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DIY Aquarium Lid, Fish Tank Top, Covers made out of Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels!

DIY Aquarium Lid, Fish Tank Top, Covers made out of Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels!

76 comments on “DIY Aquarium Lid, Fish Tank Top, Covers made out of Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels!

  1. Tired looking for this around my area but these people look at me like Im crazy… but I broke alot of glass tops both diy and the ones you can get form the lfs

  2. Hey Cory thanks for another great tip from just a guy to a guy nothing technical. Question, couldn't you just use a very small drop of 100% Silicone for the hinge and knob.?

  3. Great idea. I'm switching over to these panels for my fish room. I actually prefer them over glass tops. Home Depot doesn't carry the panels in my area. I can get 4' x 8' panels from Menards for $50. Harder to handle and less factory edges than the 2' panels, but cheaper per lid when done.

  4. Man! Keep dem videos long. Most people tuning in appreciate the detail in the videos. Great material choice.

  5. Works well at keeping the moisture in the tank, too. My tank with a standard lid has to be topped off every few days where I never have problems with these lids. BTW, not all Home Depots carry them in stock but maybe Cory could post the bar code information from one of the panels so you could then ask the manager of your local store to carry them. I told them what I used them for and reminded them that there were a lot of people in the hobby.


  7. i like these as well but the closest stores that carry it are 90 to 100 miles from me 🙁
    i'll have to look for alternatives to this type …

  8. awesome video as allways!!  special kinda methods you use to teach us , like it much! a simpleton like me could understand. =)

  9. Love your site, need advice , I am a novice, equipment, filters, air pump, etc? Can you advise me.

  10. I love my table saw I use it alot for aquarium diy. I bought the freud diablo for acrylic and non ferous metal. They cost 60 bucks but worth it I love the table saw with good blade.

  11. hi just use a blade or knife to peel the other side of the tape or bend the tape in half to get a crease in the tape so when you put the tape on the handle it should be easy to peel.hope this helps love the videos got tonns of info from your videos.

  12. Will these Polycarbonate lids make lighting worse? diffuse it in any way? make it not as bright in the tank it self or will plants suffer over using a clear glass lid? Thanks.

  13. thanks for this video I've been looking for a great way to make a top for my tank and this is awesome🤓

  14. Wanted to buy an acrylic sheet for my braceless but read that it warps once it exposed to moisture. Glass is a bit heavy so a polycarbonate will do perfect, though it is more expensive than acrylic.

  15. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have broken several glass lids (butter fingers :). I was looking for this. Sadly this is not carried in my area. I found it on Amazon though. I might take my handles off my broken lids to use on the new lids and silicone them. Getting a 75 gallon today. switching all my tanks to these lids.

  16. Thanks a lot for the diy.

    I have a problem with this type of implementation as the aquariums we get to buy here come bare without any brackets. They are just 5 pieces of glass bound by silicone. Can you suggest ideas as to how can we built lids In such cases

  17. Is mold/mildew growing in the panel cells ever an issue after they have been in use? How long is the lifetime of these panels in your experience?
    Love the videos, so informative! Thanks

  18. I know this is an old video but in case you need to know the best way I have found to get that other side off is to tilt your scissors and yes sometimes a razor blade comes in handy.

  19. Are you happy with the orientation of the channels? if you had it to do over again, would you rotate the lids 90 deg. or keep them as they are?

  20. I deal with double sided tape a LOT as a merchandiser. Simplest way- stick a piece of something that you can
    grab under the edge and then do as you did. the 2nd piece of peel-able paper will come off easy.

  21. Easiest way I have found for that tape is to use another piece of tape. Stick it to the paper side and it peels the paper off for you pretty easy.

  22. Great tips, thank you 🙂
    Will try it on my tanks this weekend.
    btw, yeah im the "you didn't even measure" guy, lol

  23. This is an awesome video to go through your playlists and find!

    The multi-layer would add some good strength AND the ridges help to prevent it from bowing, like you demonstrated. #AquariumCo-Op

  24. cory you recommended cutting so ribs of the sheet run front to back yetyou cutthe shees with ribs going left to right. why? maybe because material as purchased has a max. width ot 24 inches?

  25. Love your videos, really helping me dive into the hobby. i have two 55 longs (one will be aquascaped in a dutch style, and the other a mbuna tank) and got the tanks used with no lids. thanks for saving me a boat ton of money (lexan would have been $30/tank) and the oceans worth of water that would have evaporated out of the tank. and yea i bend the corner on the sticky tape, works 60% of the time all the time.

  26. Just wondering…since you are drilling holes for air hoses and heater cord, why not buy stainless steel screws and drill another hole for your knob and true it up nice.

  27. I repair cellphones every day… We use industrial adhesives when replacing the screens.. .I found the best tool for removing tape backing to be an X-ACTO knife.

  28. LMAO Cory your freaking awesome your so much like so many of us when it comes to some items like installing the knob where we believe eyeballing the center is close enough love it thank you for all the info you provide, i'v learned so much from you and i appreciate all you do for the community

  29. This panel transmits only 80% of light, The king of DIY reccomend to use polycab panel. So wich one do u think is better?

  30. Was just pondering getting a lid to cut back on evaporation. I'm liking this idea much more than buying a lid for an aquarium that will eventually get replaced! Thanks again you are the man!

  31. The trick to using that specialty industrial tape is to simply use silicone instead… Lol. Or a stainless bolt and washer into the bottom of the knob. Great video overall though… I've got a super awkward lid/lighting system I need to replace along with a couple 10g quarantine tops… unfortunately these panels are $76 per 8' length in Canada, still cheaper than glass tho. Thanks!

  32. You can use a razor blade to remove the other side of the double sided tape. Or you could just drill and bolt the handle on to the lid. I didn’t realize I could have used my CNC mill/router skills to make aquarium tanks and equipment.

  33. Try scoring a corner of the tape with a razor blade and just fold it to then you will be able to peal then covering off a lot easier

  34. 9$ a sheet at Home Depot in Douglasville Georgia. They are discontinuing this product. The trim is 2$. Silicone the trim on the sides for less algae and mildew. Less cleaning = more time to watch the fish. Love your videos

  35. Just get the Aquarium Silicon from Home Depot. It should be at the very end of the Paints Adhesive Aisle. Its safe for the fish and should stick to that material. You literally only need a drop and then press it down using a heavy book over night. Next day itll be set and should last….Forever. Ive repaired an old tank using the stuff. Its safe for the fish in the water or you can use it on the outside of the tank on the tops. Im not 100% sure if you HAVE to let it set over night. I just do it as a safety measure cause….**Shrugs**….I be paranoid when it comes to my fish since I have Koi that were not cheap and are hard to find around here in their colors. My next project is to build a full indoor tank/pond from some polycarbonate complete with a zen waterfall, underwater lights and water lillies as well as other plant life. The goal is to make a self cleaning almost completely self sustained natural tank/pond for my Koi. BUT….Before I can do that I need to build a pretty strong table cause I dont think the one I currently have can handle it….Lolz!!

  36. Dude I'm a noob to the fish tank coffee but I enjoy watching your Channel I've learned a lot I started with your basic convict cichlid

  37. How strong are these? Do you think they're strong enough to support about 40-50lbs of cat on a 12×30 aquarium?

    My cats are convinced the aquarium is for their personal entertainment.

  38. Learned from my favorite auto body man to use masking tape or scotch tape to get that backing off the two-sided stuff. Just press it on there and then peel away.

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