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DIY MINIATURE SHARK TANK Resin Polymer Clay Tutorial

DIY MINIATURE SHARK TANK Resin Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys, this is Jackie or NerdECrafter. since shark week is nowhere to be found, I figured I’d make my own. This week’s tutorial is something that many of you guys requested Which is a miniature Shark tank. And so I’m going to show you guys how to make your very own Miniature Shark tank. of course so that the tank isn’t too empty, I also decided to add some Corals and some reefs the only thing I would have done differently on the sand is I probably would have added a couple of rocks Completely at the bottom. that would have made it even more awesome. for those of you new to my channel don’t forget subscribe They’re plenty of geeky tutorials to keep you entertained. equally if you like this project, don’t forget to leave a like and share. All the dweebs are doing it. here’s what you’ll need for this project: Silver, blue for the shark, and then a bunch of polymer clay colors for the coral if you want to make. all these are from Sculpey. Rounded & pointy tools, a cutter, a container to put your shark tank, And if you have the patience of a God, go ahead And do it in a really small one as well. blue food coloring, your resin kit This one is called EnviroTex Lite, and I got it at a craft store. You can also find it at a hardware store under the name Epoxy resin all-purpose white glue that is transparent when dry, sand, and white chalk pastel. the first thing we need to do is the sand base. pour some glue and some sand and mix it until you get this kind of Consistency, then spread it in your container. For the shark, mix silver and blue together since sharks are somewhat that color. Now almost all the parts We’re making will start like this. Roll both ends smaller than the middle. Pinch the shape with your fingers to make the fishy body, so that you have something that looks like this. Now pinch the tail area so that it’s much slimmer. For the pectoral fin, make the same shape as before and flatten it down. Cut them out and smooth them under the body. It should look like an airplane a little bit. now do the same thing for the pelvic fin. Fold a piece of foil paper to place the shark ontop so that we don’t ruin the tail. now roll the same shape, Bend it in half, and lightly flatten it down. Then smooth it on the body Feel free to use liquid sculpey if you have. now make the dorsal fin in the same way We did the pectoral fin, but shorter, then place it on your shark So far so good. shave some chalk pastel, Wet your brush, and color the belly of your shark white. you can of course do this with paint instead if you want. To make the reef, take your brown clay and shape it in a very organic way texture it heavily with a toothbrush or a pointy tool. add some color, add the corals as you see fit, and then you can add some green and brown chalk pastel for shading. Now bake everything for 20 minutes at 275° Fahrenheit. (139° Celcius) make sure that your oven was preheated. once it’s baked, Place your reef in the almost hardened sand and let the sand fully harden before going on to the next step. now mix your resin according to package instructions, Then add 2 to 3 drops of food coloring, mix really well, and then pour it as our first layer. Put it in the reef first to make sure that we’re avoiding bubbles during our second layer. remove Bubbles by blowing gently through a straw. Let it cure for 6 hours. Now to make the shark not lean forward, put some hot glue under its jaw area and then put it on top of the blue Cured resin. now mix your resin again, but don’t put any blue colorant otherwise your piece will come out too dark. And of course don’t forget to put eyes on your shark. now Let it cure overnight, and that’s pretty much it. All done! What is your favorite kind of shark? I would have to say the whale shark because it is docile. But I still wouldn’t get in the water with it. If you have suggestions for future geeky tutorials, leave them in the comment section below, and don’t forget to add me on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, and Instagram. especially instagram. until then I will see you guys next week. *outro music*

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  1. Please please make a wolf environment with a white wolf please ☹️🐺 Your favourite animal is a tortoise right? 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢

    Everytime someone is trying to make a Tank or something they colour it BLUe…but WHY?
    whyyyyy T_T

  3. My favourite shark is a complylicunochous (catagory B). It's a prehistoric shark. I'm into paleonotlogy so I know most of this. 😀

  4. i’ve never used resin before, but i’d love to make something like this. does anyone have any suggestions, such as good brands or tips?

  5. I'm learning to make clay sculptures (Started with little humanoid figures) and this is JUSt the kind of challenge I need. If only just for the shark alone!

  6. This seems like an easy craft to try! You have made me so interested in clay/resin art and I think this is perfect to use as a first project :D. I don't think I can pick a favorite shark, but the whale shark, hammerhead, and megaladon are contenders.

  7. Do something with the seal of orichalcos like a choker or bangle or maybe even a charm. Love ya Jackie sending from Illinois to you, your kitty cats and your parrot. 💖💖💖💖💖

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