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DIY MINIATURE FISH TANK Polymer Clay & Resin Tutorial Angler Fish How to make a fish tank  aquarium

DIY MINIATURE FISH TANK Polymer Clay & Resin Tutorial Angler Fish How to make a fish tank aquarium

Hey Guys this is Jackie your NerdECrafter Before we begin I wanted to let you know that next weeks video will be out at midnight Because it’s a special colaboration for “Rogue One” Now I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder But anglerfish… Whether or not you find this fish cute or not, they’re pretty interesting And so for this week’s tutorial you guys will learn how to make your very own anglerfish tank The glow in the dark powder and paint are from ArtNGlow If you’re going to use the powder with epoxy resin, note that it takes about 40hrs to cure and it cures flexible, not hard! My camera can’t catch things in the dark, so here it is with a UV light If you guys are part of the Dweeb Squad I need your help! I would love to make my videos more accessible to everybody So if you have some spare time please help me put captions on my videos Click on the cogwheel and then “add captions” Once you submit it and I look through I will approve it and I will definitely give you guys an honorable and thankful mention in my videos Most likely they will have to start with being captioned in English And then hopefully many other languages For those of you new to my channel don’t forget to subscribe There are plenty of geeky tutorials to keep you entertained Equally if you like this project, give it some love and share All the Dweebs are doing it At the end of the video I’m going to unbox Sophie & Toffee for you, so make sure you stick around Here’s what you’ll need for this project: Brown, Translucent and Tan polymer clay All these are from “Sculpey” Glow in the dark powder and glow in the dark paint Both of these are from ArtNGlow, I’ll leave all the information in the description box bellow A silicone mold of your choice Sand Toothbrush for texturing Rounded, pointy tools and a cutter Brown acrylic paint An eyepin And your resin kit, this one is called “EnviroTex Lite” and I got it at a craft store You can also find it at a home hardware store under the name “Epoxy Resin” The first thing we’re going to do is the sand base Take your tan clay and mix in some sand Add it to the bottom part of the mold And make sure there’s space on both sides Texture it with a craft tooth brush Now you’re going to bake it for 10 minutes at 275°F Make sure that your oven is always preheated Once baked remove it from the mold, mix your glow powder with your resin pour it and place the sand on top Let it fully cure If you have UV resin go ahead and use it since it’s such a little bit of resin Now to make the anglerfish, make an oval with your brown clay lightly flatten it until you get a stubby body Cut out an angle for the mouth and keep cutting until the bottom jaw is somewhat straight Now with your rounded tool push the inside of the mouth Make a dent for the eyes, add a small ball of brown clay on your eyepin and stick it on top of the head Before we continue, roll a really thin piece of translucent clay and cut out tiny teeth You’re going to bake these for 10 minutes Add a small piece of brown for the tongue Texture it Now pinch the tail until it’s slimmer Cut out the middle part and add some translucent clay Now add more slim pieces of brown to the top of the translucent So far so good Now to add the small hump add a piece of clay on top and smooth it in Add pectoral and dorsal fins Make slices on the tail to mix the brown and translucent more naturally Once the teeth are baked put some liquid Sculpey if you have and place them all the way around Add the eyes If you want to make the roof of the mouth Mix some brown and translucent and put it on the inside Now bake it for 20 minutes at 275°F Once it’s baked paint the metal piece brown And the rounded part as well as the eye with the glow in the dark paint Now mix your resin according to package instructions and pour it Keep this layer clear Place your fish and remove any bubbles with a heat source If you’re new to resin check out my resin tips video, I will leave the link in the description box bellow Let it fully cure over night If you want to make a border use some black clay and cut off the excess Now we’re going to bake it for 30 minutes My kind of resin is OK to be baked So before you do that with yours, make sure you look into it before doing so ALL DONE! “Sophie & Toffee” is a monthly subscription box that delivers craft items right to your door Last month they had a little bit of a back order on an item so they sent out a slime kit If you guys are interested in “Sophie & Toffee” I will leave it in the description down bellow Let me show you what I got! So next month’s theme is “Puffy Paper Deco Craft” I have no idea what that is so I’m super excited to get the box I got a slime kit I promised myself that I would not do slime on NerdECrafter So I will be doing this slime kit on my vlog channel NerdEJackie Air dry clay Cute cat themed post cards A trinket box And a sweets squishy And here’s the squishaaaaay! Normally their boxes come together, but for this month it was just an exception because they had a back order So if you guys want to see me create some slime, which is going to be my first experience ever Check out my vlog channel! If you have suggestions for future geeky tutorials leave them in the comments section bellow And don’t forget to add me on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram Especially Instagram… … and Twitter. Until then I will see you guys next week!

