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DISCUS FISH -Love/Hate 7 Reasons I Don’t Keep Discus in My Aquariums

– What’s up fish tank people? DustinsFishTanks bringing it to you. On a Sunday baby. How’s everybody doin’? I hope you’re doin’ well. And today’s video it’s Sunday, it’s species
Sunday but I’m gonna talk about a fish that I’ve never kept before. A quick note here. I hardly ever try to talk about anything that
I’m not personally keeping or have kept for a long period of time. I stay in my lane, I know my role. African Cichlids, I am not keeping African
Cichlids you’re not seeing me personally talking about a lot of African Cichlids. Salt water tanks, my daughter wants me to
set up a saltwater tank. I haven’t had a salt water tank in over 10
years, I’m not talking a lot about salt water tanks. You’ll notice that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy
looking at both a salt water tank or a cichlid tank. I’m not a monster fish keeper, I don’t like
big fish. They eat my plants and eat smaller fish. Closest thing I got to monster fish are these
koi right here. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate monster
fish. But there is one type of fish that I’ve never
kept before, that kind of fits my style of fishkeeping. It’s from South America and it’s readily available
in the hobby, and I could probably get my hands on some really ridiculous specimens
of it. But folks, this story, like most good fish
tank stories, starts in the jungle. Just kidding, we didn’t catch any of these
fish even though we tried for hours. And in fact folks, it was this type of fish
that was actually kept in this 220 gallon aquarium behind me before this tank became
mine. That’s right folks I can’t delay it any longer. Today we’re talking about Discus fish. Is Dustin doing Discus fish or is Dustin dissing
Discus fish? I want your feedback on Discus in the comments. Here’s the good news about Discus. Let’s start with the positives here folks,
talking about Discus. Discus, the positives, they’re beautiful. Discus are beautiful fish. You can find Discus in any color of the rainbow
you want that fits your fancy. I actually like the giant yellow ones. Look at these fish around here. These are from Uncle Sam’s Discus. My man, West. These fish are amazing looking. What’s another positive about Discus? They get big, yeah. Big beautiful fish. They get big like the size of flapjacks. Not only do they get big, they get big and
then they school together. How great is that, you got big, beautiful,
round fish, all schooling together. So you got this big beautiful fish that goes
in a school, not only that. It goes in a school but it can also live in
a planted aquarium, something I happen to be fond of. Big, beautiful, fish in a planted aquarium. What could go wrong with keeping Discus? So what are the down sides of keeping Discus? They get big, they school, they come in any
color of the rainbow, and you keep them in a planted tank. What’s the downside Dustin? This could be a downside or an upside but
it’s a nice segue into the downside, and that is this. The challenge of keeping Discus. We talked about the good and now we ‘re gonna
talk about the bad, and here are seven reasons why I’m not keeping Discus. My number seven reason I’m not keeping Discus. They are finicky eaters. my boy Steve used to feed ’em white worms. What do you never see me feed any of my fish? White worms. Why don’t I feed white worms? Now I gotta keep something, I gotta feed something
that’s the food to feed my fish. So I gotta feed the food of my fish. I’m not doing that. My number six reason I’m not keeping Discus. They’re expensive, you know, I’m not afraid
of spending money on a fish. I’m gonna drop 25 bucks on a fish about this
big, barely able to survive, kind of sensitive? Heck no. I spend 25, I got a $300 koi in there. You know what happens? That fish is frozen solid all winter long,
comes out and greets me like I’m Aerosmith begging for food. Am I gonna spend my money on a tiny little
fish this big or am I gonna buy a $300 dollar koi that can survive the winter? My number five reason I’m not keeping Discus. They’re sensitive and susceptible to diseases. My boy Steve used to keep em. You can click the links around here and see
his Discus. Steve is a Doctor. Okay, he can prescribe his own metronidazole,
alright? Like the stuff you feed your fish to keep
them healthy. He could prescribe it and he had problems
keeping Discus without getting some sort of parasite or something. I mean, he couldn’t figure it out, and would
watch ’em slowly die over a week. My number four reason I’m not keeping Discus. Discus like warmer water. Warmer water above 80. Generally speaking, plants hate it when the
water gets about 80. I like keeping lots of plants. Not to mention I hardly run heaters in any
of my tanks. Then I got one more device to worry about
failing. My number three reason I’m not keeping Discuss. You gotta feed ’em a lot initially to get
’em going. My boy Steve is keeping a bare bottom tank
so it’s easier to clean the tank. What happens when you feed a lot? You feed a lot, you get a lot of algae. And when do get rid of the algae, you gotta
do big water changes. Which leads me to number two. And my number two is a two part thing. Part one is this. The water parameters that Discus generally
like does not match the water coming out of my tap which means more work for Dustin. Part two is this. Discus do not like big water parameter swings. My zodiac symbol is an aquarius, which is
literally a dude pouring a giant bucket of water. Astrologically, Dustin is not meant to keep
Discus. And my number one reason I’m not keeping Discus. They get spooked easy. You turn the lights on, they get spooked. They hide. They don’t look at you. They’re like the hot chick at the bar that
won’t give you the time of day even though you’re trying to buy her a drink and you’ve
said some good jokes. Sarah, let’s get out of here. If I’m dropping 50 bucks on a fish that fish
better greet me when I walk into the room and ask me how the heck was your day, dad? This $4 betta fish right here has more personality
than any Discus that I ever met in my entire life. Do me a favor folks. Hit that notification button and that subscribe
button around here and drop me a comment on what you think about keeping Discus. Maybe I got all this all wrong or maybe, just
maybe, I’m putting Discus in the 350 whenever I get that sucker set up. Tank on everybody. Make it a great week. Like!

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