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Doi Ilish ~ Hilsa fish in yogurt ~ Hilsa with curd ~ দই ইলিশ মাছ ~ ইলিশ মাছ দই দিয়ে ~ With Eng. sub.

Doi Ilish ~ Hilsa fish in yogurt ~ Hilsa with curd ~ দই ইলিশ মাছ ~ ইলিশ মাছ দই দিয়ে ~ With Eng. sub.

Hilsa fish (Wt:-300 gm approx) is washed thoroughly before cutting, & then 6 pieces of fish chunks are taken : Ingredients required as shown :- Mixing spices for paste:- (Chili powder + Turmeric powder + Mustard Paste + Ginger paste + salt to taste + Yogurt) Mix well Add fish chunks one by one with the paste coat the both sides of the fish chunks thoroughly with the paste Marinate the fish for 1/2 an hour After 1/2 an hour, take a nonstick pan Add 4 tablespoons of oil Heat the oil in medium flame Add black cumin seeds Let it saute a little Remove each marinated fish chunks from the paste and slide them into the hot oil very gently, make sure to not drop it in the hot oil to avoid the hot oil to spill out Hilsa fish is fragile and break easily so care should be taken while handling them Fry the fish on medium to low heat, Turn the fish chunks with the help of two spatulas so that fish does not break during turning & fry the other side Keep the flame in medium The fish chunks are taken out from the spices for marination so these are covered with spices & the spices will burn if the flame is high & the fish will taste bad Both sides of the fish are fried now The color of the fish chunks is golden brown. So fish has been fried properly Turn this side of the fish chunks now Now add the rest of the spices paste which we have mixed with the fish to marinate them before frying Add water to the mixing bowl and it will dilute the left over spices in the bowl and add that to the pan Now flip the fish chunks upside down and mix well the both sides with the gravy The gravy will boil up for 3 minutes The gravy is now starting to reduce Now add green chili slits to gravy Cover the pan and keep it for 5 more minutes to boil the fish in steam The steam inside the pan helps to cook the fish, and the gravy will also be absorbed by the fish Open the lid & with a spoon, we will press the fish chunks a little to check the tenderness of the fish. spoon tends to go inside the fish so fish has become soft and ready The fish is done & Now switch off the flame Let it rest in the pan for a few minutes to get the desired consistency. The gravy will become thick a little by absorbing the heat of the pan & the fish will be more soft The consistency of the gravy is OK. If you like more thicker gravy then boil again for few more minutes For us it is ok. Now sprinkle 1-2 teaspoon of mustard oil over the fish chunks Mustard oil has a specific flavor which when mixes with the hilsa fish makes it very much tasty Now stir a little to mix the oil with the gravy Take out the fish with yogurt in a separate bowl The hilsa fish and yogurt is ready now You can serve it with hot rice or pulao Good Bye

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