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DIY Aquaponics Fish Tank Setup | The Whole Construction Process With In-Depth Tips And Tricks

DIY Aquaponics Fish Tank Setup | The Whole Construction Process With In-Depth Tips And Tricks

DIY Aquaponics Fish Tank Setup well I figured it’s about time to record
some of my work in progress on my aquaponics setup so I guess this is
where I’ll start this is a hundred gallon tank that will be where the fish
will reside you’ll notice there are a couple tubes coming back here the upper
one is the return which will bring water back that’s already been cycled through
the plants and then the one that sticks out the side there will be overflow so
that will be the top level of the water and the water will stay at a constant
level right there so anything that you know any changes will actually happen in
this up here which is my sump tank so I’ll kind of walk through the system but
let’s just say we’re overflowing a little water and or something in here
this is where there’s going to be a variance of water levels
that’s a 55-gallon drum that are recessed into the ground and down on the
bottom is the pump and so we’ll start that you know pretty full but it will
kind of cycle through different levels depending on the ebb and flow of one of
the beds that I’m using so you can see that the pump feeds out through the wall
over here and this is a filter that my son and I made we had actually acquired
some aquaponic gear from from a guy that I bought the fish tank from and we
basically kind of stole his model and sort of made our own from it he had a
real good idea for stuffing that with a sponge in one end and then some
synthetic pillow stuffing material and that way you can open up the end cap and
replace that material and what that does is just kind of gets out the big chunks
of things yeah I don’t know how awful we’ll have
to change that but then we will so that line comes over here to to this system
here so what you’ll see is this bigger tube right here is the return that goes
back over to the tank and what I’ve done on this is I’ve got a valve right here
so if I actually shut off the flow over the water where the plants are I’ve got
some other valves I can open that valve right there and it will just flow right
back through there up in a closed loop back to the fish tank but if you follow
the one here on the left this actually goes up to where beds are gonna be and
so I’ve got these exposed right now that will be buried later so that inlet line
comes over to here and you can see that it comes over to these three and so
these will be constant flow beds right in here with water coming up the other
end I’ve got return lines on the other end on each one of these have a valve
that I can set and change the flow of water the other direction it splits over
here it comes up to these two beds the one on the right is gonna be an ebb and
flow bed it’s got a bell siphon which allows it to fill up and then it will
drain and then it will fill up and then it will drain and I’m going to try to
get that in about half hour cycles so the one over here on the left will be a
constant level and that’s going to be a raft system where I’m going to use
something like a yoga mat or something and floated on top of the fluid and then
cut holes in the the mat recess plants and that will be sitting in constant
water so the returning min comes out the bottom
you can see the pipe coming out of that one over there and that one over here
and they join and go down to the ground and back across and then these systems
over here the outlets come out these end this end of these three and then drops
down and then my return goes all the way back to the fish and that’s the cycle hi
there I just wanted to give an update on my aquaponics garden this is my second
video if you have seen the first one you saw how I had the system laid out to be
plumbed still working through finishing that off as far as glue in some of the
joints I should be done with that probably tonight but I wanted to throw a
video up of an addition that I made here just yesterday one of my concerns with
having my tank out with here was just stuff falling into my fish tank or we
have a lot of neighborhood cats you know cats getting in there and messing with
the fish so I wanted to make some kind of a cover over it but I didn’t want to
make it where it was too cumbersome where my kids couldn’t come out here and
feed the fish easily and where we could still see the fish so I came up with
this idea which I have built and it lays over the lip of my tank and all that is
is just some window screen material that’s on top of it and then I’ve got a
hinged area here which I can lift up and you can not get to the corner of the
tank to feed the fish or to get a little bit closer look or get your hands in
there for some reason so I think that’ll work out real well it’ll keep off the
debris if you can want to no it’ll come through on here but I’ve got all sorts
of junk that’s down inside my tub right now from the rain the past few days it’s
there’s a weeping willow tree right over this tank
and much of the weeping willow is now inside that tank so I’m kind of wishing
I had done this a week ago but nonetheless it’s done I think it’s
gonna work out real well the return line is going to come back and just drop
right through that screen and you know I think it will also help sort of you know
there’s any big particles that end up coming back down the return line they’ll
end up you know sitting on top of that screen plus you know I guess it’ll it
