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DON’T BUY MY EVIL FISH. (It Took Me 5 Months to Film This)

DON’T BUY MY EVIL FISH. (It Took Me 5 Months to Film This)

first thing I wanna say is I bought this outfit, this weird messed-up hoodie thing that’s just for the arms it looked interesting so I decided to buy it I was watching videos on YouTube don’t know how I really came across them then I figured out that that cash me outside girl howbow dat wears these like there’s no tomorrow so… kind of ruined them for me cause now every time I wear them all I think about is that little thirteen-year-old girl who thinks that she’s from the hood and um, kind of hate these now first time I made a video about my 20 gallon planted tank I made a lot of people a little frustrated just, just a little bit see, when I, when I made that video it was a day that I’d gotten my hair done I’d gotten my hair blonde, very nice, trimmed, pretty short, curled, and I was feeling good about my hair and I was happy so I decided that before i got into talking about fish I would show people that I was happy with my hair I guess, you know, hair and fish just don’t mesh well because all those people that came from the fish video was like, why is this chick showing me her hair? So.. I thought to start this video out, since it is, my finally, my second video about my planted tank I’d talk about my hair it’s purple that’s me talking about it, I’m done ooh I kinda like it up like that I can’t take take myself seriously with this on I can’t, I don- lastly, before I start my fish video I’ve been sick for a while now since I last made my video I came down with strep and like a really, really severe form of strep way worse than any strep throat I’ve ever had I literally felt like death don’t worry though, I survived.. death also I had ear infections, I was just, I was dying, but I survived so that’s what’s been going on and why I kind of went missing in action for a little bit, again I put it back on, how bout that so, this tank, I got this tank, I’m going to say October I don’t know why it took me until now to finally plant the tank I’ve just been overwhelmed if you’re new to my channel, I don’t think there’s a single video I make where I don’t say that should be a clue that I’m overwhelmed and should be a hint to myself to change some of my lifestyle choices but I don’t, I just keep saying it, and being it, and not doing anything about it I am going to be doing more planted tank tutorials and teaching y’all guys how to start a tank of your own but this will have some tips in it but not, too much I just kind of wanted to give y’all an update I got the tank, and all the plants in this tank, from Buce Plant if y’all guys want to check them out I put their link in my description please, please go check them out if you’re interested in getting a plants for a tank or if you’re looking for an awesome rimless tank they have some really, really nice stuff I also got my hardscape from them and y’all guys can get your stuff from there too they have some really cool rock they have a lot of cool stuff and I also have a discount code for you guys it’s “TAYLORDEANBUCE” it’s in the description gives you fifteen percent off of your purchase and it’s pretty cool kay, so use my code, go to their website buy some stuff I have, I had a little issue with this tank I decided I wanted to do a Killifish tank to begin with because Killifish are cool they’re not a very common tank like, most people don’t do a Killifish only tank there’s a lot of different types of tank people do but, not a Killifish only tank not as common so I wanted to do it just cause it was cool and cause Killifish are cool cause they’re pretty but there were so many problems that I decided I was done with Killifish and I packed them all up and gave them away basically, we had some issues um, the first issues that Killifish like to jump this is a rimless tank, so I built, I built a really crappy lid for a tank just temporarily until I could build something nicer it looked so ugly secondly, Killifish can be aggressive they’re, they’re, they’re kinda jerks so, then this happened alright, so.. today was the day that I was going to finally scape this tank get all the plants where I want them put all the rocks in there and film a whole video about how to aquascape a planted tank Kovu, why are you always running when I’m trying to film a video that was going to be the plan for today was just designing this whole tank with you guys and going step-by-step through the process but, I turned on the lights today to find that my biggest male Lyretail Killifish like he’s really big in comparison to all my other Killifish he decided he was done with the competition in this tank he decided he does not want any more competition so, he went through the tank and selected every other male Killifish in this tank and chose for them to die he killed them all every single male Killifish in the tank, other than him, is dead there he is, just content with life after murdering every other male Killifish in this tank now, if I can get my finger back there you can see he’s big, he’s big in comparison to all my other Killifish so he killed them all and it’s kind of, like, to this point where I’m just done with Killifish there’s so many reasons I was apprehensive about doing a Killifish tank in the first place one, I had to build this really ugly lid it’s just a temporary lid I was going to make a nicer lid, but now I just kind of don’t want to basically I’m kind of done I’m kind of done with the Killifish thing and I kind of want them gone and Killifish are so hard to find I don’t know if it’s just my town but I drove three hours away and was finally able to find some cool Killifish and then he murdered them all my one Killifish soo I was just like, you know what I’m not gonna go around looking everywhere and spending fifty dollars for one pair of Killifish and just watching them be murdered by this big ole meany butt and having this ugly tank, even if they don’t get killed having this ugly lid, I’m done, so, they gone so now I’m still trying to decide what I should stock this tank with remember that is a 20-gallon tank so there’s only so much I can do I can’t do like Discus um, if I did Angelfish I could really only do like one or two can’t do Goldfish because Goldfish need cold temperatures and I’m doing a tropical tank I’m thinking I’m leaning towards Rainbowfish I don’t be Cichlids, they’re going to tear up the tank I’ll never have my plants anywhere that I want them they’re just going to throw everything everywhere um, Angelfish are debatable but like I said, they do get kind of big for a twenty so I’m still trying to decide what kind of tank i wanna do I do still have some Rainbowfish in there right now but they aren’t necessarily they don’t have to stay, I can re-home them if I decide to do something different this is the purty tank that I got, it’s a purty, purty tank look at how pretty, look at how pretty that tank is *snaps* yeah God, can you see the reflection of everything in here is that my camera? yep, you can see it all it’s kind of gross looking ok, so the only problem I have that you’re going to notice in this video is I do still have some brown algae it’s kind of growing on some of the plants but it is definitely going away basically when the tank is cycling the brown algae is not something that should come as a surprise it’s pretty normal not necessarily anything that has to do with light or water quality it’s just, a thing that happens when the tank is cycling you can do as many water changes as you want but you’ll still probably have some brown algae so… because of that, I haven’t done insane- I haven’t tried to control it too much, I’ve kinda just let it be because… every time I get rid of it, it grows right back and that can’t be my top priority in life right now I am excited for that to go away cause then this tank will be poppin’ the plants are all doing really, really, really well I got them all from Buce Plant I’ve got some Bucephalandra in there Monte Carlo I’ve got some Java Fern and some other little plants um, they’re all doing really well I would probably prefer to show you guys them up close, more so when I get this brown algae out of this tank because some of these plants they’re so beautiful but they have some brown algae on them so their kind of like, what’s on them I also am dosing the tank with CO2 some plants can live without that CO2 dosing but in my opinion, it definitely doesn’t hurt to have it and a lot of, a lot of plants will definitely need it to live long-term oh this looks weird with the hood on I just want to give y’all guys at least an update on my planted tank right now before I get back into the animal education videos, and stuff like that thank y’all guys so much for watching I love you guys so much I’m almost to 300,000 subscribers yes I have picked a winner for the giveaway the problem is, is that I want to contact them and make sure they’re eligible for the giveaway, that they can take care of the tank and everything before I announce them and they never got back to me so I’m giving them a few more days to get the email and if they don’t get it I’ll just re-pick a winner and try again so yes, I do, I did not forget about the tank giveaway I didn’t forget ok I promise and if you like my videos, make sure to give it a thumbs up and if you like my videos make sure to subscribe I don’t know where I put the button and if you like my videos make sure to watch my other videos kay, bye

