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Dr Bryan Fisher

Dr Bryan Fisher

My name is Dr. Bryan Fisher and I’m after an Vascular – Endovascular specialist with The Surgical Clinic. I did my medical school training at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, made my way to the Ohio State University for General Surgery Residency. I did my Vascular Fellowship at Vanderbilt University. In my specialty, Vascular Surgery, involves the treatment of both arteries, veins and lymphatics. So, in other words, the vessels that carry blood away from the heart and towards the heart. One of the most exciting things about Vascular Surgery has been the ushering in of the endovascular era. What we used to do, in the older days, in making an open incision and visualizing the artery. We’re now accessing the arteries in a different place like in the groin for the arm, and using wires and catheters as well as special imaging to get those to those areas – to do the same types of treatment. What this allows us to do is not only treat me the area from a long way away, but it also allows that patient to go home within one or two days which is really gratifying for myself and for the patient. Talking about my family is probably the most exciting part of my life. As you know they give me quite a bit of balance and, again, here is there a great team. This is my oldest son, CJ, the middle child, Brianna, this is Brea. They are 7, 5, and 3 years old and not pictured, is my better half, my wife, LaTia, who again, has my rock and pillar throughout my entire adult life and has been my main support system. i’m a person that loves to engage people. I have a joy in working with other, especially those in need, since I was young. And being in the medical profession allows me the opportunity to engage and work with others and also be able to help.

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