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Deep Sea Fishing for Monster Fish – Grouper Snapper and Amberjack

Deep Sea Fishing for Monster Fish – Grouper Snapper and Amberjack

How deep are we now?Right here we’re about sixty feet.>>So we’re still fairly shallow? Deep for
the Gulf huh?>>Yeah they like the high spots on the reef
definitely. They get up on top of them. [Drag screaming]>>Now that one feels like a permit there. ♪♪>>Come on baby. That’s sixty-five pound test
so…>>Put the hammer to him, there are a lot of
predators here. Don’t be scared to pull on him.>>This is always good after doing the tarpon
yesterday. [Laughing]>>Yeah are you still a little sore from yesterday?>>Oh yeah, just a wee bit. What other predator
sharks you got?>>There are some giant bulls here. You’ll
see a hammer here every now and then but the bulls kind of run this show here. ♪♪♪>>Oh, this one took me in the rocks. ♪♪>>Or a sea fan, there’s sea fans down there?>>Yeah it’s pretty reefy bottom, really live.>>Well folks, we’re out here on the Star brite
boat today, we got Capt. Pete Dorneau, Greg Dorneau. We got a boatload of people on the
Starbrite boat today. Old K2, Kevin Cote, is somewhere around here too. But the main
guy we’re fishing with today Captain Chris Trosset right here. Saw him last year on the
show, pulled up to the spot y’all saw what happened. Instant fish. Y’all ever get a chance,
book that Captain Chris right there he will put you on the fish. Tell me where we are
what we’re doing Chris. Tell everybody out there I know I’m working my butt off so->>Better you than me. [Laughs]>>Today we’re fishing a little west of Key
West. We’re just on some reefy bottom here where these permit spawn. There’s quite a
few of them here. We saw a big school roll up right when we set the anchor. See if we
can’t catch a few.>>Trying to get him up quick because there’s
a lot of men in big grey suits down there.>>I think we’re getting pretty close here.>>Some color!>>That one is full-grown.>>That’s a full grown one there bro.>>That yellow belly lets you know they’re
pretty large. The little ones don’t get that yellow->>That’s a Key West workout there bro. [Laughing]>>I like it.>>What are we going to do with this one, land
him or let him go?>>Alright, ugh. Got rigged up with the offshore
rods- I think you can land him. …rigged up with the offshore rods today.>>I haven’t held one that big in a couple
years. Got one almost that big in Islamorada ♪♪♪>>I ain’t held one like that in a couple years.>>got one almost that big in Islamorada this year. But man what a fish. Want to see
if you can get that hook out?>>I think we can get that one. He inhaled
that crab.>>Didn’t take him long. Permit right off of
Key West, come get ya some with Captain Chris Trosset right here.>>Nice one, old rubber lips.>>Thanks to the Star brite boat, we’re going
to let him go. ♪♪Well welcome back folks, we’re still
sitting off the Dry Tortugas. We’re yellowtailing, we got the chum out. Few fish showing up waiting
for the big guys to show up what you call the flags right?Flags and hopefully a grouper after
that.>>Well hopefully all them chubs out there
aren’t going to eat all of our chum up before it brings them yellowtail up cause there’s
a ton of them out there.>>Getting a little fat there.>>Just keep the chum slick going huh?>>Yup it’s pretty important we keep a pretty
consistent slick going. Don’t let it stop and keep fishing in it. As we continue to
fish throughout the day, we’re building a bite up. The yellowtail show up and some muttons will roll into the chum and all the grouper feed in off that action>>And we do have the two grouper rods out
now.>>Yup and even though we really want the groupers
it’s important to catch the little stuff to bring everything else in. Building a bite
we call it.>>Live begets life.>>Oh yeah and it might not seem like much
but even catching the little stuff- Here’s a bite right here!>>That would be the grouper on a goggle-eye
huh? ♪♪ ♪♪♪ [Blair struggling]>>Work him out of that hole Blair.>>He’s going for the rock.>>Yes he is, but he ain’t going to get there.>>Get this one out of your way, oh that’s
a nice one. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪♪>>Ugghhhaaaaahhh! Don’t let them get in their
hole.>>Look like you’re struggling a little bit
with that one.>>Yes sir.>>He’s got you grunting. That’s how we like
’em. ♪♪>>Get him up that first fifteen feet.>>Got some shoulders on him.>>How deep are we?>>About ninety feet still got seventy-nine
to go. Look like you’re breaking a sweat now. [Laughing]>>Man I can’t talk again.>>What was it you asked me when I was catching that fish – Don’t you like to talk when you’re fighting big fish?>>Yeah but that was a little bitty fish. This
one is full grown.>>That grouper last time, that big forty-pounder
we caught. [Laughing]>>I be this one is going to rival him. ♪♪>>Yeah he’s full-grown whatever it is…>>It’s not feeling like an AJ.>>No? He kind of quit fighting there. Can
see a little color down there.>>A little color down there.>>Looks a little shiny.>>Shiny? As in what?>>Like a big old AJ. Donkey to end all donkeys.>>A Donkey baby! ♪♪ [Panting] Holy moly!>>That’s a real one. ♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪♪>>Amberjack. Holy moly. How’s that for a fish!
