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DIY Fish Soap Retry, Corinne VS Pin #12.5

DIY Fish Soap Retry, Corinne VS Pin #12.5

Whaddup internet? Corinne here and you’re watching Corinne vs Pin. Okay! I admit it, I don’t know how to make fish
soap, but… geez, you didn’t have to be so mean about it. It’s not like I really even cared or
anything (crying) So yeah, a bunch of you requested my head
on a stake. Or I mean that I retried the Pin So let’s get started shall we? Just hold on a second I gotta take this call real quick Hello? Hey Corinne, it’s Sarah! Oh my goodness, it’s Sarah from so Craftastic! How you doing? I’m great. I just watched your Fish Soap video And I wanna let you know that everyone has craft fails so don’t
worry about it, it happens Thanks, I was feeling a little down about it Uh but it does kind of help if you research your Pin. Hey um, I’m getting another call so I’m
gonna talk to you later okay? I guess a good place to start my
research is by going through some of the comments you left, where you give me lots
of advice on how I should have done the pin. Let’s take a look here. You should’ve used a funnel to put the soap in Yep that would have helped. Hang the fish from a string No I don’t think that would work Use a real fish then. Rob, did you leave this comment? You should use the Han Solo figure
instead of a fish! Clever, but not helpful You know you could have put it in the
microwave for the soap to melt Guess I have to buy one of those now Watch SoCraftastic. Fish soap for beginners I mean I guess I should pop over and
take a look. Yup, there’s the funnel action. Oh and an ice bath. That’s helpful. Ooh, and she uses the one
she messed up on again by breaking them apart Smart. “I’m free!”. Well since I’m here on the
internet I guess I should go to amazon and order these little fish since no
craft stores by my house sell them. Um, wait do I really have to buy a
hundred and forty four of them? Whatever, I’ll figure out something to do
with them I guess That was quick Ok, got my fish- all hundred and forty
four of them Alrighty, let’s get this party started. I think I got everything I need here.
First I’m going to simply break apart Um, ok this is a lot harder than it was when
Sarah did it yeah okay I’ll just try to cut them out then. Actually looks pretty cool like this but honestly at this point my main goal in
life is to free this poor little fish dude or cielo camp if you will but f**k look it is extremely
difficult to get this soap off, alright just whittling away here. F**k, really, that f**king
hurt did I mention how much I hate this
project, yeah next I put the soap in my new microwave and I
gotta admit I was pretty damn excited at how much easier the soap melted than the
previous method I used not so excited however about the radiation entering my
being once the soap was melted I filled the bag
using le funnel and it worked great then i just plopped my little fishy in
there and positioned it to the front of the bag and then just set it in the ice bath I made one more and waited a few minutes
and no not what we’re going for I think there’s just a little bit too
much water in this bowl ok let’s just break these up this is a lot easier to do when you
don’t wait two weeks by the way, put back in the microwave fill the bag plop fish, position, set and
success I actually twisted the bag shut while
the soap was still malleable and put it back in the ice bath. it stayed together quite well no need to
waste, i mean use another supply on this project i made another one for
sh*ts and giggles for real though I know 0 people that
would want to receive a bag of fish soap as a gift, 0 and frankly I still feel the
same way about this project as i did before do you have a pin you want to see us
try on the show, leave a link to it in the comments down below don’t forget to
subscribe and like up this video because we like when you like us, till next time

100 comments on “DIY Fish Soap Retry, Corinne VS Pin #12.5

  1. Probably when you make something with old soap maybe heat up the knife and slowly cut it well wearing gloves.

  2. I would love this as a gift!!! Try putting different food colorings to kchange the soap color a bit but keep it see through. I think that would look amazing!

  3. Idk if this would work or not but um what if you put soap in, than let it set than add the fish so it’s in the middle of the bag and put soap on top of the fish and then wrap it 🤷🏽‍♀️ just some tips

  4. Omg those fish bring me back to my childhood!!
    When I was little, there was a prize box at this little kid trampoline place and I would get so many of them because I was only good to get them and I would get so mad when my friends would take them but one time I was there for my friends birthday party and they ran out and I cried for like a few minutes

  5. ah an I laughed so hard when you cut your finger. Not because its funny you hurt yourself but I'm happy its not just me being clumsy all the time. Cut away for your hands x

  6. You're going to be fine it's only a little radiation there's even radiation in a banana so you're going to be fine

  7. I am in the car right now and as soon as I click on the video a car got in a wreck right in front of us and we went off road and avoided a collision and if I wouldn't of worn my seatbelt I would of flown out of the window so just a reminder pl were tour seat belts and I hope the people I. The car in front of us are ok

  8. I really love threadbanger but it really irks me when uneducated people without the slightest knowledge on radiation, or stem in general, don’t use microwaves because they’re scared of the radiation.

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