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  1. i thought killifish were semi-aggressive so why not just keep one male with a few females like most semi-aggressive fishes.

  2. Omg man i love bhad baby she is from boyton beach Florida and that is the "hood" she is not 13 she is 14 so u need to stop bitch

  3. You can talk about whatever you want to talk about. Don't feel bad if people don't want to listen to you talking about yourself.

  4. Generally you need a lot of females to one male killifish, and I’d probably get males of the same size. Maybe in a twenty I’d only put two males. I have had good success with my male killifish, but he has no other males and four females. Gets along fine with them.

  5. Who cares what others think? Talk about yourself all you think you need to. It's good to learn about the likes and dislikes of others. If people don't want to hear about it….they should skip to the part they wish to watch. Simple.

    Love the subjects you talk about with fish. I don't you talking about yourself or about your day. People are naturally chaty. Others don't like it they can skip the video or the part of the video with they don't want to watch.

  6. what? fish don’t have anything to do with hair? i thought they had long, majestic, and flowy hair?

    i mean, havent you seen Cheese?

  7. While re-watching this video I really love that hair color and lipstick on you.
    That color just looks great on your skin.

  8. Some of the rest borders are pretty cool, if you’re not going to put shrimp in there you can get bumblebee gobies come up there a little different, Cooley loaches would be cool. Cory cats are cool, Otocinclus work with Cory cats too and help with algae.

  9. Like why do people gotta think their from the hood 🤷🏾‍♀️ like are you referring she acts if she black or something….. my thing is she’s from a bad background basically and has grown up damn near in the project so that’s who she is and she’s young so she had a little phase ….

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  11. If your hair makes you happy talk about. I personally love to I watch content where people are happy. And if people are so bothered by you talking about you hair on your channel then they should take the mature initiative and leave the video. No need to leave mean comments when you can do Taylor AND yourself a favor and just leave. That’s it. Have a lovely day, be kind to others, and thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. 😊💛

  12. Eww people are so disgusting, this is her youtube channel, not yours so she can do anything with it. Since when Nicole's channel is ONLY about the fish? This is Taylor Nicole Dean's channel not "All about the fish with Taylor"

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