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DON’T DO THIS  No Maintenance Tank Update- Overstocked Aquarium

DON’T DO THIS No Maintenance Tank Update- Overstocked Aquarium

what’s up fish tank people dustinsfishtanks bringing to you with an update how’s everybody
doing I hope you’re doing well today’s video we’re gonna show you how we got
the condom on the greenhouse we’re also going to show you about how I’m
overloaded with live bears and we’re gonna take a stroll over to the no
maintenance tank and show you what’s going on in that bill going on first
hundred people to make a 30 second video while your fishes are simply ball bug
bites with the hashtag Louisville bug bites in the title get sent a free jar
fluval bug bites no gimmicks no BS just make the video people were concerned
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the funniest one gets a free FX pour from yours truly so make it 30 second
video link it up in the comments and check out how I got this massive ello
dia and this giant jungle val growing in my pond to the greenhouse I want to show
you what’s going on in the greenhouse real quick so we’re getting into that
funky time of year where it’s like nice during the day but it gets cold at night
like really cold at night so I got to keep temperatures stable so I showed you
guys the video last week of how I was putting the condom on the greenhouse
well we got the condom halfway on so Joshy boy help me out here what we do is
we clamp it on here anybody with the greenhouse I know Rachel there it
shoutouts to her get in the greenhouse anybody with any kind of greenhouse or
anything just want to keep warm like keep all the warm in just keep it in so
this is in here and I’m absolutely loving having it halfway on we still get
the daylight through it a little bit but that’s half of it on they’ll put the
other half on notice how I got a gap right here so I can still open that vent
if it gets too hot so we’re gonna put the other half on a couple days if I
didn’t want to show that everybody asks how do I heat the greenhouse keep as
much heat in as pops I’m outside the greenhouse – inside the
greenhouse I wish you guys could feel the difference because it’s like you
know outside it’s like that cold brisk Ottoman in here is super duper like nice
and warm the temperatures at about I don’t know a little over 60 so if you
think about that everybody asked like how do i heat the greenhouse I keep the
heat in the greenhouse but I heat the aquarium water that if I have a patient
up into the things you see pursuing there’s a little bit of condensation on
it that’s how I do it so I heat the water
then the water evaporates in there keeps the air once I don’t actually keep there
I had to do this shot showing you the sun shining through the condom so I’m
gonna add some plants to the no maintenance tank because I’m gonna be
adding some fish and we’ll talk about that when I get there but I want to show
these plants I just pulled them out this is Astellas a lot of a pretty cool plant
that I haven’t actually kept in an aquarium so I’m curious to see how this
is gonna do these have been grown in full Sun and I’m gonna take these fast
grower I wanted to show that the root structure on these or whatever how these
kinds have really taken off for us out here in the greenhouse kind of
unexpected to be on yeah we got more of these platies out of as a greenhouse
right here so I’m gonna show you what not to do I am gonna continue to
overstock the no Maenads tank making more work on myself but that I do have a
plan and I’ll show you how I’m going to correct the okay I’m going to show you
what I got going on in the basement here a lot of people are doing a lot of
harvesting and oh my man Lucas Brett’s I just pulled a ridiculous amount of my
favorite plants of jungle out of his pond and I showed you last week Josh was
pulling these out so I’ve got these live bears in here and I’ll actually throw
some food in for you go figure they’re getting some bug bites but these guys
came out in the prime is and you guys have done this is that like I’m over
stocking the tank like I already have a little bit of an algae problem it’s my
favorite tank is it’s real small but you can see I’ve got those guys back in
there and I’m going to throw them some food now I’ve got too many fish for the
amount of plant load and the amount of work that I’m doing on this tank luckily
it’s only five dollars there’s no big deal but as you see them housing the bug
bites but these are some really wicked fish I’m curious many of you library
people know like why do I only have all females like how come I have literally
it looks like seven females do the male’s come on later like I don’t see
any swords they’re all females is that a temperature thing so if anybody’s got
any knowledge that’s my favorite one right there with the bright orange
dorsal fin I think he’s gonna death she’s gonna be a wicked fish right there
that black one with the white eyes and the top so I’m excited about that and I quickly show you Dustin Park
there’s the female OG Hamburg black that I love and then the the dad and one of
the other moms is sick out in the greenhouse she’s doing better but she’s
still swimming all crunked and then here’s my Ark I got my two neon tetras
right there I’ve got my three rainbows from Gary don’t carry right there I’ve
got my one random checkerboard cichlid right there I got the two blood fins
that’s cool with the two rainbows right there I’ve got some very oddest in there
but I am slowly falling back in love with this tank I’m elected it for quite
a while but I am having a good time with it again slowly getting algae under
control you see the fish that’s cool together I think it’s hilarious that the
blood friends from Peru school with the rainbow fish guinea or whatever actually
live on Instagram while this is being recorded so y’all can check it out but I
want to show you guys what we got going on here water levels down a little bit
I’ve been in here yet this week it’s only Tuesday so whatever got a snail I
added I’ve got a ton of fish in here and I am gonna add some more fish but
whatever there’s I just I like the look of a lot of fish in here the problem is
I’m getting these algae issues with it so I’m gonna add some more plants I’m
gonna do a water change and I get this thing cleaned up I’m also gonna add some
moss that I like to look up instead of that moss so let’s clean this sucker up
and if you’re not already following me on instagram at Dustin’s fishtanks this
is going on live over there right now fish in here I am gonna add some more
fish but whatever there’s I just like the look of a lot of fish in here the
problem is I’m getting these algae issues with it so I’m gonna add some
more plants I’m gonna do a water change and I get this thing cleaned up I’m also
gonna add some moss that I like to look up instead of that moss so let’s clean
this sucker up and if you’re not already following me on instagram at Dustin’s
fishtanks this is going on live over there right
now I fill into this bucket dump it into here it’s not as good as the siphon but
it works and take this sucker we’re just gonna do a little I don’t know no more
than like five six gallon just just enough to get a little something going
how fast can dusty suck you’re gonna think this is totally silly
but literally focus will save your fish’s lives check out my top 10 fastest
way to kill your fish smell your water like literally this water has the smell
of like a bleach or chlorine of like a pool so I’m gonna double down on my
dechlorinator in this tank because this water smells like bleach like my city is
doing something to the water that could potentially harm my fish click links
around here check out that video on top 10 best ways to kill your fish and read
this comments are pretty funny too thanks for the lines on those one of
those right there bunnies 3 second video gets one of those from yours truly alright I want to pick you up and show
you a couple things we’ve got going on here not a big deal but it’s a balancing
act just like life it’s a balancing act we gotta have a nice balanced tank so
I’m adding too many fish to this tank but I don’t care cuz I just did I don’t
know 10 gallons of water changes so whatever that’s alright those fish will
be added soon I’m also adding more plants when I add more fish is good
thing but here’s the balancing part that’s a little off see this tiny bit of
algae in here now it’s getting better but I want to show this I run such a low
photo period I only have the lights on for like 2 or 3 hours that’s it so
that’s for now while I battle this algae and now no net Dustin is going to
continue his fish acclimating without nets we’re not gonna add any of the
water from this bag into this tank cuz why not the bucket here got my fish
extra extra extra loaded full of water so we’re just kind of doing another
somewhat small part for water change dump it in that those are the only three of them in
there I got two in the bucket here and there’s no maintenance Hank look after a
little bit of maintenance and about five more fish do me a favor if you liked
this video click the links around here check out more videos on the no
maintenance tank playlist click the links my top 10 fastest way to kill your
fish make sure you add your dechlorinator folks if you like what I’m
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fuck you tomorrow live for a couple hours and late

