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Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, and welcome back to Depth. Now, I’ve calmed down a bit. I have, stepped back from my bitchous nature and I have reassumed my own bravery. Those were all fancy words to mean absolutely dick because I didn’t do none of those things, I’m just saying that I feel a little better than I have before, and I’m gonna do the tutorial to show how to do a shark and then I’m gonna try to play a shark, and then I’m gonna try to be a shark And that’s gonna be the way that I do this thing and I have no idea I HATE THE FUCKING OCEAN I hate this game. Anyways, so, I’m gonna try to learn how to try to play, and then I’m gonna try to be a shark in a multiplayer match which hopefully will be a little less terrifying for me. Oh god, is this Captain Doucher Nutter? Oh yes please tell me about how my life is less valuable than your treasure. Uh huh. Yes, go on. Oh yeah. Oh fuck you. (Captain) *so, You want to be a treasure hunter?* Not any more (Captain) *We’ve got a mission to do, so this is a perfect timing* Okay! (Captain) *Alright… before i send you down there, let’s get you outfitted* Why don’t you have an arm!? Oh, I know how to do this. Oh, I don’t have enough money. (Captain) *That’s a good pistol. Russian hardware, very nice* Okay.. That’s a pistol alright! Alright, thanks, alright. I’m ready. Ready (Captain) *You all set? There’s a treasure out there, so let’s get going* There’s a treasure out th- Oh god! You mean by “let’s” get going, you mean, I get going and you stay on the boat with one arm WHY DO YOU HAVE ONE ARM?! WHY?! TELL ME WHY?! Ain’t nothin’ but a heart break… ok sure alright then oah gotta aim (Captain) *If a shark attacks, i’m trusting you to keep him in one piece* *random markimoo noises* what about me, can I be in one piece? I like being in one piece oh god (jumpscare) Ah fucking god damn it Fuck you Fuck this mission fuck everything about this shit why are the sharks in this universe so… verial is not the right word versatile is not either VISCOUS, that’s the word not verial and versatile I don’t know, they’re probably reproducing a whole lot Ahhh.. *Mark is fear* Oh! Ok And th- ohh a golden gun Is this golden eye with the golDAN gun? Ooook Alright Uhhhh AHHH hate this.. oohh I hate this ooohh hate… hate…hate 3x goldan gun ok alright I’m just doing. Wh- there’s more? Okayy Ih just keeps re-appearing Wooow I am LOADAD up haBUH (Captain) *Great work, we’ll split the profit and you can buy some better gear for your next dive* WHY DO WE SPLIT THE PROFIT?! WHEN I’M GRABBING IHHHTT “Get your knife out to move faster” *reading* Oooh okay Come back S.T.E.V.E! Take this! Oooah shit I fucked that up Ooohh Fuckk Whhoops Alright. Hang on Gotta ARCH IT! Nooope That didn’t work Hiyaduusky Okay gottt it! Go faster will youhh Everyone knows you move faster with a knife BRUH Everyone- ohh f*ck I don’t wanna do this.. I don’t wanna do this! I’D RATHER HAVE MY GUN OUT FOR WHEN I GET ATTackkeedd *quietly* fucking fucking fuck- *gasp* *continues* fucking fucking fucking shit fuck *crescendo* fuck fuck 4x Ooohhh boy OOOh boy Please don’t kill me I like life… (Captain) *This is not on the map… toss a flare down there for me, we might find some more treasure* Ok, alright! I will do that boss! For YOUUUUU THAT DID NOT HELP! It just looks like Blooooooohhh AHHH! OOHH BOY AIYAII! Fucking FUUUCKING FUCKKKK DIEEE! hOly shit OW! (Captain) *The shark was relentless, but you show him who’s the boss* WHAT ABOUT MY LEGS?! I SEEM TO BE QUITE DABBLAGED (Captain) *I tell all my divers the same thing. “Buy flares, the ocean is a dark place.” you never know when you will need a bit of light* Hahhhhh Yeah.. Yeah. About that Yeah. Ohh so fuck you Also, what is this placeee (Captain) *This is it… i knew pirates have used this area to store the treasure* uhh.. *Mark is worried* (Captain) *Damn! The lock rusted shut. It’s going to take S.T.E.V.E a bit to get this open. Keep him covered* Oh suree it will Oh okay yeahh alright ooohhhh OKAY I’M GONNA DIEEEE! I’VE GOT LIKE 2 HEALTHH (Captain) *Looks like he took a bite of you, go patch yourself up* YEAH! MAYBE A LITTLE BIT! MAYBE A