What do you think, grown one?>>That’s a grown one.>>So just throw him straight in, head down?
>>We’re going to let some air out of him first. ♪♪ ♪♪♪>>And that helps them get the air out right?>>Yup, helps him swim down.
♪♪>>That’s a nice one. What do you do when you
throw him back in, just head down?>>Yeah just put his head down and send him
on his way. ♪♪ [Laughing]>>Thanks brother.>>Thanks for getting that one out of the way.>>Lordy! That is a fish and a half. If y’all
never fought an amberjack, that was a full-grown one. They do get bigger, but that one there
on a spinning rod brother. Woo- I’m gonna regroup. We’ll be right back with some more
Addictive Fishing Captain Chris Trosset right here. Holy- [Laughing] ♪♪There you go.Oh jeez! Well pay attention Blair.>>More nibbles. I got nibbles.>>Had that one about doubled over didn’t it?>>There he is!>>Uh oh, fish on! ♪♪♪>>He’s giving the weebass a shot. ♪♪♪ ♪♪>>He’s not too big.>>Not too big? Welcome back folks we’ve changed
spots now we’re fishing about a hundred and seven feet of water. Just dropped down getting
set up and everything and what happens. Chris hooks up. [Laughs]>>I like that a quick bite.>>A real quick bite is it looking grouper-ish?>>Looks like a grouper.>>Oh yeah! Nice red! Nice red grouper. Oh
yeah!>>That’ll work. That should work for a nice
couple grouper sandwiches right there.>>Look at that circle right in the corner.>>Works well. What’s that Captain Pete? (Capt Pete: We get to eat tonight!)>>Well lets throw him in the box, now this
is a red grouper not a black grouper – speckled, it’s pretty common out here?>>Yeah real common fish here. We get them
in the Gulf side, Atlantic. All the way out to about two-hundred feet of water.>>And the size limits on them?>>Twenty inches in the Atlantic.>>Cool beans, well let’s put him in the box
and get another one in there.>>Ice him down.>>He needs some company in there. Good job
brother.>>Alright, we got some grouper! ♪♪♪>>Current really picked up huh? Well we’ve
changed positions, the weather is starting to get a little rough and came in what a little
shallower this time?>>Yeah came inside the reef a little bit>>Came inside the reef a bit let’s see what
happens here. What do you got down?>>I got a pinfish on the bottom.>>Two pinfish on the bottom. We just started
chumming waiting for maybe some yellowtail to come up so y’all stay tuned and stick around we got chubs behind the boat It’s getting kinda chubby.>>Lots of chubbies. I’ll get a a chubby when
I catch a big grouper. [Laughing]>>Let’s leave the chubs out of it. [Laughs] ♪♪♪>>Uh oh! What is it? Now if it’s another one
of them beautiful groupers you know, we could take one home then [Laughing]>>I think Pete might leave us here if we let
another one of those go.>>I think he would. (“Why’d ya let him go
for”) I don’t think I could have kept that fish. That was too pretty of a fish. There’s
the weight what do we got?>>Another red!>>Still got your bait down there if you want
it. Nope it went away. Another nice red grouper. We’ll take him. Take them all day long. Now do these have
any worms in them or anything?>>Occasionally you’ll get something around
the stomach but they’re pretty clean.>>That’s still a beautiful fish right there
but I’ve eaten these guys before, these are pretty tasty. Pretty darn tasty, we got a
lot of folks to feed. We’ll be staying in the Tortugas overnight tonight and anchor
up right there in the harbor and cook it up. Cook it up brother.>>Can’t wait. We’ll lets get him on ice and
get another huh? Y’all stay tuned with some more Addictive Fishing Capt Chris Trosset
and some beautiful fish.Rig it Right by Wright and McGill.On today’s Rig it Right I’m going to
show you what Capt. Chris and I were using out there today. Trokar hooks we were using
all sorts of different sizes depending on what fish we were targeting and in the Gulf
side you have to use circle hooks when you’re dropping down on the reef out there. On the
Atlantic side you can use basically any type of hook that you want to use. But I highly
recommend you using a circle hook just because of the release rate the fish are going to
live if you have to release them.>>Look at that circle right in the corner. Works well.
