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Does the Copper Chef Pan Live Up to Its Bold Infomercial Claims? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

Does the Copper Chef Pan Live Up to Its Bold Infomercial Claims? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– Welcome back to Kitchen Gadgets. We are not shooting an infomercial today. We are testing an infomercial product. – [Announcer] Introducing Copper Chef, the non-stick all round square pan. It’s induction plate channels
heat quickly and evenly with no hotspots, so you
can sear meat in a flash. It replaces a roasting pan,
a rice cooker, a steamer, a stock pot, a wok, and a baking dish. Delicious, amazing. – Incredible! Let’s see if the Copper
Chef is even worth close to its $60 price point. So why is it $60? Well it comes with the actual pan, a lid, four utensils, a fry basket and a steamer. We are focusing just on the pan. There are different
shapes to the Copper Chef, but today we’re testing the square shape because that’s the most popular one. In a round pan it can be difficult to position your spatula
to flip a delicate omelet. With the Copper Chef’s square pan, you get more room to maneuver the utensil and make a perfect flip. The greatest thing that
they say about this pan is it’s completely nonstick, and you don’t need any oil or butter. It holds up to 850 degrees of heat. Today we’re gonna do a flour
test just to see burn pattern. We’re gonna make an omelet. We’re gonna burn the
(bleep) out of some cheese and see how (laughs) it holds up, and then we’ll do some steak. See this? This probably means
we’ll have a little bit of uneven cooking surface because the edges will
heat up a lot slower. We’re just gonna sprinkle
some flour evenly. This is square shaped, and so the edges are
definitely going to be less hot than directly in the center because most stove tops are
round, and this pan is square. Even though there is
more space in the surface in terms of even heating, it’ll definitely lose out on the edges. (energetic music) Oh, browning happening. As I predicted it’s happening
right in the middle of the pan just where that round
stainless surface is, that’s the part that’s getting dark. Second test, nonstick. We’re just gonna burn the
(bleep) out of some cheese and see if the pan will take it off. (energetic music) As a side note, this looks disgusting. Again you can tell, like the center is definitely hotter than the edges, but will it come out? (energetic music) That’s pretty decent. It comes right out. Wow. (energetic music) When it comes to nonstick, yes. Look at that. I would say that’s a pretty good test. Omelet time. We’re gonna make an omelet, because I feel like eggs
are the best thing to test when you’re looking for
nonstick or even heating, but I’m still gonna test
this without any fat. (energetic music) Normally with an omelet I would
start with a pan on low heat and add some fat and
then put the omelet in, but with this, I don’t know this pan. I’m starting without preheating it at all, and I want it to rise
up to the temperature. Honestly, there’s not
that much of a difference. Like why would I do this in a circular pan over a square pan? (energetic music) The edges of the pan were
heating up very slow, and the middle was like
cooking a lot faster. Just to give it a fair shot, we’re gonna preheat it and
see if that works better. (energetic music) Actually, this is looking quite nice and it was a lot quicker. Yeah you can see browning,
obviously right in the center. (energetic music) Ta-da, the omelet tested
really well in the Copper Chef. Recap, flour test fail. Nonstick test, pass. Omelet test, pass, semi pass. I would say pass. And last but not least, the steak, because this will see how
hot this pan actually gets, because this is all in one. They say that this will replace
every pan in your kitchen. Just a standard New York
strip, and I’m using no oil. You wanna get your pan
pretty screaming hot for this because you are searing meat. What I wanna see on a steak
is a beautiful, even sear and I like my steak rare or mid rare, so you know you wanna be able to get that really nice char
without cooking it too much. Not having to use oil or butter, I think it’s pretty nice
because it’s super clean and obviously if you’re
watching your weight or health, it’s super good for you not
to eat excess oil or fat. Yeah, so it’s crazy to see the steak moving around in the pan like that because usually you say
don’t touch the steak ’cause you want that even beautiful sear, but this one is just
like moving by its own. I’m gonna flip this. (energetic music) Okay, yeah. Steak’s out. I’m gonna let it rest for a
little bit before slicing it. One side looks pretty decent, nice sear, but what we found is the other side, that looks like (bleep). The problem is that the
edges are completely steamed and the sear is only
happening in the middle again. Well this is why people
use cast iron for steak and not a nonstick skillet. This does claim that it replaces
every pan in your kitchen. That’s a very bold statement ’cause I don’t think anything
can replace a cast iron. Obviously this is not doing it for me. Let’s cut into this ugly steak. Yes nice and rare, just how I like. (energetic music) Definitely boiled on the one side. The char side is nice. The seared side though is
like, a little bit gummy. You see that? It’s not like a nice,
beautiful crunchy crust. It’s more like a stringy
beef jerky kind of situation. So lets talk about the wow factor. When you make a claim
that one pan does it all, I’m already gonna be skeptical about it because one pan can’t do it all. Should you spend $60 on this one pan? No, I would say that you would spend $20 each on three different pans, and have a variety of different products so you can cook different things. Nonstick, awesome. Everything else not so much. Don’t like what it claims. Don’t make bold statements like it’s gonna replace
everything, because it’s just not. Sorry, stay in your lane. If you wanna see more
infomercial testing, click here. A grill that’s supposed to create 80% less smoke and even heat. When you grill meat, the
drippings will not directly. (upbeat music)