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  1. Could you do something Aladdin related? maybe a miniature environment of Aladdin's house with the view of the palace? (you don't have to do exactly that, but that would be so cool!)

  2. anyone want to know some fun facts about the angler fish? the big ones are actually the females that are about the size of a softball. the males actually seek out females and once they find one they bite and attach to them and then they basically become a part of the female only providing sperm because all the other organs dissipate. they were first thought to be parasites.

  3. My sister made this a year ago and I still have it but her wasent a angler fish it was a goldfish that is pink it was for my dad when he was in the hospital….he had cancer its siting in a glass case at his grave…..

  4. The tongue kinda looks like the angler fish is eating an unopened walnut. It looks so cool though! I've probably watched every resin video you've posted 😀


    ENGLISH was added by the awesome: SorahGames, tiny adorable bear, Tomato Power, I like Dracø Malføy, Swag Master Shiny Spider Mew 32 ( I will give you guys a thank you in my video next week!)

    FRENCH SUBTITLES ADDED by: SUNNY ARTSY (on this one and my harry potter one!)

    DUTCH: Dizzylover17

    GREEK: MichaelS.

    GERMAN: Ayleen Brooks and Cookiesundco

    ARABIC: FoFiTheGamer

    SPANISH: camy_peluche

    I'm touched and I can't thank you enough!!!!!!

  6. You should try making the tank that the dentist has in Finding Nemo (the one Nemo goes in after he is taken)! That would be so cute!

  7. I always call these guys 'nemo fish'! I tend to forget their name and even when my sister reminds me, I still just call them that lol

  8. Do something child of light related!
    honestly, I think this game should get as much if not more love than undertale. the art is AMAZIIING!!!

  9. Can u make a koi fish pond or ocean theme setting in a Altoids can ( I spelled it wrong Its that mint can thing) if u look it up on pintest or google pics come up :3

  10. I would love someone from the carmilla fandom to do something like this with lofi (the giant angular fish God) suck in the whole.
    If i get then chance though, I'm definitely going to try.

  11. Where do you get the molds for you tanks? I've tried making a clear bowl with resin, but it never comes up right and it's all wonky

  12. Hey NerdE, I have been looking through craft stores and online and cant find any single silicone molds…any tips??

  13. OMG! You are so awesome and original! I love your channel! Im not just a videogame geek but also an animal geek! So I get some of both here ^-^ Keep your great work!

  14. I have personally always found anglerfish creepy. You are right, they are a fascinating species. The border you put around the edge really finishes this off perfectly. I live on the Gulf coast and we have beautiful white sand. I love making crafts where I actually get an opportunity to use our sand. Do you remember where you got your little pink mold? I am having trouble finding one that particular size.

  15. I have to say this is pretty cool! not alot of people would think of doing this! One of my favorite parts of nemo, is when they chase the light and it turns out to be one of these guys!!!!!! I am entering the giveaway!

  16. I made a pond with a frog leaping & a waterfall. I thank you for your tutorials. I did the frog like a miniature figurine. The hardest part was glueing it to the rocks. If you have any ideas on how to do it any other way. I would welcome your advise. Thank you.

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