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Dinosaurs & Giant Megalodon Shark! Baby T-Rex Dinosaur Missing in Jurassic Quest Kids Adventure

Dinosaurs & Giant Megalodon Shark! Baby T-Rex Dinosaur Missing in Jurassic Quest Kids Adventure

– [Aaron] Man, I just can’t get over how huge this Megalodon is.
– Yeah. – It’s giant. It’s the biggest thing
I think we’ve ever seen under water here isn’t it?
– Yeah! – You’ve been really wild today. Yes you have. I already have enough
on my plate, you know. So you could behave yourself. Okay. Maybe if I find Park Ranger
Aaron and L.B. they can help. Park Ranger Aaron! Park Ranger L.B.? – Biggest underwater sea
creature we’ve ever seen, huh? – Yeah!
– It’s really cool, huh. – Tyson!
(Aaron and L.B. yelling) – My goodness.
– Oh wow. – Oh, hey guys. – [Aaron] Look who it is. It’s Safari Sarah and Tyson.
– [L.B.] Tyson! – Hey guys. – Whoa.
– Geez Safari Sarah. – [Sarah] How are y’all doing today? – Oh we’re doing good, how ’bout you, you excited about the new exhibit? – Are we, oh my gosh, we are so thrilled about our premiere show of Ancient Oceans! – Yeah man, it’s so cool! Tyson, are you excited that all
of these dinosaurs are here? Hey Tyson’s even got a
play toy there I noticed. – Yeah, see this toy has
been a necessity today because Tyson has been a real handful. – Uh oh, Tyson. – Tyson!
– Yeah I have a lot of work to do with our opening of Ancient Oceans and this is kind of
helping me distract him. – Ah, that’s a good idea there, yeah. Tyson, you’ve gotta
stay out of trouble now. – Wait, you guys, what if y’all watched Tyson for me so I could get my work done? – Oh, you mean us?
– Yeah! – [Sarah] Yes you! – Oh wow, we’re so honored aren’t we? – Yeah.
– Cool, great. – You hold the toy and I
think I can hold Tyson. – That’s a very good idea. Come on in here Tyson. Whoa, look out, look out. Yeah there we go. – There ya go.
(Aaron groans) – There ya go, oh Tyson man,
you’re a big one there, huh? – Are you gonna behave yourself? (Aaron struggles) – Tyson, you gotta stay
in control here man. – Use that toy okay L.B.? All right I’ll see you guys later okay, gonna swim away now, bye guys. – [Both] Bye Sarah. – I got Tyson under control here! – We gotta figure out how we
keep Tyson entertained huh? (L.B. yelps) Come on Tyson, look out, look out! Okay Tyson, you see all
this stuff out here? – Yeah Tyson? – Oh yeah he liked that.
– Oh yeah you like that Tyson. – Oh, Tyson dropped his toy!
– Get the toy back! – Quick Park Ranger,
help me get his toy back! Oh you missed it, no, here, here! Ooh Tyson, come on Tyson, come on Tyson.
– Catch! – You can get the toy,
there ya go, there ya go. Yeah that’s good Tyson. Okay, okay
– Yeah Tyson. – Yeah, just look, look Tyson, at all the little underwater
aquatic creatures here, huh? Yeah you like that over there. Oh he lost his toy again! Oh, oh no my hat.
– Oh no your hat. – Quick get my hat back. Give me my hat! Get my head. – [L.B.] Oh it’s not on. (Aaron struggles) – There we go, okay, okay. – Oh no your hat’s not on. – It’s fine, it’s fine, Park Ranger L.B. I need some food man, here, I
think I see a place over here, come on Tyson. – Tyson, he took the toy!
