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Detecting in a Gold Mine using Fisher Gold Bug 2 Metal Detector

Detecting in a Gold Mine using Fisher Gold Bug 2 Metal Detector

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margl1440margr1440vieww9000viewh8400viewkind0 pardtx720tx1440tx2160tx2880tx3600tx4320tx5040tx5760tx6480tx7200tx7920tx8640qlqnaturalpardirnatural f0fs24 cf0 We are going to do some hard
rock mining, make sure you always put your safety helmet on. Have a good flash light,
and then have a good detector. Fisher Gold Bug 2. We are going to go in and check out
a signal that we got, its the only one we got. Normally you would think in the middle
of the summer there wouldn’t be any ice, it would be warm, insulated correct? Well no,
the reason is is because there is airflow coming from the other side. So we’ve got our
bug 2 set up and we’ve just been scanning along the walls. There you can see the beautiful
quarts seam there. working along the wall. There’s an old place to hang something at
one time. There’s another not they’ve put in there. But we are going to speed up a little
bit, and go on back to our signal. Where back, theres the entrance back there about a 150
feet. and were back here a few hundred yards. theres structured quarts right there. see
that nice rusty pocket. that is what we are looking for. That big seam right there, they
just follow that back here, now were back here oh, probably about 100 yards. Were going
to keep on going. nothing there. Old Gold Bug II. Here we go. OK. Big divot here. Here’s
the claim owner here, and what we’ve got, see this quarts there and its going all the
way on up and up and they just kept following it way up in there. It goes way on back and
we’ve been back over. And we were on our way coming back and I just following this nasty
vein, and right up here we got a good hit. So you hit your iron id switch on your machine,
and guess what were getting. OK, and go ahead and take that down and get a. Let me se what
we’re, what we’re , still there. OK. Swing that over . OK thats the main thing there
thats making noise. Now lets see if we’re got any thing here. what would be making all
that noise, a lot of oxides. So if this is gold you can come back here and hunt this
all out. Yep getting a little bit noise right there. So we’ll come back, If this ones gold
we can always come back for that one right there. We’ll go tack it out and see what we,
see what we got up here in Idaho. I’m back here in the hole, the old prospectors hole.
Hey watch your head here, yep. we’re going to take it out and take a peek. Well hey there
puppy dog, how you doing? I can feel the warm air already. OK when we were walking back
out from his mine, we found this beautiful rock. and folks, look at all the gold in that
rock. Look at that. we’ll take this Gold Bug 2. Cause some people will say well thats fools
gold buddy. Well look here. So hit your iron ID switch. That is what you come here looking
for. Now we’ve got to find out what this other piece is. Thats the piece that we just took
out. So we just got to figure out what metals are in it and if its gold metals, or silvers.
That grey could be silver. its not on that piece. still on that one. nope, its not on
that one. Oh I am seeing it, i’m seeing it, right there on the edge. Its a light colored
gold I believe. there it is, its a light colored gold. yep, yep. its not the gold color that
were use to seeing because lots of times that oxidizes. and this has got a lot more silver
in it. so its going to be shiner color. Nice! Were in the big money now D oug. Oh I had
this camera on the whole dang time. }

100 comments on “Detecting in a Gold Mine using Fisher Gold Bug 2 Metal Detector

  1. I think he was referring to the metals alloyed with the gold or he is a novice. I spotted the gold alloy on the edge before they knew what they had. That rock from inside the mine would require crushing to a fine powder and processing to get the gold separated into something that shines.

  2. Thanks for the vid. I've been shopping the market for a gold bug 2.. It was great to see the detector in action and how it operates with and around iron.I live in Northern California and as prospectors know, our soil here is minerlized with iron deposits. Aswell it was good to see how they oprate in hard rock mines. After seeing what it intells I believe that I'll stay topside.

  3. When the time is right for a purchase, let me know and we'll figure out which one is best for your needs, style of detecting, kind of gold in the region and your investment range. I use, sell and train customers on all 5 major brands. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Depends on what you mean by gold not oxidizing. Say gold is in natural matrix of other materials and such materials has iron in it. Then the iron could oxidize and cover the gold would would then be oxidized, right.

  5. "There's our entrance back there about a hundred and fifty feet", then, in the same breath, "We're back here a few hundred yards"… Really? A difference of four hundred fifty feet? What is the guy high on? That's what I want to know.

  6. We were in there already with the detector and found the signal. I then went back out to get the camera. So when I said "and we are back here a few hundred yards" I was referring to how far back to the "SIGNAL". We get high in Idahos elevation and when finding gold. How do you do it?

  7. Lol… Okay, I can accept that. I get high on life… playing with my kids, martial arts, playing guitar and making music, being in the great outdoors.

    I fully understood your inference, and as you can see, I neglected to bite. Touche'.

  8. The grey quartz in that lode appears to have fine-grained sulfides which may contain gold invisible to the naked eye. You may want to get samples assayed to see if it is economic.

  9. Hey thanks for the video… were you in North or South Idaho? I am in Coeur d'Alene and gearing up for my first foray… looking to buy an original Gold Bug.

  10. Can it be done, yes. Have I tried it? Yes on fresh water. My opinion is do not do it on Salt Beaches. 1st off, the GB-2 is a VLF detector that runs at 71 kHz and so it easily sees the mineralized salt on beaches and so you lose much depth. In dry sand you would be ok, but wet sand, no. When I beach hunt in Mexico, Hawaii, Bahamas and other well known beach and am successful, I use other machines designed to give me more gold rings. So my answer is NO.

