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DIY How To Make A Disney Cruise Fish Extender: A Low Cost, No-Sew Option Using Hobby Lobby Supplies

DIY How To Make A Disney Cruise Fish Extender: A Low Cost, No-Sew Option Using Hobby Lobby Supplies

We had gone online and looked at Fish
Extenders and they were very expensive. They started out, forty to fifty dollars,
and I didn’t want to spend that kind of money on them. So I tried to figure out
the cheapest way to do this. So we went to Hobby Lobby we about three bags that
look like this. We tried to keep it Mickey Mouse colors…red, black, and white. So we’re gonna decorate like a Mickey head on this one, and put the bow at the top,
which we’ll show you later. On this one we were gonna do the Mickey Mouse and
then we’re gonna like make this like a bow tie but we’re gonna cut this one to
look more like a bow tie. And then we bought these like to use for the tracing
of the Mickey Mouse head. So now we’re going to show you how we’re gonna put these bags together. So we’re gonna take the front straps and we’re gonna cut
them off of each bag, which we’ve already done with that one. Okay, so now
we’re gonna go and measure three and a half inches on each bag so that we can
use this in order to sew the three bags together. So like again, you cut the first
one off then you take the back and you’re gonna leave about three inches. Now we’re going to sew these together. Okay, so this is the top bag. It’s still gonna
have the hook on it, like to hang the the tag on it, to hang from the fishhook.
It’s gonna be right beside the door. That’s where they get the Fish Extenders,
because it’s gonna extend from the fish hook. So then we’re gonna sew, and leave a
little bit of a gap. I would leave about an inch in between. And then sew these
together. You’re gonna have to sew it really, really good though, because just
in case the presents are heavy, you don’t want these to rip apart while they’re
hanging on your wall. So next step is to sew. We sewed them together. We did like a just a whip stitch from this to get this on to the actual bag itself. And we just didn’t show it, it’s sewed from the inside. And then we decided we were gonna safety pin them so that we could give them a little bit more
security. Now, it looks like this! I’m gonna flip it around and show you. See, you cannot see the safety pins, and you cannot see the stitching. If you don’t want to sew them at all, you can use the safety pins. As long as nobody takes the
safety pins out they’re gonna stay reinforced. So now we’re on to the
decorating phase. Okay, so here’s what we’re doing now. We’re gonna take our
stencil of our Mickey Mouse, and we’re gonna tape it down so that we can sketch
around the Mickey. But we don’t want it to move. And this one is gonna be for the
guy Mickey instead of Minnie. So we’re gonna like, we had the black bowtie there,
and we’re gonna put it at the bottom of his head. And this is a special fabric marker that we got at Hobby Lobby. They were like two for $6.00. And you had to get a blue and a black in the pack. But maybe you could go somewhere else and get just the black one. So now we’re tracing on the third or bottom of the
bag and this is gonna be Minnie Mouse. And really it’s just the outline of her
head. Her head is the very same. Okay, so now we’re trying to put the bow on the
Minnie Mouse, and we’re trying to safety pin it from like the inside out. And the
bow just goes between her two ears. Alright! It looks cool…very good! Okay, let’s try Mickey. And then just pin it from the inside out. Come through
the canvas, and then come through the bow. Yeah, that looks good. So now we’re gonna attempt to put the letters on. And for our letters, we don’t really have a Cricut, so we went to a Hobby Lobby. And again, we bought these, like, stick-on letters that
you could put, “The”, and then your name. Like “The Smith Family”. Ours is, “The Cravens Family”. So we’re gonna attempt to put that on now. First we tested this one to see if the foam letters that we bought at Hobby
Lobby would actually work. So we’re spelling out our name there on the first
one. So we took a letter we knew we weren’t gonna use and we stuck it on the
handle that we had torn off. And it doesn’t come off very easy. Okay, we’re gonna freehand this. Ta Da! It’s finished! “The Cravens Family”. And there’s three of us in our cabin. That’s why we had three pockets. But you could make as many
pockets as you have kids for. And they made smaller totes than this at Hobby
Lobby. So you could even get ones that are half this size. This is just the
bigger totes. We don’t know for sure where their hooks gonna be. This is just
like on about, what maybe eight inches from the top of the door frame.
And then that’s how low it hangs. But you have plenty of room if you want to add more pockets. And like I said, you could get the smaller totes that would be
almost like 2/3 this size if you had like four or five kids. Fairly simple. We probably made it all in, what, an hour? Yeah, I would say an hour. Yeah. So to fold it up to put it in the suitcase, I would just do this, so that your letters are
protected on this side. Fold it over, and then I would lay it on top of all my
luggage, like my clothes.

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