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Devoted to Science and Finding Answers | Thermo Fisher Scientific (2015)

Devoted to Science and Finding Answers | Thermo Fisher Scientific (2015)

The people of Thermo Fisher Scientific believe in science. This is what we serve, how we solve, how we save. But it’s more than just being the largest company serving science. This is personal. We’re providing researchers with the technologies they need to discover new therapies and develop diagnostics. Our customers’ work is demanding. So that demands we’re there with what they need to get results. – Science needs the best tools,
– software to run more experiments and find answers faster,
– turn big data into bigger answers, – develop the next breakthrough,
– unlock the mystery of the human genome, – protect people and our environment.
– Because a healthier environment – just means a better future for my kids. We’re investing more than $700 million in research and development every year. What we make here moves science forward. Over a million products—everything science needs. It’s about serving science like no one else can with over 50,000 employees worldwide. Because science can’t wait. Thermo Fisher Scientific, we’re with researchers, powering discovery, on the front lines of patient care, and industry where science meets progress. Science needs a partner and the people of Thermo Fisher Scientific, devoted to advancing science and to finding answers for a healthier, cleaner, and safer world.

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