100 comments on “Does the Copper Chef Pan Live Up to Its Bold Infomercial Claims? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

  1. Sidenote: don’t use a scotchbrite to clean it or your “non stick” will turn into a “everything stuck”

  2. I'd hate to be this woman's child. I kind of have an urge to pat the pan on the back and tell it that it will "get em' next time, bud".

  3. Esther, I just bought one just the pan you tested. I have yet to take it out of box and use it. I agree with you 100% that's a bold statement. To replace all Skillets and I'm thankful that I have a cast iron skillet to make steak because that's the only best pan to use to make a good steak like that. The other things that you tested good work and I'm glad about that. Again thanks for reviewing this 🙂

  4. I have 10" round one from an other brand and I use it for eggs , grilled cheese ,fried cheese and a few other things and I like it nothing has stuck so far , as for meat Burger's or chicken I use my good old cast iron grill pan p.s. I do use a little butter flavored Pam for the eggs .

  5. Durability should also be tested. Years ago I got "wowed" by a Tfal demonstration at a county fair. "Fry eggs with no oil!" "Slips right out of the pan!" I was just getting out on my own as an adult and had no experience with buying cookware. I plopped down a check for the entire set. And for a little while life was good. Eggs slipped right out, just like the woman doing the demo. However… a couple of months of use later, different story. In spite of being super careful, no metal utensils, no scouring pads, etc, the non-stick coating just started to fail. I eventually gave the whole set to Goodwill, I got so frustrated. Lesson learned.

  6. I'm honestly more interested in the MATERIALS and process used to make these pots. If I can be scratched you will be ingesting that materials.

  7. I got that same pan at "Ollies" for about $20.00 closeout price. When the marketers have saturated the TV sucker market they dump their products on the discount stores. It is worth my $20.00 but remember that all pans will be better with cooking oil.

  8. the one i bought has had EVERYTHING I'VE COOKED IN IT stick. BADLY. no to eggs, no to meat, no to grilled cheese… it was the least effective "non-stick" pan i've ever bought. a waste of my money.

  9. I ordered my red copper pots and WHAM!!!! It made me an excellent chef. I opened up a fancy restaurant (reservation req'd)…using only 3 copper non stick pans and a pot!!! Look at me GGGOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  10. Her claims as a chef were discredited the moment she over cooked her omelette. Perfect eggs are the true test of a chefs abilities

  11. Never used one of these, but It steamed, presumably, because you didn't properly pat the steak dry with paper towels before hand. It was also salted directly before going into the pan, pulling out more moisture.

  12. These only work as described for about the first 2 months. I follow the care instructions exactly and after 2 months of very light use (about once every 2 days just to fry eggs and stir fry), the nonstick is non-existent- food sticks like crazy even despite using cooking oil. I also use a non-scratch dish scrub to clean it. As for regular Teflon coated pans – I don’t have any issues with them wearing out prematurely.

