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Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More


I want to start off by saying that fish is one of the healthiest foods you can eat in theory they are a great source of omega threes and countries with very long lifespans like Japan consume large amounts of fish all the time however the fish that the majority of you with the viewers are consuming right now is by far one of the most toxic and dangerous foods you can consume on a regular basis see the large majority of fish that we consume nowadays is farmed fish in 2009 it was reported that half of the fish consumed globally was raised in fish farms this number is expected to reach two-thirds of the population 5 20 30 the reason why you should not eat fish is because of what happens in these fish farms for example let’s take a look at one of the most popular fishes consumed nowadays salmon over seventy percent of salmon is raised in fish farms Norway being one of the largest producers a well-known environmental activist Kurt Oddekalv investigated some of these Norwegian fish farms he discovered that the salmon on these farms were packed very tightly each farm holding up to two million salmon and because the population was so high disease ran rampant amongst the fish diseases like sea lies and is a infectious salmon anemia virus were extremely common which forced the fish farmers to use large amounts of pesticides and antibiotics to protect their stock pesticides are ok when you use them on plants and fruits because you can always wash a large majority of them off or peel the skin but when you spray thousands of gallons of it into the water for your fish it gets into the fish meet some of you might be thinking well the fishes probably excrete a large amount of it right well the thing about toxins like pesticides and antibiotics is that they tend to cling onto fat the fish that is raised on fish farms are significantly faster than fish founded a wild wild salmon contains about five to seven percent of fat farm salmon contains anywhere from fifteen to thirty four percent fat this means that a significantly larger percentage of those pesticides accumulates in these fish now some of you might be thinking well surely there must be regulations on you pesticides antibiotics that these fish farms use well to some extent there is however there is one source of toxins that is completely unregulated the fish feed the food that they feed the fish see the large majority of fish feed in Europe is made of tiny fatty fish such as seals found in the Baltic Sea farmers like to use fatty fish for the fishtails because they can grow their fish at an incredible speed the problem with this is that the waters of the Baltic Sea are considered to be extremely contaminated factually stop large amounts of industrial waste into the Baltic every single day it’s so bad that countries surrounding the Baltic Sea like Sweden even wonder citizens about the potential toxicity of these fish and although all of this fish is not fit for human consumption there are no regulations against them using them to feed their fish so when you take hundreds of thousands of tiny fatty eels who live in contaminated water and you ground them up into fish feed and then you feed this fish feed to your salmon and your carbon your tuna toxins get passed on to the fish that eat them you might be thinking well this is far-fetched how bad could it be well a toxicology researcher named Jerome Rosen decided to test the amount of toxins found in farm to fish he found that farm salmon had by far the most amount of toxins in their meat than any other food group it had five times the amount of toxins than the next most contaminated food which was Burger me five times now what are the effects of these toxins on our bodies while there have been studies on mice in which they fed the test group farm salmon and the control group wild salmon the mice that a farm salmon grew obese developed layers of fat around the internal organs and even develop diabetes one can only wonder what the effects of these toxins would have on human beings so what can I do about this should I just avoid fish completely for the rest of my life well as it stands right now you definitely should avoid farmed fish which is basically the majority of fish that you find at your local supermarket any fish that is frozen and the fish that you served in most of portable sushi places the cheaper the fish the more likely it comes from a fish farm honestly you only really have two options if you want to stay healthy the first is to somehow find wild caught fish and the second is to avoid eating fish completely

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  1. Thing is as an asian family, ive ate large amounts of fish in my life. It's just a part of our culture and we can't stop it.

  2. And what about Omega-3 supplements? Are those supplements gained from farmed fish too? If so, where should I get omega-3 fatty acids?

  3. Even wild caught fish is contaminated with micro plastic (and other industrial pollutants). Even the World Health Organization warned consumers to limit seafood and fish consumption to 1-2 times a week.
    Also the Bioaccumulation of pollutants (in animals) as you go higher in the food chain. Organic free range animals bioaccumulate pollutants from the environment.

  4. the logic in the mouse study does not follow. he claims that it's the toxins that made the mouse group fed farmed salmon have these symptoms shortly after showing us that farmed salmon have a much higher fat content. if you eat fatter foods, we know this leads to all the symptoms the mice got.

