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DED6: Rise of the SuperSpy Dogs – Part 5: Jumping the Shark

DED6: Rise of the SuperSpy Dogs – Part 5: Jumping the Shark

*James Blond – SpongeBob SquarePants plays* McTavish: “Okay dogs, we’ve taken too much casualties” “We’ll have to stop Forman as soon as we can” “Any ideas?” Archie: “Yes!” “I’ve worked on my latest project”. “I call it Archie’s Bunker-Bustin-Mega-Ultra-Super…” “K9 Dragoon!!!” McTavish: “Perfect!” “Okay dogs! Let’s board!” Namrof: “Boss! Come and check this out!” Forman: “What is it Namrof?” Namrof: “The SuperSpy Dogs have a secret weapon!” Forman: “Esoonretaw!” “Blow those SuperSpy Dogs to hell!!” Esoonretaw: “It would be pleasure Forman” “Now minions” “Begin our assault!!!!” “They are no match for this thing!” Forman: “Very well done!” “Now, assassin!” ????: “Sup Forman? Forman: “The SuperSpy Dogs are trying to blow up the Doomsday Shark!” “All you have to do is just kill them all” ????: “Um…you got it” Insecto 1: “Come on! It’s not that hard just kill them all! “Aah!!!” Insecto 2: “Joe! Please come in Joe!!” “Aah!!” ????: “Its lucky for me that I have to get rid of these pests!” Forman: “Hey!!” “What are you waiting for?!” “Kill the SuperSpy Dogs!!” ????: “I’m out of bullets” Forman: “If you don’t kill them, then I will!!” McTavish: “Archie? Where are the cannons?” Archie: “Um….” Winston: “You are such an idiot!” Bruno: “Yeah! Nice going Archie!” Archie: “Oh, you’re all dead to me!!” McTavish: “Is everyone else okay??” Archie: “Or you can shut up!!” McTavish: “Saying stuff like that!” “That is very antisocial behaviour!!!” Archie: “You son of a bitch!!” “You just think you’re so much better than– “Huh?” McTavish: “This is preposterous!!!” “Everytime we go on a mission and everytime” “Our dog gets captured by the members of the freaking Forman Gang!!!” Winston: “Shhh!! Get down!!” “And now here’s something you’ll really like!!” *Winston singing start of Jungle Boogie by Kool and the Gang* Winston: “We don’t want to be seen!” FormGanger: “Yes sir! I mean.. Mam!” ????: “That’s ‘cock’ to you!!” (As in short for cockerels) McTavish: “Oh the hell with this!” “We must get into the Doomsday Shark” “Free the prisoners and I’ll give Forman a piece of my mind!!” Archie: “And now I refer you back to my previous statement, SHUT UP!!!!” McTavish: “Go, go, go!” Archie: “What the heck is this crap?” McTavish: “It looks like a bug-maker or something” Winston: “I didn’t know that Forman was gonna unleash these pests sometime!” “This is kind of an unusual experiment for an evil genius!” *Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Boss theme plays* Emperor Peng: “Well, well, well” “Look who it is!” Archie: “It’s Emperor Peng! Shoot him!” Emperor Peng: “You guys are pathetic”. You cannot grasp the true form of Peng’s attack! Archie: “You gotta say it loud and proud!” Emperor Peng: “Eeyargh!!!” Archie: “Lets get outta here!!” Namrof: “Where do you think you’re going?” McTavish: “Don’t shoot us yet, you’re outnumbered” Namrof: “Not anymore!” Archie: “We’re surrounded McTavish!” McTavish: “Not this time!” Forman: “Do NOT let him get away!!” ????: “I’ll take care of him!” Forman: “What are you doing!?” “If you don’t kill McTavish, I will!” “Ugh!!!” “Pathetic!” “I expect more from an assassin!!!” Winston: “What happened?” Archie: “We are now prisoners of Forman”. Winston: “Wait.. where’s McTavish?” Archie: “He’s gone to be executed” McTavish: “Ugh” “Oh my god! Where the hell am I!?” Philip: “Okay boys!” “Let’s make sure that McTavish’s death will be slow and painful!” “Forman! Can you see us?” Forman: “Yes! I can see McTavish!” BetaGanger: “So what are you waiting for Phillip?” “Kill him already!!” Phillip: “Fine!” “Say goodbye McTavish!!” “Aah!! It’s dark!!!” BetaGanger: “I don’t know if I can see him very well!!” “Aah!!” DeltaGanger: “I don’t like the looks of that!!” Phillip: “Guys!! He’s over here!!” *Shootout in the dark commences* Forman: “What the hell is going on down here!?” FormGanger: “Oh!!” *Shootout keeps on going* ????: “Oh I’ve had enough being a villain!” *Shootout in the dark continues* FormGangers: “OOOOOOHHH!!!! Grrrrr!!!” ????: “Hrrr! Grrrr!! Frrrrr!!!” Forman: “YOU!!!!!!!” Vinny: “Shut the *beep* up Forman!” *Forman now pissed off throws a fit* Forman: “Guys!?” “Would you step outside for a second!?” *Namrof and Peng get out just in time* “FUUUUU–!!!!!!!!!!” “Ready and to the music!!” *James Blond – SpongeBob SquarePants plays again*

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