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DIY Fish Soap, Corinne VS Pin #12

DIY Fish Soap, Corinne VS Pin #12

What up Internet? Corrine here, And you’re watching Corrine VS Pin I really don’t know why but hundreds of you Have suggested that I try this Fish soap pin I mean to me it looks pretty easy and straight forward, but, You know, summer’s coming up and these are obviously based on those poor little half dead fish you win at the carnival So in honor of them, let’s give it a try. First off, I couldn’t find any of those cute little fish like the ones used in all the pins. I did, however, find this tube of creatures That not only has this weird realistic looking fish dude but also features a sasquatch and the abominable snowman abominable I also got a clear soap block and some cellophane bags from the craft store Now I just gotta get the soap out of here and into a heat-safe vessel Not a problem Just gonna super carefully cut a block out At this rate, I’m gonna have Rob-hands Alright, now just pop it out, (sad struggling noises) Nope, gotta cut it a little bit more Okay! Here we go! Cut some more and repeat until the cup is full Yay, Now I put that cup into a pot of water, and turn the burner on high. I quickly realized that this was going to take a long-ass time So I stopped trying to stir it every four seconds, and about twenty minutes later I had this amazing liquidy soapy goodness OW! Just burned myself on the pot (sigh) Anyway, I waited for it to cool. Unlike some other people I know (throws the shade) Then, totally smoothly poured the soap into the bag F*ck Once you get it all over the bag, it gets all gross and is really hard to clean up Starting over. Maybe a bigger bag? I don’t even know why I thought that was a good idea. Idiot! Back to the smaller bags! Ok! I think I got one here, looking good, Just gonna put our little fish friend in here, and not looking good It just sit there on the bottom all sad-like (sigh) Starting over! Alrighty then! Here we go! I’m just gonna let this sit here in the fridge for bit It gets hard pretty quick that way giggity Then, I put my little fish friend in “Please, no!” And poured more soap in Okay sure, a little bit more, why not? Yup, there you go, that’s exactly why not That’s fine, just pour a little bit out, and nope This, is a f*cking nightmare Eh! F*ck it! Put the soap back in. Yes, even that clump And let ‘er ride Or, go back in the fridge for a bit And voilà! You have a disturbing looking bag of soap This fish face gets an A+ though, it’s pretty hilarious looks like he’s trying to escape there Yeah, now you just want to put a little twist-tie on there Yeah, Then all you have to do when you actually want to use the soap, Is remove the twist-tie peel this bag off, And enjoy the moisturizing effects of craft store glycerin So smooth Thanks Fish soap! Yeah, I straight-up hate this pin You can say what you want. OH, and I know you will (pained laughter) But this sh*t sucks, and no one should ever do this project I just did an extensive cost-analysis break down And this one bag of Fish soap here, cost about six dollars Not worth it And then, you just have this weird shape of soap And the poor fish is forever trapped in a frozen soapy state. It’s quite sad really Do you have a pin you want to see us try on the show, leave a link to it in the comments down below Thank you so much for watching! We have been blown away by the amount of support and love we have been getting lately It’s kind of mind blowing We appreciate it so much, and (Corrine is choked up with emotion) I really love you guys And I can’t wait to see you next time (scissor snips)

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  1. I won a little goldfish when I was 10 months old I loved him be was a little baby I loved him and loved him and now I'm 11 and he's still my best friend I got him at a carnaval my cats love him even my dog did until he passed away when I was rigth next to him at home but at least we where able to spend out last hours together as best friend
    my dear friend shadow
    passed away first June 2017
    now you are playing in doggy heaven making me know you died but it was a happy ending
    love you bye shadow

  2. FUCKING TRY THIS YEAA..(love you)

  3. Loving that Lite Bright lookin wall art behind you .. I make these fishy in a bag carnavil soaps for my brand 💜💜💜💜🐠🐟🐟🐡

  4. Now… if Rob did this, he would somehow cut his fingers, blow up the microwave, burn himself, and burn down the whole neighborhood.

  5. Hey how abt corrine vs. Gradient?(nailart)
    like only to make this comment float up n make corrine see this
    i m gonna put this comment on nearly every vdo guys wish me goodluck;)

  6. I won a fish at a fair when I was in 1st or 2nd grade and so we went to Walmart to buy it a bowl and some Little Rock’s next thing you know…when I get back from school the next day it’s upside down in the water..


  8. I just made a whole heap of these as I own a business making and selling the safest Candles and Melts plus 100% Natural Body Products and you can get the fish from Bramble Berry, don’t use food colouring to colour soap, you use soap safe colour

  9. My mum and I make soap and we found that the best way to melt the soap is in the microwave for a minute then you mix it and if there’s still lumps another 30 seconds or until it’s all melted

  10. Hi, it's me again. My one dog woke me up after I'd only had 2 hours
    sleep to go outside so being fucking tired, I am too lazy to go copy
    then paste my usual comment re: collab/challenge. so…please reread the
    last ones I sent again…thanks. 😛

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