>>And was using the 7′ 6″ this is the offshore Flats Blue model and had the 7000 Sabalos
reel on there rigged with sixty-five pound test Smackdown by Seaguar. Some of the best
braid I’ve ever used in my entire life it’s like silk I can barely feel it go through
the guides. Fifty to eighty pound test Seaguar Fluorocarbon leader and this is the premiere
It is a little bit more limp than the regular blue label and was getting the job done out
there. You just saw Chris kind of get a work out, this is the conventional style rod. This
one actually has a gimbal on the bottom so you can put a conventional reel on it like
this and you can really torque on the fish with that one right there. So if you make
it down to the Florida Keys make sure you look up Captain Chris Trosset. He is a legend
in the making down there. Will do anything to find you fish. Remember one thing though,
every fishing season starts right at Dick’s.>>Rig it Right by Wright and McGill. ♪♪♪>>This guy is getting nervous down there like
something is fixing to inhale him. [Laughs]>>You know Chris another thing we were talking
about that Star Tron earlier they got a new product out called Ring Clean and it compliments
the Stat Tron that we use in the gas engines out there. It even works in Diesel too- Oh
I’m getting a bite. Eat it baby, eat it. Start talking about Star Tron and getting a bite.
There he is! [Laughs] Anyway what it does, if you got a
boat and you idle a lot. That Ring Clean just helps keep it clean.>>Yeah that stuff would be good for me when
we’re sailfishing you know drifting a long you always keep the motors in gear sometimes
would be nice on my center console.>>Well you get so much carbon build up around
the rings when you’re sitting there idling and not really getting on it and with that
Ring Clean will do is get rid of all that built up carbon.>>Got any color yet?>>Not yet. Wondering what it is. It’s fighting
like a grouper.>>Pulling pretty good. ♪♪>>There’s some color no it’s a giant mutton.
A Giant mutton. Woo, hoo, hoo!>>Nice one! Another stud muffin.>>I think I can grab that one. Oh there he
goes! Get the gaff, get the gaff! Agghhh!>>Drop back! (Capt Pete: Jump over the side.)>>Laughes>>Kevin: Want me to go get it?>>Yeah go get it.Oh is it sharky?>>Take the gaff! You wont be able to grab
him. [Intense moment music]>>He got him. [Cracking up laughing] I didn’t want to lose
that mutton.>>We got a line back here?>>Yeah where’s the line at?>>Grab the line. Reach with your right hand
and grab the line.>>Reach with your right hand and grab the line. [Laughing]>>Look I got a K2! (Kevin: I got one!) [Hystirically laughing] (Gregor: Hold on I
got him.) [Laughing]>>Get him in the lip, get him in the lip.
What’s that big brown thing under you? Got him. Got him. The mutton that didn’t
get away. You must really want to eat one of these things pretty bad huh? [Laughs]>>Teamwork!>>Thanks to K2 here I got my mutton and I
think that about closes it out for the day. It’s getting late in the day we got about
an hour and a half, two-hour run back to the- back to Key West. Wow! Beautiful mutton baby.>>That’s so nice. So worth it!>>It matches your shirt too.>>Holy smokes did you see that current? [Laughing]>>I saw it pulling you away. You’d be in the
Tortugas here before long. [Laughing] Kevin Cote. Extraordinaire. I seen
him swim around big bull sharks for some mutton snapper we were cleaning around Bimini one
time he was saying, I don’t want to get in the water, I was like there’s nothing around
here about fifteen minutes after we got cleaning the fish y’all can look up, it’s Bimini Boys
right? Go check it out on Youtube and you’ll see those big sharks we got to play with around
the dock there at the Bimini Big Game Club. Awesome! Thank you sir!>>You’re welcome.>>We’ll see you next time on Addictive Fishing
who knows where we’re going to be. Want to say thanks to the Starbrite guys. One awesome
day out here on the boat with Captain Kevin Cote. This guy over here Chris Trosset.>>The guy that didn’t jump in after the mutton
snapper.>>The guy that didn’t jump in after the mutton
so. Anyway don’t forget about the website Addictive Fishing dot com and we will see
you next week. Later. [Laughter] ♪♪>>Check out more footage from this show by
logging onto Addictive Fishing dot com for outtakes and bloopers>>Got about an hour and a half to ahh! Woo! Hows this, we’ll fish like this. [Laughs] It didn’t break baby! [In your face laugh] Ehh, doh, uhh! [cracking up laughing]

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