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Donggook falls into a fishtank full of sharks…SeolSuDae in tears![The Return of Superman/2017.06.18]

Donggook falls into a fishtank full of sharks…SeolSuDae in tears![The Return of Superman/2017.06.18]

(The predator of the sea, shark) (Donggook goes into a tank full of sharks.) (Dad…) (Donggook is in a crisis.) Be careful, Dad. What happened to Donggook? This place has creatures that live in the sea. Turtles live at the sea. – Look at that. / – There is a turtle. Look, there is a shark. Donggook visited an aquarium with the children. (They can see sharks from up close.) (Why did they visit this place?) ♪ Daddy shark ♪ That song is addictive. Since the children love that song so much, I thought it would be nice to show them sharks. There will be an event I prepared for the children. What is this? Be brave and come here. You can walk on it. Sua. (Seola moved forward without hesitation.) – Sua, you are brave. / – I came this far. Sua, you are brave. You couldn’t do this before. (Only Sian remains.) It won’t break. – It won’t break. / – Good job. – It won’t break. / – Good job. Let’s hop. – There you go. / – Let’s hop. Look down. Look down. (He shakes off Donggook’s hand and runs away.) (Donggook teases Sian once a day.) There is a boat. Can we go ride it? – Shall we ride it? / – Yes. No, we will fall into the water. No, we won’t. The occupants of this big tank are sharks and stingrays. Will the three siblings be okay? I will ride it bravely. – Me, too. / – Me, too. (His sisters get on first.) – I’m scared. / – You don’t need to be scared. He is scared. (Sian safely boards the boat.) Sit down. – It’s a shark. / – There is a shark underneath us. Sian, look at the shark. It’s a shark’s tail. Sian, do you have a tail? I don’t have a tail. What do you have instead? – A pee-pee. / – A pee-pee? (Is it still there?) Okay. Sua and Seola don’t have a pee-pee. Only I have a pee-pee. Don’t act like you have something special. It doesn’t look good. Do sharks have teeth? You can see a shark’s teeth over there. Those are a shark’s teeth. They look like dinosaur’s teeth. (Opening wide) (I won’t lose to a shark.) Those are sharks’ teeth on the floor. Sharks’ teeth fall off every time they eat. What will happen if it’s the same for you? Sua won’t have any teeth left if they fall off every time she eats. Right? Sua eats well. All right. Sian, throw it. – Sharks. / – Eat up. Do sharks eat these fish? They live in the tank as sharks’ food. I feel bad. You feel bad for them because you gave them food. Should I tell the sharks not to eat fish? – Should I go in? / – Yes. (Yes!) Sian has been saying that he is scared a bit too often. I will go into a tank full of sharks and show my strong side to the children. It will help them be brave and strong. I will give you a signal. Which one should it be? Should I do this? I will do this. If a diver does this, know that it’s me. Try it, Sua and Seola. There you go. (They learned Donggook’s hand signal.) Don’t they bite people? These sharks are gentle. They aren’t a threat. It’s not like you know their personality. How do you know if they are gentle? It’s okay because these sharks are gentle. However, there are two man-eating sharks. – Inside this tank? / – Yes. (His eyes shift.) – I will go and see the sharks. / – Don’t go. I will go and see the sharks. – Don’t go. / – I will say hello to them for you. Sian, do you understand the current situation? I will go and see the sharks. Should I go in or not? – Don’t go in. / – You don’t want me to go in. You are a filial son. They all care about me. (We will go easy on you.) (Donggook looks nervous.) He listens to precautions before entering the tank. I am healthy, right? You should come with me. It will be better to film me from the inside. Come here. Scoot over. I can’t die alone. He will join me. How many years have you worked here? – 15 years. / – 15 years. So you know whether a shark is gentle or ill-tempered. Yes. Send the ill-tempered shark to him. Signing the agreement forms makes me nervous. (Sighing) (Smiling) Have you done this before? This will be my first time. (He calls someone as soon as he comes