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Diet Rich In Fish Oil & Omega 3 Fatty Acids Is Vital For Preventing Breast Cancer

Diet vital to preventing breast cancer.
Breast cancer was the first solid tumor in which cancer stem cells were found.
It’s an abnormal attempt by damaged stem cells to form an entire organ. The breast
cancer tumor even resembles a crude mammary gland. One study that used
animals found that omega-6 fats such as corn, safflower, peanuts and soy bean oil
significantly increase the risk of breast cancer developing and made it
more likely to metastasize. Omega-3 oil on the other hand suppressed
breast cancer development growth and spread in the study. The researchers also
found that if they found fed the animals some omega-6 oils along with some
omega-3 oil, it negated the protective effect of the omega-3 oil.

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