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Deep Sea Fishing Big Fish for Mahi Mahi in Venice Louisiana

Deep Sea Fishing Big Fish for Mahi Mahi in Venice Louisiana

there’s a guy from Texas that this is
called a triple play but he uses a DOA Cal on his on a spinnerbait makes them
all different kinds this is I mean I don’t even know I’m not a bass fisherman
but Colorado blades or diamond blades or whatnot it all depends on the vibration
it gives and since the water so dirty here this is a great search bait because
you can work it fast you can work it quick you hit all these little points
all these little grass islands sticking up there’s bait around them and
hopefully there’s some big fat redfish so we will see you find that green one
of one there is oh look I got him over to the grass come on out maybe huddling
in there was closer oh yeah there you go what’s the cut you like to have yes I’m
pretty good fish too is not that big Brett this mean here for me cuz they
know they’re gonna get eat it’s pretty redfish eggs at least they’re fat in
here you find the right ones I think they’ll be good still fat I don’t know
what they eat in here for crabs that’s a little spinner Bank Snickers Snickers I
like that there’s your nice little pretty redfish
look how gold they are in here he’s a small one but you know in a tournament
where your little spots on that side too but when you’re in a tournament where
there’s not catching fish someplace like friendly meet you you kind of learn to appreciate fish
like that but we’re going to keep on fishing take a little break y’all stay
tuned we’ll be right back with some more addictive fishing right here from Venice
Louisiana oh yeah that way out there all the way back in that pocket to the left
on the right hand that little pocket on the right hand side up there he’s in
there oh no I know I know it’s not real but I got it I gotta eat this or Stein
who the shrimp underneath it he’s coming right at us there is only in
Venice baby only in then it’s oh there’s a stick there you know work ain’t that
big reading the other one all right and then
you don’t look too bad finance issue 25 mm-hmm there’s plenty
of those around that last tournament here when Travis and I were fishing we’d
catch a 25 inches then we catch a 29 inch or 25 inches in the 29 inch ER and
that went on and on and on it was not as fat hand beneath is good still a nice
pretty redfish that’s pretty one oh you want to move around since these are a
little small but one thing in Venice here with the fish do they move north
and south they’ll either go up the marsh or down out towards the Gulf depend on
have the salinity of the water at least that’s that’s my theory that’s what I
found and it’s so far it’s working but like I said we’re going to show you
something we went out fishing with a good buddy of mine captain Chris
Harrison otherwise known as heavy for everybody that knows me out there and I
talk about Louisiana I always bring heavy up and talk about him but he’s a
he is a hoot he’s a character but we went out deep blue yesterday we went off
tuna fishing and well let’s just roll the tape and show you what we what we
found right yeah look at here oh look out Sun and there’s a tuna fish bait
right there little baby hard tails that is the bait we are looking for – the
grass we don’t need any solid Travis no solid full stringer coming oh yeah talk
to me mommy okay 3y always gonna take him place the hook
I’m on the head we’re down it’s your steve until you
pull straight and make sure the book doesn’t go breaking the beat so you’re
gonna turn and then you’ll skip on top of the water
let’s see if this is our lucky be lucky me lucky number nine you’re always gonna throw him far away
from the boat also story don’t swim back in the props you get tangled in the prop some just hit it nothing on alright leave that ain’t flying like a tennis there’s a
little you’re foolish but I need before school there you go putting in the mouse oh the yellow pen number one let’s try again Oh oh good we’re good
boys you see we’re hooked up with what could be a Volkswagen down there yeah you only want to do one or two of
these we’re only in 7,000 feet of water you can’t run that far yeah huh you get
an inch you take three this guy look blue runner man big would you say heavy
elephantine peanuts and they’re scared of mice the smaller the big it’s just as
good at the big base but you want to do is pull up real slow
the slower you pull up the less while and your take out you know you won’t
feel like you’re gaming bitch Agoge where it happens well I hope y’all
enjoyed that I’m about sore today so it was a it was a fun day out there y’all
stay tuned we’re gonna be right back and we did catch a few fish and check out
what we found out in the ocean where all these fish were hanging around we’ll be
right back the guy here is the redfish welcome back
hope you all have enjoyed the show so far we’re still out doing the pre
fishing and just for you know some information I want to give out when
you’re fishing Louisiana like this there’s a lot of this grass like that’s
down here around us right now and I love looking for redfish around the grass
that come up and they’ll just kind of sit stationary a lot of times and that’s
why spinner bait works so good here because you can pull up spinner bait
through the grass it’s got a nice little gold flash to it and once they see the
bait they they just they jump all over it
well I told you we did catch a couple of fish on this trip and what we came up on
was something that you you know I’ve only seen coming out of the Mississippi
River great big old what you’ll see check this out Blair you don’t think
that some of the best eating is a triple tail huh I’m not a good as a dolphin you
think I like to trip up the I think Joe’s tell some of the best eating in
the Gulf Blair however thinks it’s the Dorado well we’re on our way to the to
the tuna spot we come across this tree out here and there’s tripletail there’s
dolphin I’m gonna go ahead and smack it smack me in dolphin out here you got an
office I’m on a popping cork in five thousand foot there’s a big one under
him come on Rick I want that muffin won’t
that make each other my video all the garlic Dorado right here the Cana Dorado
glad I’m looking at him run kind of get one to eat this if you throw it way out
there if you’re steady cat throw it further bland just steady we’ll just
keep it running on top of water don’t junk the dosage on that we don’t black
areas bro finally got me a hookup well he can’t be too bad huh little dolphin there’s so many dolphin
out there that is incredible don’t leg out there we get you somewhere
you really get about absolutely incredible
so my stick this fish I’m Betty don’t come up that time look at all the
