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64 comments on “Do You Have Lucky Fish Sign In Your Hands?-Palmistry

  1. Can you do Consultations as well? I have two fish signs in hand, One on Ketu towards Sun finger and second on end of head line towards start point of life line. I want know if these two signs helping me. Thanks

  2. Awesome video!
    I hav a fish sign at ketu mount touching the life line at one side n fate line at other side while it points towards the mount of Saturn.what does that indicate?

  3. I would love to learn more about this style of palmistry. Can you suggest any books or classes. I live in Brisbane Australia

  4. Hi I have a friend that has the fish mark and it's lower under the index finger with the front of the fish pointing towards the outside between the index finger and the thumb. Does that have any meaning. Thanks. I enjoy listen to these

  5. I have a 2 fish signs connecting facing my Saturn finger upwards on my right palm. The first one's tail begins at the base of my wrist then the second fish's tail forms with the first fish head.
    Is that anything?

  6. I have m's on both hands and a x on left hand between the heart line and faith and have two three fish symbols on both hands what that mean

  7. hellow Madam.. I have a fish sigh on moon mount pointing towards jupitar… wt it's mean, and also I have fish symbol on ketu mount pointing towards jupitar…

  8. Madam I would like to send hand pic s of mine could you refer and let me kniw thanks let me know I have fish sign in between index and middle finger pls let me know

  9. I have a double head line with a fish joining the two lines. Next to the fish is a small triangle. These lines are not attached to fate line or heart and placed center left on both head lines. . What does this mean?

  10. Namaste,
    what does it mean when i have a triangle in the center of my palm and with in the triangle is another triangle.
    thank you mazu,

  11. See I have a very big sign in left hand and follwed by many other small sign pointing Jupiter what it mean

  12. i was born with a deep fish signs on my left palm, another huge fish sign i found several days ago, another bigger one but a little shallow and crooked and a doublefish sign on the bottom. on my right palm i have another double fish signs on the bottom of my palm. they are pect fish signs. but why am i mentally impair???

  13. I have the same fish sign as described in the 2nd to the last image and another fish sign in between the middle and pointer fingers. ☺

  14. Really useful but these signs are present in the king's ruling period much lotter,and nowadays these are quiet rare!

  15. You are most probably right.I have a fish sign pointed downwards and really am looking to be a spiritual person. I am right now experiencing bad times in my life. I know I can live upto my dreams sooner or later. Thanks for making me develop more trust of the good days that stay ahead in my life

  16. I have a fish sign just like Jennifer Lopez except I have another fish inside of the fish. Do you know what that means?

  17. Também tenho este sinal na minha mão igualzinho na mesma mão será que vou ser rica famosa??? Espero que sim

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