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diy fish tank hood lighting

diy fish tank hood lighting

hi guys i would like to update my fish tank and put put a little video i just made the a little hood today the canopy and i upgraded the light as you can see if you watch my video before you can notice there was dark and now i have a lot of light now i’m gonna show you how I did it how I did my little canopy and there was it`s all came up under under fifty dollars so i got a little handle right here to open it open the open it up and then i have the light in there it’s a walmart it’s the light from walmart for ten dollars and it was the light bulb ten dollars in the light ten dollars and like 25 for the material for the canopy for a plywood and so what I did is I put this frame as a one inch by one inch and I put the frame on frame together um and put my flashlight so you can see better okay so there’s there’s a light I just screw it on to the top right there and right here just put those two brasses oh yeah like I said just put a frame out of one by one and then cover was plywood painted black on the outside I have the Royal hinge on top I’ll have opening in the back for my my filter in the back I that’s currently not running because the filter is dirty a night I don’t have a replacement pads but I’m gonna make another video on that how I’m gonna make my own replacement filters for that so because it’s a plywood I can’t screw the hinge to it so what I did is I put a little bolts i bought a little bolts and I bolted it same as right here my handle and the little magnet to keep the lid closed I bolted those two and then I screwed on the magnet out here and that’s my little upgrade for my fish tank hope you’ll hope you like it and maybe you can do your own like this hope I’ll give you some ideas if you like you can like the video and subscribe for my channel and i’ll be posting more videos ok thank you bye-bye

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