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Do Fish Ever Get Thirsty? | Dolan Life Mysteries ft. Cr1TiKaL

Do Fish Ever Get Thirsty? | Dolan Life Mysteries ft. Cr1TiKaL

From whether flying fish really fly to how
every animal is different, we answer 10 of your most burning questions about animals
• Hello there, my name is Shima, I’ll be reading out the questions and answers
• What’s up everybody it’s critikal, I’m here to imbue my ancient wisdom all
over you like a gentle summer breeze, let’s do this shi— *cough*
10 – How is it that every animal is different? ,
• Before any animal enters into this world, its soul carefully spins the wheel of luck
to find out what form it will take for the rest of eternity – some are lucky such as
the glorious tree sloth master race, while others do not fare quite so favourably
• Every animal being different is what we call “biodiversity.” Throughout the evolution
of life, new species emerged and filled different places and functions within their environments.
Certain traits became stronger in some animals—running or swimming fast—and weaker in others, making
them evolve differently. 9 – Do flying fish really fly? ,
• Of course they do, but we call them – seagulls – these seagulls are pretty much just fish
with wings and a strap-on beak that hound you at beaches and eat all your chips
• They don’t really fly, but they do glide through the air on special fins. In order
for flying fish to “fly” to get away from predators, they can swim up to 40 mph—almost
65 kph—near the top of the water and then glide away!
8 – Why do dolphins make so many sounds? , • Every time you use the toilet, all the
bodily waste that you flush down ends up in the ocean right where the dolphins live, and
the noises they make are actually complaints about the situation – oh… ugh… jeez…
thanks, man… keep it coming… don’t mind me I’m just a dumb stinky dolphin
• Dolphins use whistle-like sounds to keep them in contact with each other and communicate
as they travel and eat. They also direct “clicks” into their surroundings to echolocate, or
scan for food. Dolphins create all of these sounds in their nasal passage just below their
blowhole. 7 – What do frogs eat? ,
• They’ll feed on your baby brother or sister if you’re not looking after them
when your parents asked you to – that bulbousy chin thing frogs do is just the infant trying
to escape – it’s alright though, just distract the frog with baby-sized toys and
it’ll leave you alone • Frogs are carnivores, which means they
eat other animals. They mostly eat insects but big frogs may eat fish, small birds, reptiles,
and even other frogs! • And babies
• No babies 6 – Do vampire bats really drink blood? ,
• They do, but only because doctors release them from hospitals to hunt down people who
don’t donate blood when they ask you to – how else is poor little sick Timmy supposed
to get a blood transfusion? Yeah… that’s me… I—I’m little Timmy *fake cough*
NOW GIVE ME YOUR BLOOD • Yes, they do but try not to think of them
as blood-sucking monsters. Vampire bats are shy creatures and are a lot more afraid of
you than you are of them. They live in the southern US and in the forests of Central
and South America and to the horses, cattle, and other livestock they usually feed on,
they’re more like mosquitoes than monsters. 5 – What’s the fastest animal on Earth? ,
• Don’t underestimate the inconceivable speed of the common land snail, especially
when you incentivise it with a delicious, mouth-watering food pellet – and don’t
be upset just because they’re naturally superior to us in every way
• The peregrine falcon has been known to dive at speeds in excess of 217 mph—almost
350 kph! They do this so they can catch and kill other birds for food. They circle high
in the sky and then tuck in their wings to dive down on smaller birds, turning themselves
into bird missiles! 4 – What’s the slowest animal on Earth? ,
• A pet rock – I asked that rock to fetch the stick like 2 days ago but OH NO, it’s
too good for THAT, well sorryyyyy if it’s cutting into your busy schedule, you know
what my mistake was? I didn’t book an appointment with the ROCK
*rock moves slightly* AH…don’t hurt me • The sloth, especially the three-toed sloth,
is the slowest animal around. Their legs and feet are shaped to hang from trees, so it’s
very hard for them to walk on the ground. It would take a month for a sloth to walk
a mile! • I’ll race your rock with my sloth
• You’re on • (pause)
3 – What’s the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? ,
• When a turtle reaches one year of age, it’ll retreat into its shell for a long
time and eventually emerge in the evolved form of tortoise – through this transformation
they gain knowledge in the ancient Japanese martial arts of Judo, Jui-Jutsu as well as
Korean Taekwondo – they aren’t ninjas though because that would be completely ridiculous
• Despite being part of the same family, called Testudines, the tortoise is designed
for land as opposed to the turtle which spends much more time in the water. A tortoise’s
shell is thicker and has a larger dome where a turtle’s shell is flatter and more streamlined
for swimming. 2 – Do fish ever get thirsty? ,
• Yes, in fact, fish drink so much water that we’re starting to run out of it – one
day all the taps in your home will stop working, and your parents might try to convince you
it’s because they haven’t paid the water bill, but the reality is the fish have finally
won, and it’s time for us to leave • They typically don’t because freshwater
fish actually absorb water through their skin, but saltwater fish drinks heaps of it because
they actually LOSE water through their skin and gills, and there’s a risk of dehydration
if they don’t 1 – Do animals ever help each other?
• Yes, but only when you aren’t looking – dogs will take aside its cat friend to
show it a hole in the backyard fence they can escape through, birds will inform a mice
family about a mutual rat friend that successfully crossed the countries border, and a lizard
will wait perfectly still, a silent vigil to protect the caterpillar a human so heartlessly
offered it to as… food • Many different species—kinds of animals—have
developed partnerships that benefit both species. For example, many kinds of animals love to
eat the fruit provided by trees. In turn, the trees rely on these animals to spread
their seeds around the forest. However, there are some cases where both species depend on
each other so much, that if one goes extinct, or dies out, so will the other.

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  3. The slowest animal on earth is the Snothle.
    ( Yes, it's a Sloth, Snail, and Turtles slowness combined in one. )

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  5. also with the first question, using the evolution theory, explains that as the world broke apart early mammals and reptiles adapted to their environments which then caused the many different species we have because they all evolved and adapted to survive

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  7. Another difference between turtles and tortoises: Tortoises are usually herbivorous, while most turtles are omnivorous (eating both plants and smaller animals).

  8. If the vampire bat was more like a mosquito,then it is one of the deadliest animals in the world because a mosquito is actually deadlier than a lion 🦟

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