– Let’s go over here okay? Come on, come on, I’ll put you down here. Here we are, there ya go,
put you in here Tyson, okay? There we’ve got a nice
little bed of seaweed huh? Yeah there ya go Tyson, okay,
okay, just stay right there. Okay, here you are, let’s
take that off Tyson, yeah, it’s okay. It’s okay, it’s okay, okay. Okay go to sleep Tyson. Okay, yep, oh there ya go. Ohh, look at Tyson, we’re gonna eat something, you don’t go anywhere Tyson, okay? – Okay, bye! – Tyson’s a handful isn’t he?
– Yeah! – Okay I’ll tell you what, I’m hungry and I think I got some
snack in here, all right? – Ohh, yeah. – What are you in the mood for, huh? How would you like, a Slim Jim huh? – Yeah!
– You want a Slim Jim? Yeah, that’s why I had to put Tyson down. Can’t open up the old Slim Jim with a dinosaur in your hands, right? I’m good now, here. You can eat it all right?
– Okay! – All right come on, let’s go.
– Let’s go. (gasp)
– Tyson! – Tyson?
(fast paced dramatic music) Tyson? – Where’s the dinosaur?
– Tyson? Tyson, you in here? Tyson?
– Where d’you leave him? – You in there Tyson? Tyson? – What are we gonna do man? You see a dino anywhere around here? – Uh oh, Sarah’s gonna be mad. – I know Sarah’s gonna be mad. We are in deep dino (mumbles). What are we gonna do? I know, I know, I know.
– What, what? – The new dino app. – Hurry, hurry, hurry.
– The dino tracker. Okay, let’s see if we can find Tyson on the dino tracker, okay? – Okay.
– Yeah I know it’s still in beta mode and everything
but it’ll probably still work. Here we go, here we go. Come on Tyson where
are you, where are you? – Wait, I see something! Right there! – He’s over by the inflatables. – Let’s go.
– Come on, let’s go to the inflatables! (fast paced dramatic music) okay, okay, okay. This is the inflatables, this is where it showed the
little blip on the radar in the app. But it’s gone, I don’t see the blip now. You see Tyson anywhere? – Wait a minute! Maybe he’s in there! – Why do you think Tyson’s in there? – Because it’s a bounce house! Bounce house!
– L.B., man. – Tyson where are you? – Hey.
– Tyson, you in here? – I don’t think Tyson’s in here. – Tyson, I’m coming Tyson! – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. (L.B. yells) – Tyson?
– He’s not here man. Okay, we gotta get going. – [L.B.] No my hat. – Okay, Park Ranger L.B., come on. All right, I got the app,
let’s see if we can spot Tyson on the app here. Okay, here we go, here we go. – [Both] There! – Right there, by the T-Rex! Get your shoes, let’s go! Hey look Park Ranger L.B., it’s the main entrance
to Jurassic Quest, okay? – Yeah!
– I’m sure a T-Rex is just right in here, we’re
gonna find Tyson, okay? – Yeah.
– Let’s go! Hey look, it’s T-Rex.
– T-Rex. – Okay, let’s see if we can
find Tyson here somewhere. – Okay, Tyson.
– Tyson? You around here Tyson?
– Tyson. – Wait, Tyson, are you in there? – Are you in there Tyson? – Open up T-Rex, did Tyson eat you? – Tyson, come out, come out. – Tyson, I think I see him! – Where?
– By the Spinosaurus! – The Spinosaurus?
– Yeah, let’s go! – Okay!
– Spinosaurus! – Look, it’s Spinosaurus man, this thing’s huge isn’t it? Okay, all right, you said
you saw Tyson over here? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, Tyson. Where are you Tyson? – [Aaron] Tyson, where are you man? – Oh no! – Oh, it’s Tyson’s toy!
– Yeah! – Oh man, that means Tyson was here. Do you see him in here anywhere? – [L.B.] Let’s see, Tyson? – Safari Sarah’s gonna be back any minute, we’re gonna be in really
the biggest trouble ever of our whole lives. I know, silly me man. The dino tracker app, okay. – There!
