with a betta, though, since they still need surface access to breath and for food.

  43. I have been keeping my bettes in a plastic container like shoe box I keep the water about 3inch deep they have a much larger area than a bowl, that's what I used to do until one day my old betta was having a hard time breathing &while I was cleaning out his bowl there was a plastic container that was on the counter so I put him in there till I got his bowl ready ,he was swimming all over the container, he was happy so I put his flat pebbles in there that was a,year ago he's better, so I put my other 11 bettes in their new containers and they are all doing better, because they have a larger surface to swim in they can see me ,they don't need deep water just a larger surface

  44. I need help, my betta fish is in a tiny 1-gallon tank because I was stupid and didn't know how to take care of these lovely fish before I got him as a gift after begging my parents nonstop. I have a lot of money to spend but I have no room to keep him. I keep him in the corner of my dining table and I want to get him a bigger tank. I would put him in my room at my desk but there is this big printer taking up a lot of space. I have no idea what to do, help me, please.

  45. I have a aqueon betta one gallon tank. I have a filter and a heater which I am not using because its summer time. I do a water change twice a week. Eggplant gets so excited when I do a water change. He cannot stop swimming.

  46. How can people not research what they are buying before they get it? I'm new to the hobby and I did soooo much research before even looking at the bettas lol, I have 1 male at the minute in a 49/50litre (lol I forgot) aquarium (that's about 10 gallons) and hes on his own apart from a few catfish and hes lovely and active! he comes to see me all the time.. hes got a filter and a heater and it is quite heavily planted, theres also lots of places to hide. Although, I know its different for Americans coz their bettas are sold in cups (completely inhumane).. it isn't the same in my country bettas are sold in much bigger tanks.. sometimes you can find them in large community tanks, depends on how agressive the betta is, and where you shop. In my country, for high chain pet shops we have different laws to Americans so it is MUCH harder to get a betta than it is in America (but only for the high chain shops) they make sure you have the recommended litres AND that you have a filter and a heater (which is normally sold with the tanks) they also suggest which tankmates would work best and if you already have other fish in a tank they would ask you and see if they would be compatible. (lol, didn't mean to write this much soz for ranting~!)

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