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Delicious & Easy Fish in Foil | Healthy Recipes

Delicious & Easy Fish in Foil | Healthy Recipes

Hi. I’m Jamie Eason, and today I’m
in the kitchen. And I’m gonna show you how I
make a really simple recipe I like to call Fish in Foil. I call it that because pretty
much you can make it with any kind of fish you’d like. Today I’m gonna use tilapia. I like tilapia because
at 4 ounces it’s only like 100 calories,
it’s got 1 gram of fat, and it’s 23 grams of protein. So with fish the one thing you
just wanna be sure of is watch the cholesterol and
watch too much sodium. First thing I’m gonna do is
preheat my oven to about 375 degrees. I’ve already done that so I
wanna show you the other things you’re gonna need
like a cookie sheet. I like to use this one with the
edges just because we’re gonna put some fish in foil and we
just wanna make sure that if anything leaks out it
doesn’t get in our oven. So of course we need our foil
and then I just have all my little spices, my fish, and
the veggies I wanna use with my fish. I’ve picked asparagus today. Asparagus is awesome. It’s a natural diuretic so for
those of you really wanting to lean out and maybe try to
reduce, you know, the water, this is an awesome option. So I’m gonna get these going. So we’ll just give
them a good rinse. Got my colander here. Okay. I think that’s good. I can actually leave those
while I start on my lemons. Let them drain a little bit. So here’s my lemons. Just gonna slice off the ends. There’s usually more
rind, you know, in the ends. None of the good stuff. And then just gonna cut
these in some pretty big wedges. Depends on how many
pieces of fish you’re making. Sometimes I cut up like,
you know, only one or two. Sometimes I’ll cut up, you
know, ten lemons depending on how many pieces so–so
I’m gonna set that aside, and then we’ll start
putting it all together. This is pretty simple. I’m gonna get the
foil ready for my fish. You need a piece
maybe about this big. So I’m gonna tear off one. And I’ve got five pieces of fish
so I’m just gonna go ahead and get all my foil pieces ready. I think that’s the easiest. Three, four, and one more. Alright. I can set that aside. Now all you have to do is get
your piece of fish–now you can spray this with non-stick spray
if you want to, but I really don’t think you need to do that. So I know some people
wanna avoid that stuff. It’s important to know
with those, that check the ingredients because you’ll
notice there’s still butter and there’s still oil in them, and
the serving size suggests that it’s like this little
millisecond of a spray but who really does that? So you’re actually adding butter
and fat to your dish so be careful with that
non-stick spray. So I’ve started with my piece of
fish, and next thing I want to do is actually add some lemon. You can cheat and just get the
squeeze kind or you can do the slices. I’m gonna do both ’cause I
think it makes it quicker. So I’m gonna squeeze
some lemon on top. As much as you want. And then get a seasoning. Whatever kind of fish
seasoning you like. Old Bay is good. There’s Redfish
seasoning out there. That’s one of my
other favorites. You just wanna sprinkle it
on top as heavy as you like. You can do a lot
or a little bit. I like quite a bit
so–but watch out for sodium. Don’t add too, too much. Then I’m gonna add a
little bit of pepper. Then I’m gonna add some actual
lemon slices so I’ll put those on top. That one’s not as cute so
I’m gonna get a different one. Alright. And then we just wanna add our
veggies on top so I’m gonna grab my asparagus. And to prep asparagus–this end
is really, really hard to chew so if you just bend it, it
naturally snaps off in a certain area. See, it doesn’t really do it
there but over here, it just breaks right off. So I’m just gonna break it
and put it across the top. You can do as many as you want. Think of this as
like a serving size. For me, one of my favorite
things about fish is I like to eat, and I like to eat a lot
and with it only being a hundred calories, I can eat
actually two servings of these. So that’s it. That’s all you have to do. You can squeeze more lemon. We’ll do it just for–just
for fun on our veggies. And then you’re
gonna wanna close it. To do that you just bring the
sides together, fold it over, leave a little bit of air in
there ’cause it actually steams inside, and then just kinda fold
up the sides, and put it on your pan. So we’ll do it one more time. Gonna add your piece of fish,
squeeze a little lemon, add our seasoning, some pepper, few pieces of lemon, and
then our asparagus. I’m gonna do five
pieces on this one. And again, I’m
gonna add my lemon. So that’s it. I’m just gonna finish these up
and then we’ll get them in the oven. Okay. I prepared all my
packets of fish. They’re ready to go in the oven. Again, I preheated it at 375,
and I’m gonna put them in for about 14 or 15 minutes. Set the timer. Alright. And in about 15 minutes, our
fish will be ready to serve. Okay.
The timer went off. Let’s check on our fish. Alright. Let’s see. It’s pretty hot. It’s looking pretty good. Let’s see. Yep. It’s nice and opaque. There’s no clear–no
clear parts in it. Looks pretty good. I’m gonna try it actually. Tastes good. I think it’s all done. It’s the easiest fish dish you
can possibly make, and the best part is that it keeps all the
juices contained in the packet. The veggies you can
kinda taste in the fish. The lemon, of
course, in the fish. And then you can eat right out
of the packet, you can serve it on a plate, but if you eat it
right out of the packet, you just crumble it up
and throw it away. I’m gonna plate this up. Remember that fish is an
excellent source of lean protein and for this dish you can use
pretty much any type of fish you’d like. So let’s get this
one on the plate. And again, you can always
get a larger portion of fish. That’s one of the reasons
why I love fish so much. So I’ll do that one and I’ll
do the one I opened earlier. Lots of asparagus. For this recipe, you can check
out the links below and for more of my recipes and articles
check out