– The dino rides! – Yeah the dinosaur rides. – Quick, let’s get there
before he takes off again. Come on dude. Okay, okay, okay, all right. These are the dino rides, this
is where the blip was okay? You want to see if you can go on this one? I don’t see Tyson around here. – Maybe I can spot him from up there. – Yeah, maybe if you get on that ride, you can look out and you can see Tyson
hanging out here somewhere. Okay Park Ranger L.B., do
you see anything up there? – Not yet! – Man where did that dinosaur
go, we’re in trouble. – I think I see something
by the gift shop! – [Aaron] Come on man, let’s go find it! Park Ranger L.B., this is the gift shop. Let’s split up and see if
we can find Tyson okay? – Yeah!
– You go that way, I go this way. – Ooh, wow, yeah. Ooh, a backpack, yeah, that’s cool. – Come on Tyson, ooh,
look, it’s a Megalodon. – Oh yeah! – Tyson, you over here? Oh man, come on out Tyson, you’re gonna get me in real trouble, with Safari Sarah, Tyson. Park Ranger L.B., did you find him? Did you find Tyson anywhere? – No.
– No? Wait a minute. What’s this, it’s like
an inflatable T-Rex? – Yeah I got this at the
gift shop with my own money! – An inflatable, hey wait a minute. – Oh yeah, backpack! – [Aaron] It’s a Megalodon backpack? – Yeah!
– Oh man, how much stuff did you get? Dude, we don’t have time for this. We gotta get back over the
the Ancient Oceans exhibit, ’cause it’s a about to open any minute. Safari Sarah’s gonna be there and we’re gonna have to explain
to her how we lost Tyson. This is like the worst thing ever, okay? – Okay let’s go.
– Okay let’s go. – Man, what are we gonna do? – I know, what are we gonna do? You see Safari Sarah anywhere? – No, no, oh she’s right there. – She is right there. She’s coming this way,
dude, what are we gonna do? – I wonder where Tyson is. – I don’t have a Tyson do you? – I don’t have a Tyson either! – You think she’ll think
this is Tyson maybe? We can use this. – Tyson!
– It is Tyson! Right there by the
Quetzalcoatlus, all right awesome. – He’s with Park Ranger Aaron and L.B., I wonder where they’re at. – Oh, look Sarah’s coming. Here, what are we gonna do,
how are we gonna get Tyson without Sarah spotting us? – I don’t know. – (mumbles), what? – Leave it to me. – Leave it to you, well
do you have a plan? – Mmm hmm.
– Okay, what are you gonna do? – I’m gonna distract her. – Oh okay, how are you gonna distract her? – Don’t worry, I got this. – Okay well she’s almost here. Quick, you go meet her,
I’ll go get Tyson, let’s go. – Oh, there they are, hey L.B! – Oh, hey Safari Sarah, uh,
how d’you like Bob here? Yeah, Bob. – Is this your T-Rex? – Yeah, it’s Bob, yeah. – [Sarah] Oh, where’s my T-Rex? – Here, you can have Bob. – I can have Bob? Okay well, where did you get Bob? – Tyson.
– I got him at the gift shop. – Cool okay, well what about Ty– – I you can also have–
– What is this? – This backpack.
– Oh this is cool. Is that a Megalodon? – Oh yeah, this is a Megalodon! – Topical, that’s awesome. – Oh do you want this Slim Jim? – Oh I love Slim Jim’s, you
know who eats Slim Jims? – [Aaron] There he is, right there. I’m gonna get you Tyson. – Oh yeah, yeah. – Where is Tyson actually? – Oh uh, yeah, he’s with Park Ranger– – Come here Tyson. – Hey, do you want this
T-Rex I got at the gift shop? – Yeah that is really, oh
my gosh and his mouth opens? – [Aaron] Ooh, there’s Tyson right there. – That’s cool, yeah. So Park Ranger Aaron has him?
– Yes. – Okay so he’s safe?
