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Dillon’s Beach Fishing (Lawson’s Landing)

So the setup that we’re using we’re using a half ounce weight with the little swivel three feet a leader and then two hooks Oh sick ha Sick finally finally one fish down So now I’m going to try to show you guys how to catch the little sand crabs If you guys were wondering that’s what a sand crab looks like Perfect timing right here come out Cast Shoot Oh, wow, I got something already, What? Sick Haha, yes, look at that fella nice and big Oh, yeah Yeah, looks like something We caught another perch. Wow great day This one’s big Nooooooooooo If you guys want you can enter the giveaway in the description it is run by me it expires July 4th, so get in Enter the giveaway and here are the items that are being given away. The first giveaway is for sprays and one pack of soft plastics The second giveaway is as well for sprays one soft plastic and it comes with a flippin dip so Enter in the description Links are in order. Good luck. See you guys next week

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