99 comments on “DON’T DO THIS No Maintenance Tank Update- Overstocked Aquarium

  1. FIRST ….what a lovely day Dustin … and what great advice ♥️♥️ pond is looking super awesome ….. I love how clear this tank is too …. nice update Dustin 🤗

  2. What up Dustin, let me get a name of a plant that grows good, grows tall, grows thick, and can scape and really big tank!! Talkin big bush, decent grow rate

  3. Another great video 😊 I'm gonna get a new tank too Aquascape for 500 subscribers and gonna get Emperor Tetras ☺

  4. Make sure you check out this Val Harvest that Lucas Bretz just did as well 🙂

  5. Now that you said it, I guess there must be something to it. It seems to me all my platy babies are females too. There are two male Platys. One is the father to the babies. Mom died from what your mamma fish is fighting

    If you find anything out please let me know

    Thank you my Aquarian brother 😊
    February 12. 😉

  6. Get some shrimp from your buddy to throw into the no maintenance tank dude. Hits from the Bong.. I mean syphon 😉🤙

  7. From my readings, all mollies and platys are born as female, they can change sex when they get to maturity. Correct me if I'm wrong please 😊

  8. What's the scientific name of the big cichlid in your big basement tank? It looks sick but the checkerboard cichlid that I know is a little tetra sized cichlid 😮

  9. It's takes a while for them to sex out. They posses the female fan shaped fin until the fish matures and his gonopodium grows

  10. Dustin,
    With almost all live-bearers, they will develop as females to a certain age. It varies based on things like temperature (because temp affects growth rate) and species.
    The smaller swordtails look like they should develop gonopodiums in a week or two, but I'm most familiar with guppies, so don't quote me on that.