– Yeah. – Come here Tyson! – [Sarah] Like 100%? – [Aaron] Oh man, I missed him again. – Oh and by the way, what’s
this type of dinosaur? – Well, it’s a carnivore.
– Carnivore. – Um, let’s see. – [Aaron] I got you Tyson, here I come. – Is it an Albertosaurus? – I don’t know, I’m asking you. – Oh, okay, yeah, it’s an
Albertosaurus, let’s say that. – Okay good, yeah. (Aaron grans)
– I’m an expert, totally. I just want to be positive, one more time, y’all have Tyson still right? – Yes.
– ‘Kay, cause it seems like y’all are trying to
distract me or something. – No, it’s not like Park
Ranger is behind you trying to look for
Tyson and we lost Tyson. No, no, no. – No, okay, I mean I trust you guys, y’all are park rangers. (Aaron yells)
– See look, right here. – Safari Sarah! – Oh I’m so glad you
have him safe and warm, you’ve been with them having fun all day. – Yeah!
– Yeah! Okay, you want to take Tyson back? – Yeah oh course! Here, can you take these things? – You can have Tyson back. – Hey boy, oh yeah, you’re such a good boy. Hey honey, yeah. – Okay, all right that
was awesome wasn’t it, Park Ranger L.B., hanging
out with Tyson all day. – Yeah you seem like you
really enjoyed it Tyson. – Yeah no problem at all, right. – Yeah.
– Okay. – Well good. – All right well we’re gonna
go get ready for the launch of Ancient Oceans, okay? – Well, we’ll see y’all later. – Okay, bye Tyson.
– Bye! Come on Bob! – Hey Park Ranger L.B., man. We finally made it to the brand
new Ancient Oceans exhibit at Jurassic Quest, cool,
let’s go check it out, man. – Let’s go! – Oh wow, look at the size
of this ammonite, man. – [L.B.] Yeah, the ammontie’s huge! – [Aaron] It is huge and it’s
got these moving tentacles and it’ll get ya! So awesome. Hey
– Hey. I hear you and me. – I think that is you and me. Let’s go check it out. – Oh hey, look at that. – Oh look, see it’s a screen
that’s giving us information but you know who’s in there? – Who?
– It’s Park Ranger Aaron and Park Ranger L.B., see there’s me. – Yeah there’s you! – It’s Park Ranger me!
(laughs) we teamed up with Jurassic Quest to make the adventure videos as the virtual host of the
Ancient Oceans exhibit. – Cool.
– How cool is that. So as we work our way through the exhibit, Park Ranger Aaron and Park
Ranger L.B. helps us go through! – Yeah!
Let’s keep going and check out the rest of
the undersea creatures here. – Bye me.
– Bye me. – [Both] Whoa! – Ooh, look at that mean looking piranha, fish looking thing there. Hey look how real looking
the movement is on this, huh? – Look at his neck he’s like–
– Oh yeah. It’s very realistic isn’t it. I think that’s a Plesiosaurus but I’m not sure what that one is. Maybe we should ask ourselves. – [L.B.] Oh cool, look it’s an Archelon! – [Aaron] Giant, ancient sea turtle, huh? – Yeah!
– As big as this is, this doesn’t even
compare to the Megalodon! – Yeah!
– And check out this, oh it’s moving there. It’s like a giant prehistoric shark, you know, like the T-Rex of
fishes, or whatever, sharks. Hey, let’s go around he side
and see how big this thing is, okay?
– Oh look! – Oh look, it’s mouth is opening up. Like big, huge (growls)
it’s gonna eat you. Okay, ooh and look, there
it’s fins are flapping. Man this thing is ginormous,
look at the tail back there! I can’t believe how big this thing is. This is like the biggest
underwater sea creature we’ve ever seen, isn’t it?
– Yeah! Hey park rangers, if you like this video, please subscribe to our channel and give us a big thumbs up. (bright music)

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