  13. keep using it, I'm sure the non-stick Awesomeness is going to go to super-stick hell!!!! coating is the worst after the first month of normal use (two weeks before super stick for me twice!!!) bought two of these pans both did the same thing in two weeks

  14. you don't need non stick, you just need to learn how to properly heat your pan, so the metal pores don't bite onto the meat

  15. I said still not bad for every day folks just cooking every day for family. Plus it will give me more storage space by replacing 3 or more cookware I will rarely use. That's my opinion.

  16. I cooked steaks with spice coating and it burned onto the pan. 2 days of soaking and most still stuck on right over the disc. Used a metal spatula to scarp it off. The interesting part the pan surface was undamaged, no scratches what so ever, now any surface food will bake burn on but its how it clean up that matters. Pretty impressive that even with scraping with a metal utensil it was undamaged.

  17. I've noticed when I buy new pans is that they're always non stick when they're new, it's how long they'll stay that way, provided you look after it.

  18. I wish someone would do a review of an item that's been used frequently for the manufacturer's warranty time. In this case it's 30 days. Is it non-stick after 30 days of use? C'mon reviewers stop sucking up to the manufacturers and do a review for the consumer, for a change.

  19. I got one free from a co-worker and it's not bad. Yes, you need to use some oil or butter as the nonstick surface wears quickly. The vent in the top is great for cooking rice and you can make a decent chili in it. The extra depth is nice if you like making your own tomato sauce too. I used it to make Jiffy cornbread once and it worked fine. It won't replace all your pots and pans and the claims are wildly exaggerated. Still, the pan is useful.

  20. I absolutely love the ones that I have and have had zero problems with them. Follow the directions and you wouldn't either.

  21. The steak would have come out the same in a cast iron as did in the copper pot. You did not put the same pressure when you turned the steak over. So biased. You are a poor tester.

  22. I bought one about 2 years ago. It worked great at first
    After a few months though I noticed it I had to give it a good clean after every use to get the residue off the bottom of the pan it certainly was not a no stick at that point. I got in touch with the manufacturer's agent in the Toronto area and told them. The lady said bring it in will give you a replacement she didn't argue or ask any questions.however I had gotten used to washing it after every use and it was suitable for general things with that has a lid that keeps stuff from splattering all over the stove so I haven't gone in to get an ex change but it certainly is not a no stick pan

  23. This product line is one of the most disturbing on the market. The "copper" is so intentionally misleading since there is zero copper here and I'm sure there are lots of ignorant buyers out there that will buy this thinking they are getting something similar to copper. I'm also sure the coating is as cheap as the marketing is misleading. Stay far far away.

  24. Non non stick test fail because when you make veggie burgers with olive oil in the pan it starts to stick badly

  25. Nice and rare…. what?
    I was such a fan, but you can’t just flat out lie as a chef….

  26. sweet pea good demo thanks for the heads up unfortunately peeps will go to target and buy it thinking it is the only pan …i think it might be good for frying things , someone just gave it to me

  27. She should have used a weight on top of the steak to ensure both sides touch the bottom of the pan at all times. Outback uses a weight on every steak that goes on the flat top.

  28. Using cheese for nonstick test doesn't seem appropriate,since it's fat or oil and it would only improve the non stickiness.

  29. Kinda sucks that she lied about the copper chef pan , cuz she didnt even keep it on the other side of the steak to let it create the even crust , you can tell by the steak being well crusted on one side and the meat still being rare,

  30. So glad I did not waste my money on a whole set and tested with just a frying pan. Worked great for a few weeks but slowly deteriorated. <<<Do not buy this JUNK!>>> After around 5-6 month is totally useless …! I have found the only good pans worth your hard-earned money is stainless 3-PLY also called TRI-PLY steel.

  31. I'm so happy to read all of the "what not to do" comments so I can keep my new Copper Chef" pan in great shape. I'm serious. These are helpful hints.

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