    Improvement Pill, I know you are not a biologist, but I would expect someone who thinks as much as yourself to apply the concept of correlation not equalling causation to this study. that study is not evidence enough.
    fattier foods are generally worse for you. the actual effects of these toxins probably manifests in early onset of aging diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's.

    truth is important.
    this video is misleading in its conclusion.

  5. I hate the taste of seafood in general, I'm allergic to half of it anyway. I guess it's good that I don't eat fish lol

  6. as an aquaculture student in norway i find videos like this concerning, how can people talk about something they dont understand…. 2,5 million fish is alot, but biomass density is 2,5 %….

  7. Hey Improvement Pill, Nice video as always. Is it possible that next time you can post your main sources in the descriptions for some people that are interested about the studies made and the facts you are stating. For me. the studies you stated about fish containing 5x times more toxins than burger meat knocked my face off! Thank you as always 🙂

  8. Where's your research citation / credibility ? Anyone can spastically spew out what ever they want without backing their information up but it kind of invalidates everything if you're content with that

  9. Me: Watches this video while eating some salmons… feels guilty and afraid….
    Then My Parents: Comes in my room and tells me that there are more leftovers
    Me: We're All Fucked!

  10. You can be a vegetarian in the city and only eat meat caught in the wild on your occasional trips to the country. You can also fish enough to last you a week extra in the city. This way you get to enjoy (good) meat as well as leave zero carbon footprint on your food…

  11. I am a bear. An actual bear. I have large paws and live in the Alaskan wilderness. My large paws and remote location make using computers and the internet difficult. In any case, I catch all my fish by hand (paw), so I do not need to worry about this.

  12. how are pesticides okay for plants…
    dont plants absorb water.. where does pesticide residue go when it rains.

  13. of course we are resorting to farms. We running the oceans dry. If we eat LESS fish all round, then we don't have to resort to using farms as much to produce the extra amounts required and we can get more of our fish from oceans!

  14. 'Pesticides are okay when you use them on plants and fruits …' Yeah no. Please open your eyes to the devastation that intensive agriculture has led to.

  15. Fortunately I work for a company that gives employees half off at a expensive restaurant that ONLY serves fresh caught fish filleted in house. Other than that I've cut out all fish.

  16. Fresh water fish is still good to eat, because it's not contaminated with toxic yet, correct me if am wrong.

  17. Nice video, you got a sub. One addition though:
    Actually, even fish thats not toxic (which doesnt exist anymore) isnt healthy. Its linked to heart disease and cancer and all sort of other nasty issues. Eskimos have a shortened life expectancy. All the good stuff in fish like omega 3s comes from plants the fish ate and you get much more omega 3s by eating flaxseeds or hempseed or algae. The reason "Asians live long" (which they dont anymore cause most have adapted western eating habits) was because they ate plenty of vegetables and only very small amounts of fish and meat. (See for example the Okinawans who used to have the longest live expectancy on the planet).

  18. Guess I'll just eat a steak NO IT CAUSES CANCER guess I'll just drink some milk NO ITS SUGARY guess I'll eat some cod NO IT'S FULL OF PESTICIDES guess I'll have some soy milk NO IT MESSES WITH HORMONES is no protein source safe?

  19. Im guessing Japan with the longest expected life span eat fish and some of it is farmed, but they still have the longest life span. what are you trying to say?

  20. One day the majority of the world will be vegan and i will be one of the major people bringing changes to the world positively!

  21. Well where i am from,fish mostly comes from ponds in village,that are not heavily populated,and from the sea(im near to a port) so i dont think i have much problem

  22. I assume everyone who clicked on this video likes fish and some like me love Salmon both the wild caught and farmed. I worry about the toxins in the farm raised so I try to avoid it but it's somewhat tastier and more abundant. Why isn't there any organic Salmon farms in America?

  23. Depends if the pesticide is actually harmful to humans. Some pesticides are created to only kill certain organisms.

  24. Welcome to Bangladesh. This country has a lot of rivers. So, you can easily get river fish in the market and eat them without thinking about health risks.

  25. I'm peskitarian sooo… the only meat i can eat is fish I mainly eat wild caught ( my dad) salmon then mainly lead a vegetarian life style

  26. wild fish should also be avoid because the waters are contaminated and fish all contain high amounts of mercury especially the big ones. The safest fish is wild small fish. Big farmed fish is super harmful because big fish end up with the most toxins.

  27. that's why I'm going back to Lima Peru there's a beach named beach of fish catchers. they bring the fish to the market at the shore and you buy them. USA is great Peru is better.

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