LITTLE BIT OF A BITE YEAH LET’S CALL IT A BITE LET’S CALL IT NOT MY WHOLE LEG BEING REMOVED OH! TH- THAT’LL FIX IT OH JUST AN INJECTION A LITTLE BANDAID! THAT’LL WORK UNDERWATER! ohh fuck OH FUCK Where WHERE Ay yai yai Ah AHHHHHHH Ah FUCK I’M DEAD I’M DEAD I ughhh *sniff* ughhhhhh *wtf TIGER talking* *in between giggles* whhhh WOAH WO HOHOH WOAH HOHOHOOO HIYAAA OOF oh shit oh fuck dudee oh fuck dude huh HIYA 2x HIYAA! HIYAAA! HI YAAA HIYA HIYAA? *imitating Tiger* They must leave inside my BUTTOCKS OMNOM Ohhh Oh ohoh okay I got THRASH OHHHH I’M THRASHING I’M THRASHING SO HARRDDDD Holy Shit How do you know that?! How do you know?! oohhhhh okay I seem to be almost dead.. Heh heh *marki laughs* Oh jeeez. Captain Stubbs can talk to fish! That’s a new revelation! I did not know that! Okay! Alright then! Let’s carry on. I don’t know how to f- Oh! Break the ceiling. I didn- Didn’t know I could do dat! Didn’t didn’t know that was possible Haboosky I did it! I’m a shark bitch. Mark the Shark. Comin’ thru Oh I gotta feed! Heeeeeyy Eeeee GET SOME! Woah.. Oh! That’s so sad! Ohh That’s – I mean I know its nature and all that but- Oh my god I GUESS ITS ALSO SAD THAT HE’S EATING HUMANS BUT- These poor sealss… :'( Awww… Well … Jeez okay. That’s a little – That’s a little OMINOUS don’t chu think? Alright whatever, you know what? I’m gonna take your word for it SWOOSH SABOOSKY Can I do a sweet- Allrightt yeah look at me So what am I – What am I catchin’ a with of here? (I don’t… what?) Where… where are they? Oh shit. Oh oh oh gawd Oh god… WOAHH ohhh I got dead. OH! ohhh… oh ohhhh Holy Shit okay… Use adaptive hide To hide from s- Hooo boy Ya maybe- Yeah! You’ll be back with more GULLIBLE MOROONS that.. ..somehow just allow you to- THROW THEIR LIVES AWAY into the waters. OKAY! Well. Did the tutorial! It was scary as fuck! AHHH what happens if you actually kill Tony the Tiger Shark? I dont know… I don’t know but I’m going to try to plaee I want to be a shark maybe.. uhhh maybe Megalodon Hunt… I’ll try Megalodon Hunt.. okay Alright. OOKAY Well Couldn’t find a Megalodon Match! So, I’m just gonna do Quick Play and get another one outta the way and then… Maybe in the next episode I can actually play with FRIENDS that will wanna kill me… in every way possible WOOOOHHHH hehhh fuck Oh! I’m a diver again Which means I’m gonna die. a lot oh boy okay k so this time I’m gonna go with- the Semi-Automatic. That sounds good. I can do dat. Alright. I’ll ready up. I’m good! Alright let’s do this! LET’S DO THIS TERRIFYING THING! let’s do this… What’s with the eh five round barrel? That doesn’t wh- Why does a gun have five barrels in it? That doesn’t make any sense Who designed these guns?! Does s- z- z- Captain STEVE design these guns and sent us down with his homemade bullshit?! Oh that guy’s got a crown His name is COCOnut That’s “kandasu3” and a “A GREEN GIRAFFE” Oh boy we’re gonna die *whisper* ah fuck I hate this game… I hate this game so much Ah fuck I hate this game Hate this game SO much Oh boy oh boy oh boy Ho boy ho boy oohh boy oh boy ye ay ay * mark is scareddd* hoo boy ho boy ho boy.. uh oh welp That’s a- that’s a- oohh.. WOOH WOAWW WOAHW OH SHIT Well didn’t get tha- WAHHHH FUCKING GOD DAMMIT WOAH HOHHOOHH WOAHH That one is cold blooded apparently Ooohh I get it I get it. I have to collect treasures throughout the game. WOAH x4 AH FUCKING GOD DAMMIT! oh JEEEZUS okay respawn holy shit, but at least I got my treasure and I think thats good! oh wow. that’s not good. *mark is concentration* oh boy x3 oh missed… NO I got it! ok I got it! so this is how you buy stuff. oh I get it okay I got it now huh eeeh Alright. Why are we so separated? It doesn’t seem good. It doesn’t seem- AHHHIIII FUCKING GOT YA! GOT CHA! Got cha! Gooottt cha… G’chaaa G’cha K’CHOW! K’CHOW! and G’CHAA oh boy. This ain’t good ah.. fucker ducker.. ohh boy oh these are some- this dangerous this is dangerous this dangerous ohhhhhh this dangerous ohhh this so dangerous hooo thats dangerous hookay I cashed in my treasure! I GOT A LOT OF MONEYYYY ooh boy oh boy Where’re you… Where you a-holes Where you dilweeds okay got bullets wooh YAIIII YAHHHHHHH YAHHHH I SAVE YOUUUHHHH I did that. Woah fuck What was that. Woah