dolphin holy moly I want that dolphin right there I know
sometimes they just don’t eat them I’ll see you join the ones that what you see
them still no high blood I got tactic number two he’s going to it he’s going
time thank you date it very odd it is better
huh twist around the key to fishing is fishing where the
fish are yeah you keen and fishing with Blair Wiggins put away them turn alright
well there you go a little bold often offer the Gulf of
Mexico in about six thousand feet of water and believe it or not this dude
here ate a lot of mullet there’s so many Bahama chubs running around here you
can’t hardly keep a bait down yeah offshore would not be fun that
winds getting worse and worse oh okay you got it like that papi dude a
little drag going out that might be a good fish what do you got a redfish Oh
what is it nice one that’s the common looking for names redfish and all that
dig there we’re going up here and get a flashing I think he’s too bad dude
Oh what do is write down assert frat level Louisiana redfish I think this
would be a good one for heavy too huh yep he said he wanted two of them so
we’ll keep this one for heavy it’s a heavy fish – you might want to
put on a popping board you got another poppy nope
well since I couldn’t find any of those popping corks there’s equalizers around
I went to the next best thing which is the she-dog it’s a top water plug makes
a lot of noise and it’s kind of a search base but we call a search bait something
you can really cast out and work the area fast and that the fish are being
aggressive which they are because they’ve hit Travis’s cork a couple of
times they should eat this top water plugs so let’s uh let’s see what happens various and Poppy’s our craziest thing mr. ed fish would you do the shrimp
button tail off and turn it around yeah it’s a head rib yeah sure buddy what’d
you do to that thing you can use them until they’re just totally dead yeah
what I did was you know I caught a couple fish earlier and it ripped the
rip the nose of the bait but don’t have to throw it away just buy a little piece
of the tail off and hook it backwards and they’ll eat it just just like that
no problem that way you get more out use out of your bait spend more on gas I
think it’s time to change locations y’all stay tuned we’ll be right back
from a different spot right here in the Louisiana Marsh so get off the top water follow it out
of follower so if you want to talk another yeah that need anywhere he is
I think that was driving him crazy what ain’t nothing better than a top water
hit y’all see what I’ve done I’ve changed over to a top water plug now
because they’ve been eatin Travis’s bobber it’s not a bad one nope
I just hate putting on treble hooks in the net but overall better than getting
them in my fingers oh that’s not a bad fish they’re 25 and a half ounces Flyers
blur I got there is another little redfish caught on me that’s a she dog
I’m using to noisy little topwater plug you can work it real fast but this guy
yeah you can you can work it real fast cover a lot of water and you know if
they’re being aggressive like they are because they were hitting this court
went ahead and doing the top water even though it is in the middle of the day
you know top water is usually a better bait to throw early morning or late at
night or late at dusk because they followed the silhouette of it but stop
water plug still not the right size fish but it make it let us place anyway I on
today’s rig it right segment I’m going to show you what we were throwing out
there in the marsh all day I like throwing a spinner bait when we’re up in
Louisiana it kind of gives a good vibration in that dirty water and it
really attracts the redfish this one here happens to be made by triple play
they use DOA products on it absolutely love it now Travis on the other hands
throwing something totally different and I like to throw things different
especially when you have two people on the boat and you’re actually searching
for the redfish out there he’s throwing what do a makes it’s
called a deadly combination all it is is a poppin fork and if you can hear that
it makes all sorts of rattling if you watch Travis how he’s throwing it
right up next to the bank popping it and just let it sit hopping
it and just let it sit very very simple bait to work and this is the she dog and
it’s got that ball bearings in it so it really attracts the fish is you’re
bringing it through the marsh and if they’re 10-15 feet away they’re going to
come to that sound and when they see the bait it’s going to give you those top
water hits that you absolutely love when you’re throwing a good top water bait
like this mere lure got it rigged with 30 pound seaguar fluorocarbon leader
I got fence fishing line on here now and I’m throwing the new mogan combo that
you can find at your local dick store and remember we have an addictive
fishing zone at Dick’s Sporting Goods now and you can get everything that you
see on the show right there at Dick’s and remember every fishing season starts
at dicks rig it right by Wright and McGill where’d you what with that that’s a
monster net it read there that’s the common one the cow fat that sucker is bogey good genius where was he the last
tournament around here somewhere that was by the last tournament we got so
tired of catching redfish and when I said we caught a hundred in here at
least that day I was way off on him 25 and a 25 and a half
well we know where we can catch these twenty-five and a half at Antietam it’s
and a half longer through the belly on these things that’s a fat red fish there
they definitely eat good here in Venice yep definitely good there’s some very very healthy fish well
we definitely know where we can come get the 25 inch or so hopefully we can we
can go find some bigger fish but we’re about out of time right now hope y’all
enjoy today’s show and maybe learn something about how you go out and find
fish in different areas and you know Venice is a great place to come if you
ever get a chance Cajun fishing adventures the writing Buras Louisiana
they got plenty of guides there that can take you out or you can bring your own
boat and stay there but a really nice place to come and stay once again I hope
you enjoy the show Travis and I are gonna go see if we can
find some of those 26 and 7/8 inch red fish let’s do it so next week don’t
forget about the website that’s about it
we’ll see you later check out more footage from this show by logging on to for outtakes and bloopers
oh my god here’s to show you just how much fish
love laser-sharp book there’s a bare hook I’m gonna put it in the water and
that is how you catch drama Kojak on a bear leadership circle hook look at the

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