  11. While Gold does not oxidize, it can have a layer of oxides covering it's surface. Some small nuggets I've found while panning were visually unrecognizable as Gold except for being the heaviest item in the pan. I toss these into a vial of white vinegar for a couple years, and the oxides slowly dissolve, leaving the bright Gold behind.

  12. Well… no… to make an element like gold wouldn't be efficient.The star burns a certain atom and turns into another element to provide energy. This starts with turning hydrogen into helium and so on. But it can only go on to about iron. Turning the atoms into heavier elements would cost energy and not result into energy being produced. That's why gold cannot be created inside stars.

  13. Its widely recognized today that gold is formed in binary neutron star systems, so yes, gold is formed in stars, as are most of the heavy elements.

  14. Actually your wrong. Gold does oxidize, just not as well as other metals. If gold didnt oxidize, then you wouldnt need to use flux when melting it down.

  15. Gerry is no novice, he is one of the top detector experts in the country, I dont know how much gild he has found but I asssure you he could hav e retired long ago if it was not for the love of the find….He knows Gold………………………Idaho Al

  16. Excellent, Gerry. I have a Fisher Gold Bug 2 I've been yearning to use in northeast Oregon. Been trying to learn the settings, etc. Thanks.

  17. Now the ghosts of the original miners are gonna come haunt you for a piece of the action…

  18. Wow that would be an awesome find! What part of the MT ID state line? I'm way up north, wondering if there are actually any mines up in this area

  19. This is not what you use for tunnel mining, drill a hole & get a sample of good ore, take that outside to detect metals not an ore

  20. No not a cooker, a Fisher Gold Bug-2, or Whites GMT, Minelab Eureka Gold, Garrett AT Gold. A cooker?

  21. We enjoy hunting for gold nuggets and old silver coins, so if it does happen, we'll have a little cache of savings.

  22. Plenty mines on the Montana and Idaho borders. Look around Gibbonsville and there is plenty of gold action.

  23. Many detectors to choose from. I don't know what style of detecting you want to do, so go to my web site and view a variety of them. I also offer a FREE "Metal Detector Basics Class" to all customers. Thanks for asking.

  24. I just want something around the $150-$250 range, will pick up gold and all that and is digital and also tells me the depth any ideas?

  25. Does gold and silver rocks combined look nice I wish my house was built with these rock would make ten times more beautiful

  26. There are no gold detectors on the market with digital screen for $250. Email me direct and I can get you a used gold metal detector.

  27. There are not any detectors for $200 that tell you what kind of metal it is. They estimate what they think it is, but can easily be wrong.

  28. I am Gerry's Metal Detectors Boise, Idaho USA. 35+ years of field use & knowledge on a variety of metal detectors including both VLF & PI units. I use, compare, train customers on, test & sell Minelab, Garrett, White's Fisher, Tesoro & XP Deus Metal Detectors. My clients & I have detected w SUCCESS, some of the Gold Field of Australia, Idaho, AZ, MT, Oregon, AK, Nevada. We have scooped the gold and platinum jewelry off great beaches, in Mexico, Bahamas, North Carolina, SC, GA, FL, w SUCCESS.

  29. If you are interested in purchasing a metal detector from a dealer who can offer real Field Knowledge & Training. I'm here.
    If you are interested in buying from a dealer who owns & uses every gold detector on the market, call me.
    If you are interested in doing business with a prior Marine ( USMC ) Military Veteran, I'm the man.
    If you're not sure of the detector to purchase, lets discuss it & find the right one for your needs. BUT, I expect to earn your business.
    Thanks for the offer Ahmed.

  30. In many cases, you are very correct. Know what you are doing and if not, then STAY OUT. Thanks for updating.

  31. Great to see you using a good quality Estwing!…

    I'm in New Zealand and often camp around old gold prospecting camps… would it be worth giving these places a sweep? if so, could you recommend a detector for me to purchase?

  32. Dude, smash the rock with a sledge hammer.

    That's definitely the way to go, use a detector to find gold. Sounds more efficient than digging and panning.

  33. Sometimes actual rock with gold in it is worth more than the gold itself. need to know before you "smash". Nugget hunting with a detector is easier, but panning always gets some gold, but usually smaller and less volume.

  34. Since I sell, compare and test them all, I need for details from you. Please email me direct from my web site and I'll be happy to answer your questions.

  35. I gave it to the claim owner. Did not mean much to me, as he purchased his detector from me. I was just trying to show him what can be found in such sites with proper Field Training when using a Metal Detector. His claim has produced many ounces of gold and silver.

  36. How do you find a mine like that? Did he buy it? I would like to find something I could do the same but that mine looked like it would not cave in but some of these old ones here in Arizona look kind of unstable.

  37. Research magazine and newspaper ads for "Mine for Sale". Contact prospecting clubs and ask them. Yes he purchased it from another person. Good Luck.

  38. I suggest using a Google Translator page 1st off. Also watch as many YouTube videos as you can and eventually you'll start to get the hang of it. Good Luck.

  39. Well, when I was younger and innocent, haha, I saw who was watching over me. Now i'm older and it's hard to feel that stuff anymore.

  40. i gotta get be a gold bug

    check out my booster gold miner tee i designed.
     prospecting nugget tee
    gold is where you find it

  41. Don't walk on by the broken pieces of vein material looking for just 'hits'…… pick that stuff up and get it all assayed! 

  42. Those Goldbugs are really good for small stuff! The bast I know of anyway and Ive been doing gold prospecting since the mid 70s.

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