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Diagnostic Levels for Fisher FIELDVUE DVC6200 Series Digital Valve Controllers

Diagnostic Levels for Fisher FIELDVUE DVC6200 Series Digital Valve Controllers

FIELDVUE DVC6200 series digital
valve controllers like the one shown are sold with diagnostic level options.
Diagnostics allow users to detect issues with the positioner and the entire valve
assembly. Diagnostic levels are available for HART communication protocol and
FOUNDATION Fieldbus protocol. First let’s look at the HART communication levels:
HC, AD, and PD. HC stands for HART Communicating. This level offers a setup
wizard, auto calibration, and diagnostic alerts. Here’s an example of an HC travel
deviation. The user can define the travel error and duration for this alert. Next
is the AD level which is short for Advanced Diagnostics. AD includes step
response tests and a valve signature in addition to HC functionality. In a valve
signature, the user can see the health of the entire valve assembly over the
travel of the valve. And now let’s look at the most advanced FIELDVUE
instrument diagnostics level called Performance Diagnostics or PD. The PD
level provides significant value to the user. It offers the ability to perform
tests on the valve assembly while it is in service and controlling the process.
Tests do not interfere with control valve response to set point changes. In
one keystroke, the user can instruct ValveLink software to run the PD One
Button diagnostic. This diagnostic will provide supply pressure, travel deviation,
I to P and relay integrity, and air mass flow. As the PD One Button diagnostic is
running, the software will show green, yellow, and red light symbols to indicate
if the software has discovered problems or issues. In the event log, the software
will give a description, possible cause, and recommended action.
It will then save the test results. Now let’s look at the FOUNDATION Fieldbus
levels: FD, AD, and PD. FD or the Fieldbus Diagnostics level, offers
similar capabilities to what was discussed for the HC level in HART. AD
Advanced Diagnostics and PD Performance Diagnostics are the same in Fieldbus as
they are in HART, with one exception. The PD One Button diagnostic in Fieldbus
does not require the user to initiate the test because it runs continuously.
Whereas with HART, the user must initiate it. Now you might be wondering
if the diagnostic level for a FIELDVUE DVC6200 instrument can be changed.
The answer is yes. You can step up from a diagnostics level with less
functionality to one with more. Every FIELDVUE DVC6200 instrument is
shipped with the ability to run the Performance Diagnostics level for one,
24-hour period. Users decide when they want to utilize it. This temporary step
up to PD is active for only 24 hours or until the user disconnects
ValveLink software within the 24 -hour window. Then the DVC6200
instrument will revert to its original diagnostic level. A permanent step up to
a higher diagnostic level can be obtained from a local Emerson sales
office. Sales offices can answer questions about FIELDVUE diagnostic
levels as well as step ups. Thanks for watching! you

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