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Doli Roti & Mutton Chanp  | Allah Wasaya ki Fried Fish | Multan Street Food | Pakistan ke Khanay

Doli Roti & Mutton Chanp | Allah Wasaya ki Fried Fish | Multan Street Food | Pakistan ke Khanay

Now we have got our ‘Mutton Chaanp’ This is a picture of ‘Baba Allah Wasaya’ These are the famous kebabs of Multan So here you can have a meal for just 10 Rs. And our brother here just told us that deserving people can eat here for free Assalam Alaikum My name is Zia Tabarak and right now I am at the ‘Ghantaghar Chowk’ of Multan And here, we have come to try Kimu & Kala’s Mutton Chaanp That, and Grilled Chicken, Spicy chicken from this shop are really famous here Many people recommended us to try their Chaanp After this, we’ll go and check Allah Wasaya’s Fish Which is at the khooni burj, their fish is very famous and many people recommended that as well So let’s check out what’s hapeening at Kimu & Kala Let’s Go! The environment here is very vibrant, wow! The chaanps are being cooked on wood fire How old is this shop? 50 years! Here we have the marinated mutton ribs! The ribs (chaanps) and chicken already look scrumptious! Kebabs as well! How long does the shop stay open? 12 PM OH! So is there any difference in the grilled & fried ones? We fry them and then it goes for grilling Oh I see! So here they fry everything first and then it goes there towards the grill The real thing that gives it tastes, to me, is the firewood that you use as it gives a different taste right? Anything that’s cooked on firewood is simply amazing The people from Karachi that come here have a really small appetite most of the people from Karachi get full after just having Chai and Paan *laugh* right, right The people like him sitting here they drink 4-5 glasses of Lassi in summertime In Karachi people would have 1 and they’d be full People from Karachi really do have a small appetite This is the environment to eat! Is it our order? Our food is here And now we’re going to our table Alright so our food is here and with it we have raita and this delicious chutney which they say, is made from Mango We have salad too and here is the Mutton Chaanp! Which looks really good, and big in size too these are Mutton Kebabs, and This is… Chicken Tikka So let’s start with the Muton Kebab This is the Mutton Kebab, it’s like the Seekh Kebab Everything here is either Mutton, or, Chicken Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim Tasty! It is very juicy which is why it feels very spongy The taste of mutton is complimented with onion and the mince gives it a good texture I can see the spices from here! Very Nice! Now we’ll move towards the ‘Chicken Tikka’ which they call ‘Chicken Piece’ in Punjab We’ve got the leg/thigh piece And here I can see it is marinated well The best thing is that, it is spicy, but not too spicy that it would ruin the taste now we’ll move towards the mutton chaanp, which we came here for These are very thin cuts of meat but it is a really big piece of mutton This is, Kimu & Kalu’s Mutton Chaanp The mutton is tender you can just eat and eat, keep going on but you won’t get full of it I’ll try a little with the chutney So my friend, subscriber, Zain who lives here in Multan he guided me a lot about the eateries in Multan So thanking him is necessary Zain Bhai you really helped alot and the Barbecue is really great! The ribs were awesome the food was amazing, mashaAllah Here, alongside Kimu and Kala We came to have some tea And here uncle is making these Bun Kebabs! How much is it for? 60 Rs! nice After eating such heavy mutton and chicken I wanted to have some kahva but they have doodh patti so that’s what we’re having zain: ‘so there’s the khooni burj’ ‘there’s a shop called Allah Wasaya Fish’ ‘it’s very famous’ ‘you can find dahi bhallay etc too’ So we are at Pak Gate and these brothers just told us that if we go towards the left, we’ll find a ‘Mamu Cholay Wala’ whose Dahi Bhallas are really famous so let’s go and find out Assalam Alaikum Which Halwa is this? Sohan Halwa with Walnut Multan is famous for this Halwa and our brother here is making it! This is the Mamu Cholay Wala What is it exactly, is it Dahi Bara? These are Dahi Bhallas You guys have Roti as well? Yes we have Meethi Roti What is this? Doli Roti What is it made with? All-Purpose Flour, Wheat flour, Cardamom Oh so it’s sweet! Is it eaten with Daal Moong? Yes Oh I see, nice good! I was wondering that these are not Dahi Bhallas bevause the ‘Baras’ are usually large This is the ‘Mattha’ special treat from Multan How are the Roti and Chanay? Great, tbey are best treats in Multan Here we have the Doli Roti Here we have the ‘Mattha’ aka Dahi Baray So these are the treats of Multan And now we’ll eat this These Dahi Baray and the chholay are salty while the Roti is sweet When they both are combined the taste becomes really interesting This Doli Roti on its own tastes great as well if you eat them combined it makes a new taste This was Mamu Chholay Wala You can eat for just 10 Rs. here and this brother just told us that Deserving people can even eat for free now we’ll go and eat Allah Wasaya’s fish Let’s Go Now we can see the Shop ‘Baba Allah Wasaya Machhli Walay’ There’s a big crowd here and the fish is being fried here This is a picture of Baba Allah Wasaya Are you related to Allah Wasaya? Grandson! There is his son! That’s your father there? Yes. And that’s a picture of Allah Wasaya How old is this shop? about 30-35 years When did he die? About 10 years what kinds of fish do you have? We have one with just pepper One with red pepper, and another with no bones The red pepper one is Rohu The black pepper one and red pepper one the fish is the same How much is it? 760 for red one, 850 for black pepper one and 1100 for finger fish, per kg 4 cauldrons are here and all 4 are filled with the fish Fish tastes extraordinarily amazing in cold weather It looks like sea in which the fish are swimming Our fish is here they have chutney here as well which looks like something special This is the red one, this the black pepper one and here is the finger fish First I’ll try the finger fish The fish is really fresh very nice The smell of Mustard Oil and it’s flavor simply makes it amazing This is the Rohu The red one and the texture here they have the skin on it as well and the spices look great and well marinated really hot and fresh Really Delicious The fish itself tastes amazing and the spice compliments it well Nice! VERY SPICY I’ll try a little with the chutney tastes well this is the black pepper one it’s a sweetwater fish the black pepper one is not that spicy out of all three that I tried I like the rohu with the red spices the most because it has the perfect spice blend and fish tastes great when it has a bit spice to it it does have bones which can be a little infuriating But in taste it is the best So with Allah Wasaya’s Fish, today’s video has ended, hope you liked it and if you did, then please like, share and comment on the video, see you in the next video Allah Hafiz

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