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Discus Fish, The King of Freshwater Aquarium/Tank

Discus Fish, The King of Freshwater Aquarium/Tank

the discus fish is known as the cane the
freshwater aquarium the discus fish are a genus of siblings which are native to
the Amazon River Basin their bright colors make them popular as a great
choice for freshwater aquariums like cichlids from the genus terraform all
discus species have a laterally compressed body shape in contrast to
Terra film however extended fin age is absent giving discus a more rounded
shape it is this body shape from which their common name discus is derived
discus typically reached up to twelve point three until 15 point two
centimeters in length but captives have been claimed to reach 23 centimeters
adults generally weigh 150 until 250 gram the discus fish are highly social
typically occurring in groups that may nomber many dozens of individuals which
is unique among cichlids of the Americas as for most cichlids brood care is
highly developed with both the parents caring for the young additionally adult
discus produces secretion through their skin which the larvae live off during
their first four weeks during the first two weeks the parents stay near their
young allowing them to feed easily there are many color varieties of discus to
choose from with many more being introduced all the time their brain
pattern marking in colors range from reds oranges Browns creams and brilliant
shades of bright blue they also come in single colored varieties and even pure
white perhaps the most beautiful of all tropical fish the discus fish is also
one of the more difficult tropical fish to keep and is not recommended for
beginners discus require excellent water conditions frequent water changes and
higher water temperatures than most other tropical fish most successful
keepers house their discus and a species only tank because of the high water
temperature requirement Merilee feed on algae other plant
material in detritus but also eat small in vertebrates invertebrates can make up
38% of the stomach content in wild unlike more predatory cichlids discus
fish have relatively long intestine typical of a herbivore around the world

16 comments on “Discus Fish, The King of Freshwater Aquarium/Tank

  1. I have discus, and I haven't changed the water in weeks!!! Just topping it off. Most important is temp and them being w 6 or more to make them comfortable

  2. Very informative Video. I have at this Moment ca. 80 3 month old Discus. I feed 6-7 times and make a 20% Waterchange daily. Nice to see them grow.

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