where. wowww… tha’ts not good Come on, “A GREEN GIRAFFE” I- I’ve got chur back. I think… Not really but- okay. Again I say that I… AHHH FUCKING GOD DAMMIT UGHHH alright okay, but at least I can- I can buyyyy a~ ri- oh wait no no sell sell sell buy THIS okay yeah I’ll do that! HOOO this seems much better! seems much beefy better WOAH fucking god dammit I lost- fucken fucken shit haha! Gotcha okay okay alright so far so GEEWWWDDD HO BOY OH BOY (many times) WHO’S THERE woah *quietly* who’s there WOAH HELLO Who’s th- AH! f- YOU’RE THERE! HI! OKAY oh boy okay so keep my gunn ho… AHHHH I SAW YOU GOD DAMMIT! HO MY GAD HO STAB I- OHHHH Ok I need to go get some god damn health… While they’re respawnin’ *drowns* ehblurgh ok got it ok I’m doin’ okayy seems like we’re down a man but- I don’t know where the last guy is He is all over the place God I can’t see this wooAHHIIII I see you there! HAHA! Hahaaaaa HAHAHAAAA I need to buy flares… I need f- I need flares… Well, that’s close WOAHHKAY I’M GETTIN’ SOME KILLS HERE! I’M DOIN’ A LOT BETTER YOU’RE NOT SO SCARY ANYMOREEE You’re pretty, still pretty damn scary.. but- oh boy that’s not good shit gaatcha okay hoo boy that was terrifying oh god I’m almost out of BEWWLETS *mark is concentration once again* ho boy, where is that? WHERE IS THAT OOHHH HEY! NOOO OH MY GOD There you go. Okay SAVED YOUUUU Ohhh Ive only got one round left oh boy (many times) WAHHHHHHYYY FUCKING WOOOH BOY Okay I’m officially out of bullets That’s not good that’s not good oohh ammo over there yes pleaseee yes pleasee hoo boy okay get my gun out reloada ho boy heeeooooo boy where ga- why is that guy- Why is that guy goin’ so farr?? seems like not a smart maneuver woah okay. I’M UNSTOPPABLE! APPARENTLY! I’VE- I REFUSE TO BE STOPPED EVEN FOR A MOMENT! HO… WAAAAYYYYAYYYYY okay Got youuu holy fucking SHITTTT AHHH FUCK THEY GOT ME X4 fuuuuckkk ahhhh man I’ve got so much moneyyy flaaarresss mm sea miness x3 sure k respawn k I’ll put this in the last spo– AHHHHHH woahhhhh that was scary AHHH THATS STILL SCARY OH GOD HO MY GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE I MADE IT OUT OF THAT oh fucking shit thanks for the med kit bluuu bruu k I’ll put- put- I’ll put sea mines on the- AHH Fuck me.. hoo fuck me ho fuck me. AHH FUCK ME COME ON! THEY’RE AFTER ME! oh I’ve- I don’t look so good. The sea mo- the sea mines are not a good look for me. woah that’s not good ho boy ooh fuck where is he AH FUCK FUCKING AGAIN!? AHH BOY come on c’mon we gotta get back in there AH FUCKN’ AGAIN?! HOHO HOHO SOMEHOW I MADE IT OUT OF THAT ALIVE gonna get this med kit haboosky okay let me play a sea mine right there that’s a good place for it I think I don know no idea where this asshole’s goin’ hooh What’s that guy got, that guy’s got a scoodydoo OOHHH SCOODYDOO scoodydoo where where where where holy fuck can’t see ho boy welp that was panic shooting that was a span spray method I wish I had a FLARE okay HAIIII HO BOYY HEY FUCKING AHHHHHHH WOAHHOH I’m alive?! H- How in do fuck? oohh that is- holy shit how the fuck am I alive BLURGH Well this prolly not worth it cuz I’m prolly gonna get killed anyway woah got ya hoho! you thought you could hide! I can see you f- for some reason! woah where’d he go? where’d he go? OW! okay alright, DIVERS WON! YEAHHHHH HAHAHHHHH OH! I HAD THE MOST KILLLS I DIDN’T GET THE HIGHEST SCORE BUT I GOT THE MOST KILLS YEAHHHHH I’VE CONQUERED MY FEARR! YEAHHH! AWWW YAYYY HEHE AHH that’s cool Man, Coconut. Coconut did save us! *reading* “Be the last player standing against 2 opponents and win the game” WOAH That’s cool! Oh that was close! OKAY! But, either way That’s good So we only had a certain number of tickets Eh OH that’s what it was. Oh there are- You can only respawn so many times. Oh okay I did not know that huh Okay so either way, that is all the time that we have for this episode here. Thank you so much for watching, in the next episode I’m gon try play with some friends cuz I wanna try Megalodon Mode and I wanna try to be a shark *outro music starts playing* and I wanna try to not be terrified in the middle of the ocean So either way Thank you everybody so much for watching and as always See YOU IN THE NEXT VIDEO! BAI BAI! 😀