should in theory aerate the water a little bit more is it kind of passes
through the screen to so I think it’s kind of good design we’ll see how it
plays out but I feel good about the way it turned out you have any
recommendations or suggestions feel free to leave them in a comment hey yeah yeah
I just want to do a video I haven’t done one for a while and haven’t done one
since I got my fish back you think I would see them scooting around down in
there a little bit so about two weeks ago I went out to Frank’s aquaponics
which you can find at Frank’s aquaponics calm and picked up 23 tilapia from him
and the transfer to this tank was really successful I didn’t lose any of them and
they’ve been eating like crazy and and doing their thing and it seems like they
made the transition well so from the last time I posted a video I’ve changed
the system just a little bit you watch the early ones you saw that I ran water
through that filter right there came up out of the sump tank and into
that filter and on up to the garden up there I found that that was restricting
the water flow a little bit too much and I wasn’t getting enough pressure at the
heads for the garden was so I changed it a little bit and decided to do a kind of
passive filter here so as water comes out of the top of this tank and comes
back down into the Sun point it goes down through this bucket system
and what I did is I took a four gallon bucket and drilled a bunch of holes in
it and on the inside of it I have a four inch PVC pipe to go down into a cap at
the bottom and it has a drilled in it and then just pull open material all the
way around that gets out the kind of solid waste you can get in that down a
little something on the way back and that seemed to work considerably better
I got crazy flow now almost too much of my I find that my Evan flow bed is
cycling about every five minutes and I don’t know that’s perhaps too fast but I
kind of hard to have slowing it down more than that so I may have to kind of
throttle it in there with a another ball valve or something to cut it back just a
little bit anyway so step over this part of the garden things are going well up
on this system as far as mechanically speaking everything is flowing like it
should I have had considerable problems with my Evan flow I’m sorry
with my germination I got sidetracked looking at my oven flow but I put up on
seeds in and very few things have actually popped I’ve had some lima beans
pop and they’ve come up I’ve had summer squash pop and you know what
while I’m right here you can see this is the ebb and flow bell siphon and it’s
just reached the top and you’re gonna see the sink flush out in just a minute
so excuse the a dee dee video but since I’m hearing here about to watch a dump
I guess might as well so you can see it’s up to about the top right now this
water is gonna start dropping I don’t know if you can see that well enough I
hope so and it’s actually draining all the way
out now and on the other end in the middle of this how much more active to
drink it’s down here when it starts dumping and it creates so much movement
in the system and tons of aeration in the water that works really well I had
to go to a little bit bigger blow of water but anyway back to where I was so
um you know I planted a bunch of stuff and this is a right now may 18th I
planted a bunch of this on May 1st and so you know I had some eggplant that I
put in back here more summer squash here a whole bunch of the lima beans I did
another one looks like it’s gonna do something here in a minute that and
another one here that’s kind of working his way up but I really haven’t seen
very much pop up I had a cucumber pop up and it died so I mean a little bit
discouraged about the way that that’s happened I planted a bunch of spinach
both in these here in my RAF bed and a bunch of spinach all in these tubes here
and none none of those have popped I kind of wonder if perhaps they’re too
submerged and just too wet so I’m trying something a
little bit different with some onions that I planted and rather than having
them sit down actually in the water they’re kind of touching the water and
it’s waking up and keeping those wool cubes moist but not completely saturated
so I’m gonna see if I have any different success with that one thing that was
pretty successful so far are my Swiss chard that I planted and those little
guys have popped up and and they’re starting to do their thing and so I’m
pretty pleased with that today I just took a few cuttings that are not looking
very happy about being cut that actually took these out of the dirt garden that’s
a little bit of a mint and yeah I can’t think of a name we’ll come back to it
and strawberry as well so anyway that’s it things are kind of going obviously
I’m not bearing any fruit but I also have a lot to learn when it comes to
actually you know the gardening aspect of this so you know hopefully by the
next time I post a video I’ve got a little bit more life out here if you
happen to see anything that you just got home I mean this is why you’re not
seeing better germination tell me I’m open to constructive criticism I’m by no
means an expert on this I have put this together based on watching lots of
YouTube videos and doing lots of reading but you know certainly not an authority
and I’m kind of there’s a lot of trial by fire here so anyway if you have
anything to say feel free to leave me a comment on the YouTube video and and
perhaps I can learn from you thanks

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