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Do You Need a $150 Automatic Fish Skinner? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– Today, on Kitchen Gadgets, we’re testing the automatic fish skinner, Skinzit, versus a chef’s knife. – Um, sorry Cliff, no. – No? – No, I’m doing it.
Oh. – Sorry. – Oh. – Yeah, sorry, I wanna test the Skinzit. – Alright, ah, bye.
(laughs) – [Cliff] That’s all. – Sayonara.
Okay. Bye. Ladies and gentlemen,
my name is Esther Choi, and I am the new host of
the show, Kitchen Gadgets. And today, I am testing the
automatic fish skinner, Skinzit. (machine whirs) Versus the knife. The Skinzit is supposed to skin
your fish in half the time, that you can do with your knife. This lever is supposed to
grip your fish at the end, and then this part will help you skin it. Skinzit is also just like a weird name. I have some beautiful branzini here, which can be a little
bit difficult to skin just because it’s so thin. If you were to do this with a knife, depending on your skill level, would take about a minute or two. But we’re gonna go straight
into the competition. The knife versus the
Skinzit, three-on-three, and then we’re gonna
time it to see who does it faster and better. Going into this, I’m
actually a little bit nervous because I think I’m
gonna lose to the Skinzit and I know that usually the knife skills always win on this show, but I feel like I’m gonna be the first one to lose to a gadget, which is pretty sad. And go. Gosh. Alright, that was terrible. Two. Three. Time. That took 45 seconds,
and already I’m noticing that there is a little
bit of loss in the fish because you have to notch it to skin it. And there’s a little bit of meat on the skin. It’s not good, it’s not good. So let’s go to the Skinzit. And, go. (machine whirs) And time. Wow, that was really fast. Like it kind of alarmed me. So I feel like if you grab
the end and went like this, I would’ve saved a little bit of time, but then your also kind
of like sticking your hand which is kind of scary. And honestly, I just didn’t
want to put my hand there, and it was not very natural to me. So it took a little bit
longer to pull the skin out, but I’m sure if I get
used to it, and practice, it could be a lot faster and smoother. Let’s compare products. I mean, this is pretty spectacular, because you get no loss of fish. It’s really beautiful,
you can actually still see like some silver on the fish, which means that it’s
a really good skin job. The clean-up of this guy, quite simple, turn, pull, and then you
just like wash this part, you wipe down here. And then the knife, which you
know you have in your home. And it’s like a scale that you would have to continue to practice. So is it worth it for 150 dollars? I would say that if you eat
fish, three to four times a week, and you don’t want
the skin, this is it for you. If not, you don’t mind, skinning the fish, or maybe just cooking the
fish with the skin on it, then I would say 150 dollars
is a little bit high. If you own a restaurant, like I do. This is definitely worth it, and I think that I’m gonna
take this to my restaurant for my guys, because it’s
pretty freaking amazing. (machine whirs) It’s amazing, honestly. Look at this. That’s crazy. I’m feeling very emotional right now, just because I feel like I
lost to a kitchen gadget, but sometimes you know technology wins. And this thing, I’m still operating it, so I still own it, and
I’m not ashamed to say that the knife lost to the Skinzit. (machine whirs) Be careful. To see more Kitchen
Gadgets, that I’ve tested. Click here. – What are we testing today? Esther, here we go. – We’re testing the
rice cooker, of course. – You do cook rice in your restaurant. – I do cook rice in my restaurant, and

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