  11. Swordtails sometimes take a couple months to start showing the sword. Late bloomers. Just like when you were a teen and you had no chest hair but buddy does.

  12. Why not add some shrimp to the no maintenance tank? a couple amanos or like 10 cherry shrimp would add a lot to it in terms of viewing pleasure and will keep the algae at bay while not adding much bioload

  13. Nice video Dustin, your transitions are getting better, but I personally find that the music is still a bit too loud in comparison of the rest of the video. Good job tho =D

  14. Your gettin mostly females cause your ph is on the low side. Raise it a little and you should start getting more males

  15. People just walk into a daycare clinic thing place and see a guy filming himself by a fish tank. I Like it. also see you at aquatic experience november 4th. Woooooooo!

  16. I feel like swords sex later than platys. Thats what ive experienced with mine. Suddenly “females” turn to males,but after several months.

  17. love the video. please upload as much as you can love watching you make youre decision making and how to stuff.

  18. Live-bearers do respond to water temperature when breeding by producing more females at lower temperatures and more males in higher temperatures.

  19. As always I’m loving the planted tanks. What fertilizer do you add to the water? I don’t use any cO2 so would love to get something from your store

  20. Male Xiphophorus sp. take a little while to sex out. People talk about fish turning from female to male but that isn't the case. Tends to be late developing alphas. Also, if you were planning on keeping that female black pure, you don't want her with other swords. The different Xiphophorus species have slightly different gonopodium structures but will still hybridize. Many poeciliids also retain sperm so may already be carrying mixed offspring from the green males.

  21. I've also wondered a lot why all my platys turn out to be males…… I bought a nice trio of blue platys, and the females gave birth to a lot of babys, but pretty much all I see are males. Also happened on another tank with some showa tricolor platys.

  22. yes males develop later in life in live bearers, especially with mollys, which can be up to 1 year. those sword tails can take some time to sex out since all live bearers start off as females then later develop their male parts. if they are still young i would give it time. if time goes by, and still all females look at your parameters , often times fish will birth or rear only one sex when water parameters are to hard or to soft. for example kribensis cichlids are know to breed very well and in any hardness , though due to them being a soft water fish if the water is to hard they have also been know to raise up to only being females.

  23. How do i enter a want a small thing of bug bites but i don't know how do i email the vid i don't want to post it on youtube and link it

  24. I'm so glad he is constantly reminding me that i'm watching a Dustin's Fish Tanks video.
    Cause otherwise I would forget it and panic.

  25. I have single planted tank havent done a water change at all only top offs.
    3 otocinclus ,13 chili rasbora , 3cpd , ~70 rcs. They are all doing great even have 3 fry.

  26. I believe platy's and swordtail's can change sex if there is an imbalance of sexes so don't worry. Also I'm fairly sure they can store packets of sperm so if you ever had any confirmed males, you will likely have babies at some point.

  27. You might have late maturing male sword tails they look like girls until they are not, they usually grow to be the bigger sized males that look amazing when they do grow.

  28. Sword tail males can develop slower, they often get mistaken for females then all of a sudden one has changed sex to a male when it was really male all along

  29. Here is an update on the NO MAINTENANCE TANK! It took a beating!

  30. That tank is looking pretty sweet! One day I hope to get my act together and get serious doing a planted tank, I can’t yet because I have a pleco who would murder plants. Monster (my pleco) is 8 yrs old I have to wait for him to die before I go planted…. my husband loves that fish and I guess I do too.

  31. Ok, Dustin or anyone…if I had 10-20 different female Molly’s in my tank and placed a male of my favorite in will he mate with ALL of the females?

  32. I gotta 10 gallon guppy tank with 10 guppies there are so many beautiful colored guppies and they are so friendly and fun. I can't help it friday seeing more that come in store brite and beautiful ones we will get. It's totally worth the more work cleaning. looks like a few are pregnant and here I thought they was males cause they are pretty ones. They have added more joy to home that's for sure

  33. NO MAINTENANCE PART 4: It's BAD! Did it work?

  34. Okay, so I have a 75 gallon fish tank, I am planning on adding about 15 Juli CoryDoras, A black more goldfish so far, do you think I could add quite a few more small fish? That are about 2 inches or less?

  35. I battle the opposite problem, my otos do not get enough algae and now I have a bacterial bloom, tank is under-stocked and cycled for 2 months before adding fish.


  37. DON'T DO THIS – No Maintenance Tank – I've Never Done This Before

  38. totally new subscriber but have been stalkin ur vids… heh heh…. being a newbie im learnin alot frum you dustin….👍👍👍👍👍👍

  39. What do you do if you have a gold fish
    But you don’t have a tank! I’m worried
    My fish is going to die!!! Please help
    By telling my what to do guys I don’t
    Want my she to pass away.

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