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  1. Mark:why don't you have a arm?
    Me:maybe he got his arm bit off or maybe the bar is covering his arm
    Mark:ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what ever
    Me:😑 okay

  2. Mark, u r pissing me off, the money is for buy new weapons or upgrading the weapons u already have. So, why don't u ever do that?!

  3. In the game u should listen to ur heart beat because it tells u when the shark is nearby. Slow heart beat means the shark is far away.
    Fast heart beat means the sharks are close.

  4. What I love is that at one point a player called "salt" killed "bum bum" and mark was actually salty XD

  5. i think it would be funny to watch if get one of your older fan to play a scary game with u. and her reactions.

  6. "This is the perfect timing." Yes, no better timing than whenever there's an army of sharks down there.

  7. Don’t mean to shine on your parade, but you didn’t get the most kills😅. The guy above you had 29. You had 27. Y’all played great though👍🏼.

  8. 7:17 If they’re looking for treasure anybody noticed the giant war fighter pilot wing just lying in the rocks right there that’s going to make more than they need

  9. 1:27 Mark: Why do you have one arm….WHY? Tell me why?
    Me and everyone else: "TELL ME WHY, AINT NOTHING BUT A MISTAKE" XD!!!(What am I doing with my life?)

  10. Sharks aren't actually this vicious unless you look like food. Just don't be extra chonky and look like a snacc 😉

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