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  1. This is so awesome. Thank u just now made this for my husband and I. We just arrived home from being in the hospital all weekend and he needs to eat more healthier and this is perfect. Thank u so much I too will be making a change in my diet.

  2. You can actually peel those woody ends of the asparagus and discover that those ends are soft and easy to chew. The tough, non edible part has been taken off! You've got more food to go on your fish!

  3. Tilapia is the last fish you want to eat if your taking into consideration your health. Cod and salmon are better alternatives if you like the taste.

  4. your cutting board needs to be changed .Its unhealthy with all the cuts on it inviting all the dirt to go in that

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe. I'm a new subscriber. I have a 23 year old son who is competing in the Mr. Natural body building comp. with 6 weeks to go & I've just started cooking fish leading up to the comp. day, could you please do some more fish recipes on your channel, because I need more healthy alternatives.
    Thank you

  6. last time ive used regular salt lil bit, black pepper, squeezed lemon lil bit, n small amount of parsely.

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  9. Farm raised fish is not very good for you..(if you knew what they feed them, you would not eat any).. Fresh hook and line caught…

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  11. I clicked on this because fish is my favorite dish. I didn't realize how old this video is until I finished watching. I never thought about the fact the cooking spray is adding more butter or fat. Your hair is so beautiful. I love the cut. I wore bobs practically my entire life…LOL I gave it break and changed my look, but there's nothing like a bob though . Your body is amazingly in shape.

  12. If you bought ut from a store then it most likely came from China which isnt good. And although it does have some pros to eating this fish it also has cons that may out weigh the pros. The fat thats in this fish can cause inflammation

  13. Great recipe! So yummy! And a helpful hint is that the dull side of the foil is the non-stick side so if you place the fish and veg on that side you don’t need the non-stick oil spray or butter to keep your food from sticking.

  14. You are correct about "sodium" or salt. The AMerican Heart Association warns us that we should not consume more than 1500 mg of sodium or salt per day. If you go over that it will cause your BLOOD PRESSURE to go up. Plus, to much salt will cause your arterial function to be reduced. Most Americans are totally ignorant of how to much salt damages the body.

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