out.) I’m calling my wife since this could be my last moment. Hi. I’m on my way to see the sharks. This could be my last moment. Bye. Be brave and come back alive. – Okay. / – All right. My hometown is close to the sea. Whenever people ask me if I can swim, I tell them my nickname once was “Pohang’s Seal”. Sharks primarily feed on seals. Really? Sharks primarily feed on seals. (Pohang’s Seal is intimidated.) (He changed into a wetsuit.) (Pohang’s Seal has thick thighs.) Let’s go. (They hold hands.) (They are 100m away from the sharks.) (They get safety education.) (He rehearses with a pounding heart.) I’m going down. I’m going down. You can recognize me with this armband. – Don’t get hurt. Let’s go. / – Let’s go. Let’s go. (Worried) (Donggook finally enters the water.) Numerous fish and sharks swim in the tank. (Cameraman and Donggook) They stretch in the water and slowly dive deeper. Donggook is more cautious than ever. (I smell fresh meat.) (He follows the professional diver.) Following the guide, he finds the children who are waiting for them. (Which one of them is Dad?) (We can’t recognize him with a wave.) Dad. (Do this if you are our dad.) (Ta-da) It’s their dad. Dad. Dad. (The beagle sisters twist their heads.) Donggook shows the promised hand signal. (I am your dad.) (Full of love) (The children connect with their dad.) (They are happy to see him like this.) (Come to the side.) Dad, I will follow you. (Donggook moved…) – Dad. / – Dad. Dad, be careful. (He moved to the tunnel where the sharks are.) – Be careful! / – Be careful! (This program was filmed under safety regulations.) Dad, don’t die. (A shark approaches Donggook.) Dad, a shark is coming your way! (He is about to make eye contact with a shark.) Dad, don’t get bitten by a shark. Dad. Dad, don’t die. (The shark is right in front of him.) – Stop. / – Go away. Lightning power! Lightning power! (Moving away) Lightning power! (It was a critical hit.) (We will save Dad.) (That hurts my pride.) (Donggook rummages the floor.) After the shark leaves, Donggook picks something up. Is it a shark’s tooth? Let’s go. (The diver points to something.) (My goodness.) (A giant stingray appears before him.) (The scene stealer looks happy.) Dad, be careful. (Don’t worry. I won’t hurt him.) (Fish goes straight into its mouth.) (It’s a fascinating sight.) (Surprised) (Eating) (Is it a daddy stingray?) It’s a daddy stingray. Right then… (Dad?) Donggook collapses to the floor. What happened? (What happened to Donggook?) Dad. Dad. (Flailing) Dad! – Dad. Dad. / – Dad. (Something looks off.) I wanted to see how the children would react when I’m in danger. I tried it because I enjoy pranks. – Dad. / – Dad. Dad. Dad. (She stomps her feet in frustration.) I don’t want Dad to get bitten. – Dad. Dad. / – It’s okay, Seola. (Sian is suspicious.) (Donggook stands up.) Dad got up. (I am okay.) (He shows them a heart.) (What is this?) He prepared an event for the children. He is a cool dad. (What does it say?) What does it say? “Seola, Sua and Sian, stay brave.” Let’s go. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. (I will go up soon.) (We love you, Dad.) Wasn’t I brave? (You were the best.) I brought shark teeth. Let’s give them to your close friends, Jaesi, Jaea and Mom. They bring good fortune. You were cool. Wasn’t I cool? Here we go. – Seola, Sua and Sian, let’s go! / – Let’s go!

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  1. Okay 2019
    Yesterday was April fools and now I watch this
    I wished i watched this yesterday -.-
    "I enjoy Pranks"

  2. WAIT WTF- Stingrays are my favourite now 😂 WAIT WHY WAS IT SO CUTE WHEN IT EAT THE FISH— 😂😂

  3. Maybe its just me but his voice is reminds me of J-HOPE of BTS. 😍 maybe Im fan girling too much? Is it just me ?

  4. 2:12 – 2:40 makes me die in laughter. Omg Sian. And his father too of course being a savage like how he normally is 😂😂😂

  5. Lmao
    When Donggook was telling his wife I’m going to see the sharks and this will probably be my last moment
    I loved how his wife said “bye”
    And also when his kids said”appa,don’t die!”
    I don’t know why I was laughing

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